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Qatar To Invade Syria Militarily – Qatari Minsiter


Note: This is not a satire or a joke however silly it sounds, this is real news and you can trace it from the sources you trust.

After spending several billions of dollars to kill Syrians and destroy their country and failing to change the leadership, now the Empire of Qatar is considering to send its forces to attack Syria.

qatar map
Empire of Qatar

Qatar is known more to be a gas station with an area of 11,571 square kilometers (4,467.50 square miles) and a population of 2.2 million out of which only 278,000 are Qatari nationals most of them are obese or drugged and many of them were given citizenship to participate for the gas station in the Olympics.

As per multiple official and international statistics there are 545,000 Indians and 400,000 Nepalese among others putting the total of those carrying the Qatari citizenship at 12% only.

Owners of Qatar
Owners of the statelet of Qatar, Left to right: Tamim Ben Hamad, Moza wife of Hamad, Hamad Ben Khalifa Al Thani

Qatar (pronounced Gutter) is more known for the bribe rumours to buy the hosting of 2020 Olympics, sponsoring the Arab Spring through its TV station al-Jazeera, which used to be a pioneer in news and now battling to maintain its viewers. Also known for its wife of the former prince who in her part is known for her funky clothing and super spending on weird fashion, she’s also the mother of the current prince.

In the news: The Minister of Foreign Affairs in the gas station Khalid Attiyah stated in a TV interview with the CNN that his ‘country will interfere militarily in Syria if the situation is required in cooperation with Turkey and Saudi‘..!

The rest of the interview is not worth even mentioning.

A Syrian activist commented on the above: ‘The whole of Qatar map can be redrawn with 2 Syrian ‘Tishreen’ ballistic missiles modified specially for Qatar’..

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  1. wayne t baker

    Can this be understood as another insane rant,like Obama at the UNGA? Even if this is true what does it really mean? The British Empire is finished. Their stooge Obama is finished,only thing to do is remove him with Amendment 25 of the US Constitution.So where is this going? No one knows,yet the world has changed since Putin’s flank in Syria against Obama.Maybe the gods do make mad those before they destroy them.

  2. Wulfrano Ruiz Sainz

    It’s only fair that Russia charges for her services of getting rid of the nutball Muslim ISIS assholes and freezing the remaing camel-fuckers such as Saudi Arabia. Her price is a slice of the southern Near East. Fair enough!


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