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Brit Terrorist Tauqir Sharif Reported Abducted by al Qaeda in Idlib

British terrorist Tauqir Sharif making Syrian children beg for a bit of a banana in Idlib

British terrorist Tauqir Sharif has allegedly been abducted from the home he and his family illegally occupy, by al Qaeda. While tens of thousands of westerners break out of COVID lockdown using the ugly, racist, murder of George Floyd as righteous excuse, the criminal attempt to recolonize Syria continues to be normalized by NATO media, and their satellites.

Criminal Sharif was reported to have been kidnapped by Hay’at al Sham (HTS), a.k.a. Tahriri al Sham a.k.a. Jabhat al Nusra, a combination of mostly foreign al Qaeda terrorist factions which include the FSA affiliated child beheading al Zinki gang.

NATO and NATO satellite media — pushing for a new Sykes-Picot carving and occupation of the Levantine republic — are aghast, pimping out the colonial propaganda that ‘Tox’ is a humanitarian aid worker in Syria, engaged in great works of humanitarian aid-ism, doing extraordinary humanitarianistic things in the country in which he criminally resides.

Several media have used the opportunity of his alleged abduction to condemn the British Foreign Office for having revoked his British citizenship. Despite him being born and reared in London, in 2017, the British government declared that he poses a “risk to the national security of the U.K.”

In a 4 March 2019 interview with the BBC, Londoner Sharif called the revocation of his citizenship unfair and racist, while discussing being armed with a gun and an AK rifle, engaging in firefights in Syria — not his country — as his birthright.

British Tauqir Sharif al Qaeda terrorist in Syria
His eldest daughter was born in Turkey, according to his wife.

In a 2014 Channel 4 interview, the Brit suggested Tauqir Sharif considered himself a hero — despite his illegal and armed firefighting presence in Syria. “… I do follow the opinion that some of the people being branded as terrorists should be hailed as heroes.”

In the same interview, his then 21-year-old also English wife, Racquell Hayden Best — a convert to anti-Islam Wahhabism — reported having previously lived a sheltered life, but was now engaged in teaching “Islam” to Syrian “sisters” in the al Qaeda haven of Idlib. Her almost genetic affinity to the British East India Company was readily grasped by her chuckling over how Syrians do not know what to do with the water in the canned beans charitable foods sent from the UK: We always get sent baked beans, even though many of the Syrians we donate them to aren’t sure what to do with them. They always drain the sauce out.

In 2018, UK medium The Sunday Times used Briton Hayden Best to wail about the possibility of Syria freeing Idlib of al Qaeda:

Peak colonialism: Illegal “UK mother” in Syria.

Upon revocation of citizenship, the US/UK funded criminal enterprise, the armed, kidnapping, organ trading, thieving White Helmets and Sharif distanced themselves, pretending he was not a member, despite photos of him with them, and wearing a white helmet.

Tauqir Sharif
Colonialist entitlement: Brit illegals, Yvonne Ridley & Tauqir ‘Tox’ Sharif, & American illegal Bilal Abdul Kareem call for NATO humanitarian destruction of Syria, in Syria.

Native New Yorker and former stand-up comic Kareem, politely voiced his concern about the alleged kidnapping of terrorist Sharif by another terrorist faction, calling for his release “or a clear and written charge…and a path to justice.”

The unlawful use of force and violence against persons or property to intimidate or coerce a governmentcivilian population, or any segment thereof, in furtherance of political or social objectives. — this US definition of terrorism is similar to the definitions of most countries, all of which would consider illegals who get into ”firefights” with AK’s, as “terrorists.”

Kareem is a long time supporter of the terrorists from al Zinki (who kidnapped 12-year-old Abdullah Issa from a hospital, and cut off his head with a kitchen knife, for the camera), and terrorists on the SDN list.

In an interview with Ridley, he claimed that “HTS fighters have done a lot of good for the Syrian people but I feel the leadership isn’t in lockstep with its members when it comes to justice.

Entitled American illegal, from Syria.

In the al Qaeda haven of Idlib, women are only allowed outside the home to be publicly murdered by NATO-armed humanitarians. On the occasion of the alleged kidnapping of Sharif, dozens of captive Syrian women were wrapped in niqab and sent out to engage in street theater.

The rancid, imperialist white man’s burden isn’t just for white folk, anymore. How arrogant the lie that these captive Syrian women need the help & protection of Englishman Sharif.

In 2010, good and generous people of the world were aiding in fundraisers for the people of Gaza. One group raised huge sums for both goods, and their transportation, by sea. Much of the monies seemed to disappear, as the Strofades IV, docked in Derna, Libya, refused entry as the bill had not been paid. A group of ten men, led by American snake oil salesman, Ken O’Keefe, criminally entered the ship with the admitted intention of piracy. They even drove a van (later seen to be filled with trash, and abandoned in Greece) onto the ramp in an unsuccessful attempt to keep it from being lifted. Once on board, they texted incessantly, claiming to have been kidnapped by “the crazy captain.” They texted for money. They called an SOS, almost causing an international incident. They claimed to be forced to drink water from the toilet, whined about not being fed, lied that their lives were being threatened, and lied that they were denied life jackets, despite photos showing them in life jackets. When the Strofades docked in Greece and they were RoR‘ed by the police, they called for airfare to get home.

Though none was Gazan. they appropriated the name, calling themselves The Gaza Ten.

Given his previous history of lying about being kidnapped — while engaged in criminal activity — might it be possible that Tauqir ‘Tox’ Sharif was not kidnapped in Idlib? Might this be another con, perhaps to try to cajole the UK into reinstating his citizenship (it is unlikely that Britain will use the alleged abduction to bomb Syria for someone it has deemed terrorist-affiliated, or would it)?

Whatever did or did not happen to Englishman anti-Islamic Wahhabi Tauqir ‘Tox’ Sharif in Idlib, Syria, let us make note that humanity will not eradicate racism as long as it normalizes colonialism.

Miri Wood


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