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Trump Forces Murder 5 Children & 3 Women in Deir Ezzor


Trump forces with their colleagues in the illegal ‘Coalition to Sponsor ISIS’ in Syria murdered another 5 children and 3 women in Baghouz town, Deir Ezzor countryside, 30 January.The death toll is expected to increase, as many civilians were seriously and critically injured in this most recent massacre of Syrians.

Again — with the massacres being so frequent as to suggest the need for a template into which dates and places can be inserted — the criminal coalition created under Obama and accelerated by Trump, targeted residential areas. The fetid criminal plot is to continue slaughtering Syrian women and children and to make survivors homeless.

US withdraws troops protecting ISIS from Syria
US withdraws troops protecting ISIS from Syria – ‘Photoshopped’

Trump continues to reverse his election promises to offer entente to the world. Instead, he has chosen to spit upon the will of those persons who elected him.

No matter how swamp-drunk the US POTUS is, his ”conservative” supporters tenaciously cling to the childish belief he is battling the “deep state” — a.k.a. the “Military Industrial Complex.” Meanwhile, the new wave “left” are now rigid disciples of the CIA’s Operation Mockingbird. The latter screamed in horror when Trump made some mouth noises about possible withdrawal of illegal US troops from the Syrian Arab Republic (and cheered fascist Macron’s claim he would continue to bomb Syria, with or without Trump. Mockingbird left have been mute over the French leader mutilating and blinding members of the Gilets Jaunes.).

Donald Trump continues the war crimes against Syria begun by Barack Obama. Terrorists are supported. Women and children are slaughtered. Homes and infrastructure are bombed into dust.

Degenerate silence continues within both teams of the colonialist west, as Trump continues Obama’s war crimes.

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