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Syrian Arab Army Arrived at Turkish Borders in Ras Al Ain Countryside

SAA Syrian Arab Army reach Turkish borders secure villages - File Photo

Syrian Arab Army (SAA) units arrived at the Turkish borders in the northeastern countryside of Ras Al Ain town securing dozens of towns and villages on its way north.

Among the towns secured by the SAA on its way to the borders are Umm Harmalleh, Bab Al Khair, Umm Ushba, and Al-Assadiya in the Ras Al-Ain countryside. Locals in these villages received their army troops with utmost joy, they were given new hope in life from the fear of Erdogan forces.

The advancing SAA units started its mobilizing from the town of Tal Tamr in southeast Hasakeh countryside on 25th October 2019.

Kurdish dissolved separatist SDF militias withdrew their forces according to the Sochi agreement between Russian President Putin and the Turkish pariah Erdogan to withdraw 32 kilometers away from the borders with the NATO member state Turkey.

Syrian Ministry of Foreign Affairs welcomed the withdrawal of the Kurdish dissolved militias away from the borders, the separatists lost their dream to Israelize up to a quarter of Syria after they were abandoned by their US sponsors, who in turn had to withdraw hastily ahead of the advancing Syrian Armed Forces as put by Pentagon officials: ‘to remove them from harm’s way’.

The statement by the Syrian Ministry of Foreign Affairs considered the withdrawal of the dissolved SDF militias as it strips the Turkish claims to justify their aggression into Syrian territories to fight these militias.

Since yesterday, the Syrian Arab Army units have deployed in 11 towns across the Tal Tamr – Ras Al Ain road, these villages are Qasmiyah, Rashidiya, Dawodiya, Aziziya, Sibatiya, Jamiliya, Khrbet Dabs, Zahra, Abu Rassain, Arisha, and Kisra.

Putin meets Erdogan in Sochi
Putin meets Erdogan in Sochi

Syrian President Bashar Al-Assad has given orders to the Syrian Armed Forces to deploy in all areas ahead of the Turkish aggression after the announcement of the Trump – Erdogan’s agreement to establish a ‘protected zone’ where terrorists loyal to Erdogan and their families will replace the landowners. Assad’s instructions were to deploy at all costs which accelerated the Russian to summon Erdogan and trim his moves by deploying Russian Military Police in front of Erdogan forces.

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