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Captagon and Hashish in Large Quantities Seized in Homs

Homs - Hashish and Captagon Pills Seized near Borders with Lebanon

Homs – Qussayr 05 March 2019: Vigilant law enforcement officials seized a large number of Hashish drugs and Captagon narcotic pills hidden in a farm at the borders with Lebanon.

The seized drugs included hashish stuffed in sachets, Lexus and Captagon pills, packed and ready for distribution. It was intended to be smuggled to the south of Syria.

Watch this video report by the under US & EU sanctions Syrian Ikhbariya News Channel:

Video transcript:
Law enforcement agencies in Homs seized a large quantity of Hash (hashish) narcotics and Captagon pills, through its pursuit and follow-up of the drug traffickers hidden in a pick-up vehicle in one of the farms at the borders with Lebanon, this quantity was prepared to be smuggled to areas south of Syria.

By our pursuit and follow-up of drug traffickers and dealers, we found a double-cabin pick-up without a license inside was a quantity of Hashish and Captagon narcotic pills which was prepared to be smuggled to southern Syria.

766 sachets of hashish wrapped with gauze and adhesive tape weighing 175 kgs (386 pounds), 838 sachets filled with Lexus narcotic pills weighing 114 kgs (251 pounds) about 700,000 pills.

It was seized in one of the farms in Qusseir area at the borders (with Lebanon) along with the pick-up, and we will remain the vigilant eyes to protect our country and its economy.

Great efforts are made by law enforcement agencies to eliminate the drugs smuggling trend, which is systematically used by enemy states and sponsors of terror to destroy the brains of young Syrians.Osama Dayyoub for Syrian Ikhbariya News Channel from Qusseir area, Homs southern countryside.
End of video transcript

saudi prince arrested c 2 tonnes captagon
Saudi Prince living 5 stars lifestyle in a Lebanese Prison after caught red-handed with massive quantity of Captagon in his private jet

Two goals the US and its lackeys aim by smuggling drugs and narcotics to Syria, the first and most important is to keep their terrorists able to commit the most heinous crimes humanity witnessed in recent history with cold blood, and the second aim is to destroy Syria’s future by corrupting its youth.

FSA aka ‘Moderate Rebels’ once issued a directive to its followers to grow Hashish and Lice…!

Lebanon is an international hub for the production of hashish and all sorts of trafficking, a failed state carved out of Syria by the French occupation early last century and ruled by a combination of sectarian warlords and very few parties trying to make a state out of it.

Many Lebanese officials, especially those on Saudi payroll, were found in multiple cases directly behind crimes against the Syrian people, orchestrating, facilitating and supervising smuggling of terrorists, weapons, drugs, and money to different terrorist organizations operating in Syria under the FSA umbrella, including ISIS, Nusra Front, and others.

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