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The Price Asked to Release Two Kidnapped Bishops in Aleppo

Archbishop Kidnapped Boulous Yazigi and Syriac Orthodox bishop Yuhanna Ibrahim

Because terror has become the official policy for the parties fighting against the Syrian state, they’ve become very open in their demands in exchange to release kidnapped citizens including 2 top bishops held since April 2013, showing their real ugly faces. 

In exchange to release the kidnapped bishops Boulous Yazigi, Archbishop the Greek Orthodox Church of Aleppo, whose brother is John X, Patriarch of Antioch and All the East, and Syriac Orthodox bishop Yuhanna Ibrahim of Aleppo, came up with a list of demands conveyed to the concerned parties within the deal to release the kidnapped Lebanese Shiite pilgrims held by Turkish sponsored ‘North Storm Brigade’.

Archbishop Kidnapped Boulous Yazigi and Syriac Orthodox bishop Yuhanna Ibrahim
Archbishop Kidnapped Boulous Yazigi and Syriac Orthodox bishop Yuhanna Ibrahim

The list of demands were as quoted and confirmed by Lebanese OTV channel:

  • Chechen terrorists requested the release of 2 top Chechen officials and 20 terrorists held in Russia, Russia is said to have rejected this demand and offered instead not to execute and to hold a just trial of the officials.
  • After the Russian refusal, the Chechen terrorists then added 50 other terrorists held in Syria to the demand to be released.
  • France asked to secure the release of 12 French among them an officer and a soldier held in Syria.
  • Turkey requested the release of 25 of its officers and soldiers held in Syria.
  • A Gulfie state requested the release of 12 of its officers held in Syria

The countries involved in the kidnapping are not limited to the named above, although the GCC country could be either or both Qatar and Saudi Arabia, both Wahhabi ruled states. The list of countries depending on crimes against humanity to further their goals is the US regime with one of its mad senators John McCain with his close relations with such terrorist groups, we reported earlier McCain’s meeting with the group that kidnapped the Lebanese civilians.

The Lebanese TV channel confirms the Syrian state has approved the exchange deal.

We can only blame the media policy followed by the Syrian state throughout the crisis and their sealed lips not exposing these terror sponsoring states. A proper approach would have been showing the arrested foreign mercenaries and trying them in public courts then opening the bazaar for any exchange deals.

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      • Kevin

        It’s not because he doesn’t care but rather because it’s not his job. Would a president interfere with the internal affairs of another country?
        + even if the pope would have ask for the bishop to be released, it’s not if as the terrorists will release them. Please respond with a little bit of respect and consciousness next time

  1. pegleggreg

    Chechnya, ,France, Turkey and a mysterious “Gulf State” these are the nations preventing the release of these bishops?
    What B.S.

  2. Tom Skylark

    The pope Francis is a false prophet.

    And the woman (Mary) thou sawest is the great city (Rome) which reigneth over the kings of the earth. (Revelation 17:18) World leaders bow down before pope Francis as he is promoting the Immaculate Heart and the prophecy of Fatima pushing Mary worship instead of Jesus worship (John 3:16) throughout our world.

    Prophet John says “Come out of her (Mary’s church) my people. Partake ye not in her sins and receive not her plagues” (Revelation 18:4)

    Only a false prophet would say nothing when Syrian Roman Catholic priests and Alawite soldiers are being beheaded. Only a false prophet would say nothing when Roman Catholic Churches burn in Gaza and Coptic churches are burning in Egypt. Only a false prophet would shake hands with Fatah Palestinian leader Abbas who financed the Palestinian terrorist whom murdered 11 unarmed Israeli athletes in Munich.

    • lazaros lazarou

      skylak your comments make you sound like your a dirty filthy jew that only care about some athlete jews killed back in the oympics you people have allowed evil brainwashing to think that the christ is only for your dirty civillizasion and you didnt accept him well i do accept jesus for all humanity and your filthy race insult the rest of human kind brainwashing the world that he is only for you your race has been killing humans from the beginnig i dont think you have a chance in his second comming maybe im wrong time will show but one thing i reconize is that the only real jew is akarzian jews that go back in the depths of capsian mountains not the filthy things we are non of today sorry for being harsh but i didnt make you into who you are today

  3. Tom Skylark

    If you accept Jesus Christ why do you support the Vatican an organization which burned people at the stake for believing in the Bible during the Protestant Reformation. The United States became a powerful nation established from European immigarnts who fled the Roman Vatican dictatorship.
    Both Jews and Protestants worked together during the American Revolutionary War. The Jewish man Haym Salomon fed and clothed George Washington troops and
    Jews and Bible believing Christians became free from British tyranny and Vatican rule.

    Now all the world wants to still immigrate to America’s shores but now we have a Moslem president named Obama supported by the Moslem Brotherhood who wants to undermine America’s security. Obama and the Vatican get along so well. Obama is declaring the Vatican’s immigrants to America some 11 million illegal aliens will become citizens to further undermine our American Constitution in which our founding fathers had support from both bible believing Christians and Jews who gave us the Declaration of Independence in 1776 and which are liberties will likely be destroyed in 2016 some 240 years later.

    You sound like a person who has been brainwashed by the Vatican and will be ready to accept the Vatican’s false peace proposal of the anti-Christ once Russia and their allies are destroyed upon the mountains of Israel. (Ezekiel 39:1-4)

    The anti-Christ will by peace destroy many. (Daniel 8:24-25) The anti-Christ will appear in Jerusalem when the Temple is built on the Temple Mount. The anti-Christ will then enter the temple (2 Thessalonians 2:4) declaring himself as a god.

    The Vatican has never taught you about Bible prophecy but sadly people are destroyed by lack of knowledge. You are a hater of the Jewish people and this is understandable for many who follow the Vatican teachings for the Vatican is on the side of the terrorist Palestinians and all others who take the blood of innocent people.

    It says in the Bible we are to use the Bible and not the sword. The Vatican is always on the side of the people like the Catholic Adolf Hitler whose Utashi units in Yugoslavia were blessed by Catholic priests when they killed Jews and other ethnic groups of people and the Catholic priests blessed the German soldiers as they went to invade Russia. The Vatican has always chose conversion by the sword over the Bible. Its too bad you don’t read history books.

    The Vatican says it gets it power and authority from the Jewish apostle Peter and that there were popes in Rome before the days of Roman empire Constantine. The Vatican wants us to believe there were popes standing alongside Roman emperors when Christians were being fed to the lions? What were these so-called popes doing before Roman emperor Constantine recognized Christianity? The Roman emperor was both the political and religious leader of their empire. Did the Roman emperors before Constantine consult with their popes? You see the Vatican’s power is based on a lie so why do you follow such a lie?

    The truth says the Jews would return back to their homeland. Ezekiel 36:24. May 14, 1948 forward the Jews have been fulfilling this Bible prophecy. Your hatred for the Jews shows you are not a real Christian.

    You have chosen some other prophecies not found in the Bible to build your hatred of the Jewish people upon. The Book of Matthew and Daniel relates to the Jewish plight during the anti-Christ reign and reveals how the Jews some who believe in the words of their prophets will be safe from the anti-Christ if they follow the instructions to leave when the anti-Christ declares himself as a God in the Holy Temple. (2 Thessalonians 2:4)

    I wonder what you will be thinking when you witness all these prophecies take place or will you depart from the Vatican and believe in Jesus Christ now John 3:16 and be taken in the rapture (1 Thessalonians 4:16-17)protected from the anti-Christ’s reign (Revelation 3:10)

    Find a good Bible believing ministry on the internet and embrace Jesus Christ before the tribulation begins and you will be safe.

    • Sapper 65

      Right on! How did Peter let the Church go so astray as to worship Mary. You are off a little though: It is Babylon not Rome mentioned inREV 17:18

  4. Jim Jekyll

    Maybe hundreds of Syrian soldiers died to put these evil bastards into custody, now they are running loose again? At least let them have some Polonium in their meals next time!


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