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New Year’s Day in Syria, Bombing, Weapons, and Prayers

new year in syria

New Year’s Day News in Syria includes a divine mass, a terrorist car bombing in al Raqqa, the Syrian Arab Army finding bodies of takfiri in trenches, more NATO weapons — including American TOW missiles — left behind, and another attack by Turkish occupation troops to ethnically cleanse Syrians from their homes and neighborhoods. 

Three civilians were murdered, four injured, homes, businesses, and other properties were damaged, New Year’s Day, in Slouk town of Tal Abyad, northern Raqqa countryside. Turkish regime invaders and their mercenary gangs have occupied Slouk since October, when they bombed the town, destroyed infrastructure, and forced the local population to abandon their homes.

A divine mass was held at the Mariamite Cathedral of Damascus on New Year’s Day. John X, Patriarch of Antioch and All the East for the Greek Orthodox led the service: We pray for peace in a one and integrated Syria.

The Patriarch led prayer for the return of all abductees kidnapped by the terrorists, including Greek Orthodox Bishop Paul Yazigi — brother of the Patriarch and Syriac Orthodox Bishop John Ibrahim, kidnapped by Jabhat al Nusra terrorists in April 2013 (the genetically modified Chechen ‘Syrian opposition’ leading Nusra did issue a long list of demands for their release, to which the government was reported to have agreed, to no avail.).

Kidnapped Priests
Archbishop Kidnapped Boulous Yazigi and Syriac Orthodox bishop Yuhanna Ibrahim

The Patriarch led prayers for the protection of Syria, the Syrian people, its Syrian Arab Army, and President Assad.

He also called on the international community to lift the “coercive economic siege” targeting the Syrian people, and an end to halt “measures which take no consideration” for the dignity of the people, such as the “Caesar Act” (the hoax legislation was sneaked into the NDAA bill, which is how it finally got passed. After years of languishing, its supporters on Capitol Hill cheated, sneaked it into other legislation. Dr. Bouthaina Shaaban discussed this fraud in her recent interview with al Mayadeen.)

Patriarch John X leads New Year’s Day mass.

In Idlib, on New Year’s Day, during operations to comb newly liberated villages and towns, to check for land mines and other explosives left behind by terrorists, in order to return people to their homes, the SAA found “a network of tunnels, trenches, and fortifications which extend for tens of kilometers and link an number of villages and areas in which the terrorist organizations have been spreading before they were defeated.” These tunnels and trenches were found in the villages of al Raffeh, Tal al Shieh, and Um Jalal. Discovered in some of these trenches were an undisclosed number of rotting corpses of abandoned terrorists.

Syria News readers may recall that in July, American illegal in the SAR, Bilal Abdul Kareem — who should be on the US’ Specially Designated Persons list, for the assistance he gives to terrorists already on that list — did an extensive report on ”the trench digging campaign,” calling it “a chance for everyone to participate in jihad.”

American terrorist in Idlib interviewed other illegals, including the Saudi whale on the Designated list, Muhaysini. None of these demons were left in the trenches.

Jihad is not invading someone else’s home, committing massacres, and getting fat. Kareem, like the other savages, blaspheme Islam and engage in degenerate Saudi Wahhabism.

On New Year’s Day, the rabid Erdogan’s criminal troops, along with various takfiri gang underlings, bombed a village in Hasaka, to engage in more forced displacement of Syrian civilians, and rearrange deployment of armed moderate degenerates.

From SANA:

Terrorist organizations operating under the command of the Turkish occupation troops have attacked with heavy weapons Um al-Khair village, west of Tal Tamir town in Hasaka northern countryside in a time when the Turkish occupation is working on sending hundreds of terrorists to Idleb to compensate for the high number of deaths in their ranks as a result of the operations of the Syrian Arab Army in the areas of their deployment.

SANA’s reporter in Hasaka said that mercenaries of the Turkish occupation on Tuesday morning targeted with heavy weapons Um al-Khair Village, west of Tal Tamir causing huge damage to the houses of the civilians.

Terrorist groups affiliated with the Turkish occupation troops on Monday burned a number of houses in the village of al-Arisha on the road of Ras al-Ayn-Tal Tamir in a time when the Turkish occupation forces are trying to bring more of terrorists’ families and make them live in the houses of the locals in Ras al-Ayn City as on Tuesday they put about 150 of the terrorists’ families in the houses of the locals in the northern side of the city.

On the other hand, local sources and pages on the social networking websites which belong to terrorist organizations said that terrorists’ leaders of the so-called “National Army” have selected 1500 members of terrorist groups positioned in Hasaka northern countryside and equipped them with heavy and medium weapons and prepared them to be sent to Idleb city to compensate for the shortage in the ranks of the collapsing terrorist groups due to the victories and progress achieved by the Syrian Arab Army units during their operations in Idleb southern countryside.

On Dec. 24th, Turkish occupation forces transferred about 100 terrorists from “Jaysh al-Islam” terrorist organization from the areas where they are positioned in Hasaka northern countryside to make them engage in battles in Idleb southern countryside in an attempt to support the collapsing terrorist organizations there. — Ruaa al-Jazaeri

What would New Year’s Day be like if the Syrian Arab Army did not discover yet another weapons cache, including American TOWs, again left behind by the murderous armed moderates, courtesy of the struggling US taxpayer?

May Syria be inscribed for a good year.

Miri Wood

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