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SAA Eliminates Obama Thugs in Daraa Countryside

Daraa & Countryside

Syrian Arab Army units with assistance of other Syrian armed forces and the full cooperation from the local residents managed to repel a number of attacks carried out by Obama regime terrorist groups on several military posts in Daraa and its countryside, south of Syria.

In the details, the attacks were carried out by herds of terrorists from Nusra Front, most of these terrorists were non-Syrians and the following list of terrorist names were identified among the killed of them. Israeli made LAW missiles, automatic machine guns, RPGs and mortar launchers were confiscated from the terrorist groups killed.

Daraa & Countryside
Daraa & Countryside

In Noua (Nawa) city, Tal Jabriya, Nassiriyeh in western Daraa the following terrorists were killed: Abbas Mahmoud Rashdan was identified, the commander of a terrorist gang calling itself the Mujahideen Brigade, Adham Hassan Qassim, Wassim Muhammad Rahhal, Omar Muhammad Ali Alwadi, Farhan Muhammad Aleid, Ali Hikmat Faouri, Ayman Turki Nasser, Haroun Bahaa Nasser, Issam Ahmad Barghash, Diya Fadhel Aleid, Assem Falah Findi, Maher Ridwan Rifai, Hassan Miri Khatib,Muhammad Marwan Hawarneh and Muhammad Aleid Alshawish.

In Atman, Eastern Mleiha and Tafas, the terrorists identified among the killed were: Hamza Huweidi, Hamza Ramadan Abdullah, Youssef Mtheih, Muhammad Fares and Thaer Naim Masri.

And in Nazhin (Refugees) Camp area, Sad (Dam) Road area Shehada Salloum and Nabil Rsheidat Aba Zeid were identified among the killed.

The following video clip might contain GRPAHIC images, your discretion is required:

We usually don’t mention the names of terrorists, but due to the high importance of the sites in Daraa this shows how the local residents are cooperating with the state to assist in fighting these terrorists and cleaning their areas from their filth. Daraa is supposed to be the bleeding wound in Syria and where thousands of terrorists trained by NATO experts in north of Jordan were supposed to invade the south of Syria and if not being able to win the war, at least they dream of creating a buffer zone or gifting the land to be a replacement homeland for displaced Palestinians.

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  1. Bobby

    Oh! What a good harvest!! Their paymasters will save a lot of money this week! Well done SAA.
    Keep on harvesting them especially in Winter! Victory will soon be! Long live Assad! Long live syria!


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