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Biden’s Terrorists attack a Syrian Security Bus in Retaliation for Seizing Captagon Pills

US-sponsored ISIS Biden's terrorist attack on Syrian law enforcement bus in Daraa eastern countryside

Biden’s terrorists from an ISIS-affiliated group in southern Syria attacked a bus carrying policemen with a roadside bomb after Syrian law enforcement managed to foil a shipment of Captagon pills heading to the borders with Jordan.

The Syrian news agency SANA reported that 12 members of the Syrian policemen were injured when their bus was targeted by terrorists with a roadside bomb on their way to Damascus. The agency stated that the law enforcement personnel work at the Syrian-Jordanian border crossing of Nassib.

The roadside bomb was planted near the Saida Bridge in the eastern countryside of the southern province of Daraa, the injured were rushed to the hospital in Daraa for treatment and have been discharged since.

This terrorist attack comes after Syrian law enforcement managed to monitor, track, and seize hundreds of thousands of Captagon pills heading toward the borders with Jordan en route to Saudi Arabia.

Saudi Arabia remains the main consumer of all sorts of drugs including psychotropic stimulants. Captagon, methamphetamine potentiated with theophylline, is one of their preferred substances, terrorists whose majority are from the Saudi kingdom are also accustomed to these pills which enable them to commit horrific crimes with no remorse, including blowing themselves up in markets, mosques, schools, and decapitation and dismemberment of their victims.

Syria law enforcement seize large quantity of captagon meth pills in Daraa heading to Jordan

Unlike the US close ally Saudi Arabia, the Syrian state has very strict rules against the production, distribution, and transit of all sorts of narcotics, unlike the US and European countries, Captagon has never been a prescription ”medication” in Syria, where capital punishment is enforced on dealers and smugglers. Prior to the US-waged war of terror and war of attrition against the Syrian people, the country was avoided by the dealers and smugglers. Only when the terrorists with the help of the USA and its other ‘democracy’ and ‘freedom of speech’ beacons and exporters of light, Saudi Arabia and Qatar, the terrorists were able to use the lawless regions they occupy for smuggling drugs into Syria and the surrounding region, much from the Saudi kingdom. Most of the illicit drugs continue to be produced in other countries out of fear of the strict rules in Syria.

In order to prolong the war on the Syrian people, the Biden White House junta have decided to maintain and further empower the terrorists in regions where Biden forces are illegally deployed in Syria, mainly in the Al Tanf area in the depth of the Syrian southeastern desert at the joint Syrian – Jordanian – Iraqi borders, from which these terrorists launch their attacks and return for hideouts, and in the oil-rich, wheat-rich northern provinces of Deir Ezzor and Hasakah.

One cannot ignore the link between the terrorist attack on the bus and the seizing of the Captagon pills, and other substances especially taking in consideration the places and timing of the attacks and the Syrian law enforcement’s active operations.

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