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Wahhabi Jordan Assassinates Another Great Intellect

Graphic photo and video.

by Afraa Dagher

My religion is humanity.  My brothers are those who challenge the policy of repression in this world, who say no for subservience to imperialism.

Today, the regime in Jordan, which is complicit with the Islamist Muslim Brotherhood movement, assassinated one of the intellects of the Arabic world, one of those who said “no” to the extremist gangs in the world.  “No” on accepting the wahhabi mentality to control secular Syria, and to control other parts of our region, step by step.

Today, the regime in Jordan martyred freedom of speech, martyred the fight against takfiri terrorists, martyred the love of Syria and of the resistance.

Today, the regime in Jordan martyred Jordanian author and thinker, Nahed Hattar.

Journalist Nahed Hattar was arrested by Jordanian regime authorities on 13 August, under the charge of “inciting sectarian strife and insulting Islam.”  Mr. Hattar’s “crime” was that he had shared a caricature to his Facebook account, which humiliated those of “ISIS” who behead innocent people while blaspheming God.  This matter so upset the Islamist Muslim Brotherhood in Jordan, which has a close relationship with the “government.”  This gang demanded the arrest of Mr. Hatter, who was detained  until released under bail, 8 September, until trial.

It mocks terrorists and their concept of God and heaven.  It does not infringe God’s divinity in any way. — Nahed Hatter, after his arrest

The Islamist Brotherhood magazine sent many death threats to Mr. Hattar.  They accused this Christian man of apostasy and threatened that the day to punish such people is close.

This morning, 25 September 2016 was the date of trial, at The Palace of Justice in Amman.  This court is supposed to be a secured place, surrounded by security guards and military police.

Nahed Hattar assassinated outside Jordan Supreme Court
Martyr Nahed Hattar bleeding to death at the steps of Wahhabi Jordan Supreme Court

The Wahhabi takfiri killer, with his full Wahhabi look, the same look as “ISIS fighters,” was waiting for Nahed Hattar.  Yet neither his appearance nor his weapons caught the attention of the Jordanian security surrounding the Palace of Justice. 

Jordanian security must have been all tying their shoelaces when the assassin appeared
Jordanian security must have been simultaneously tying their shoelaces when the assassin appeared


The killer shot four bullets to Nahed’s brain — yes, his brain was his guilt — and three bullets to his body.

The guilt of Nahed was his brain, this brain who was trying to awaken people around the world to stand against terrorist islamist gangs, and to stand with Syria, the beating heart of the Arab world.  

This writer’s guilt was his love to the resistance movement in Lebanon, and to the Syrian President Bashar al Assad — our leader who does not shake the hands of Zionists.

I am shy that I defend Damascus only by my pen.  I am shy that I am not there to sacrifice my blood for Damascus, against the barbaric.  I am shy that I am not a martyr as those brave soldiers in Syria.  My weapon is my words to defend Damascus.  — Nahed Hattar

Now, he is a martyr; a martyr of truth.

It was not the caricature cartoon against the perverse ISIS “god” that caused his murder; this was a ridiculous pretext to silence this man for good.  This great intellect of the Christian faith was not insulting Islam.  He was revealing the anti-Islam takfiri mentality of Saudi Wahhabism, the takfiri mentality of the Muslim Brotherhood, condemned by the late Hafez as traitors on the payroll of the west, as haters of Islam.  He was revealing the truth against the so-called “ISIS.”

This great martyr who has been maligned by the accusation of insulting Islam, leaves behind two sons to whom he gave Islamic names, not Christian ones.  This is real evidence that he, the Christian man respected Islam — the real Islam, not the Wahhabi Saudi perversion of Islam.

Nahed Hatter supported the Hezbollah resistance, the Islamic movement that respects all religions and defends churches as well as mosques from terrorists.  He opposed the depraved takfiri way of debasing God.  He was not against Islam.  This Christian secularist writer was assassinated inside the Jordanian court for his standing against takfiri.

What guilt has Jordan:  How many ISIS do you have in your suburbs?

Let those in the west who support the Saudis wake up.  Let those in the world wake up.


Editor’s addenda:

The offending caricature was of a Wahhabi barbarian in his imagined heaven, in bed with women, smoking and asking “god” for wine and cashew nuts.

The Arabic Network for Human Rights Information has issued a statement holding the “authorities in Jordan” responsible for Mr. Hatter’s assassination:

We bear the authorities in Jordan the responsibility of the extremists assassination of writer Nahed Hatter.  We have warned in an earlier statement against the consequences of the incitement campaign launched by the Jordanian government against Hatter and the fomenting of the religious strife, in the context of escalating pace of repression against freedom of opinion and the attempt to discredit the extremist religious groups.  At this time the authorities didn’t show any care providing an adequate protection for the writer and turned a blind eye to the infidelity campaign launched against him.

al Alam today reports that Mr. Hatter was assassinated because of his positions against Saudi Arabia’s sponsorship of Wahhabi terrorism, and against American policies to destroy the region.  The article includes a previous video interview with Mr. Hatter, who survived an assassination attempt in 1998, for the same malignant reasons.

Jordan, a member of the fascist coalition of 66[6] countries engaged in the war crime of bombing the Syrian Arab Republic, has a very long history of supporting takfiri assassinations, and exporting its petty, drunken criminals such as al Zarqawi, to become “leaders” of al Qaeda. Syrian filmmaker, Moustafa al Akkad was among dozens killed in coordinated al Qaeda  bombings, November 2005.  During the 11-12 February 2016 Munich Security Conference, Jordan’s Abdullah held behind the scenes meetings with Israel, to discuss further collaboration with Israel, regarding their attempts at a final solution against the Syrian Arab Republic.  The Jordanian regime promotes takfiri ideology, also, in permitting the existence of the Jordanian Tahrir Party, and endorsing it on “state” television.

jordan media gives audience to takfiri

On 10 September, His Excellency Bashar al Ja’afari, a “proud Muslim,” addressed the Schiller Institute September 11 Memorial Conference.  In his presentation, he explained that “ISIL has been there for centuries,” providing details of the crimes of Saudi promotion of wahhabist ideology and terror.

From Syrian journalist Jamila Assi, Free for Ever…Nahed Hattar:

Nahed Hattar was not murdered on the morning of September 25, he was murdered the moment the Jordanian Prime Minister, Hani Al-Mulki, called for suing him for a silly cartoon he reposted on his personal page. Hattar was murdered the moment he was accused of blasphemy for insulting “the god of ISIS.” He was murdered the moment his arrest warrant was issued, and the moment his opponents went out calling for his execution publicly without anyone arresting them for such threats.



al Ghazali


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  1. miri

    Syrian journalist Jamila Assi reported on 7 September: Now Hattar’s health is deteriorating, he is under the risk of kidney failure. He was transferred from Marka prison to hospital, but then he requested going back to prison because the authorities hung a sign near his bead that reads “a very dangerous criminal.”

    That Jordanian authorities would do such a thing before Mr. Hattar was released on bail, suggests that the assassination was already in the planning stages.

    The killer is reported to have immediately turned himself into the complicit authorities who immediately reported that he was known for ‘extremist views.’


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