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“Refugee-Crisis”? No: Payback and Greedy Plan

Refugees flooding into European countries

The EU has a severe problem with the hundreds of thousands of refugees flooding its borders and aiming to get to those EU member-states who grant indivual asylum plus some welfare benefits.

The EU is deeply divided about how to handle these masses, and the whole problem behind. Hungry at first closed its borders and started to shoot at the refugees. Now other nations at the Balkans do the same, at least close their borders.  On the other hand, Merkel of Germany, that lady who enjoys posing for selfies with “Syrian refugees” aka FSA-supporters, publically announced Germany would invite 800,000 refugees. Open borders, no controls. This, obviously, is completly lunatic.

Refugees flooding into European countries
Refugees flooding into European countries

There is one way for nations who decide to welcome refugees approved by international institutions and laid down in International Laws: call the UNHCR. The UNHCR is obliged and entitled to help refugees to get to those nations who signalled they want to take them.  Call the UNHCR and the UNHCR will then send you refugees. This is the ONLY internationally approved way. Are germany and Sweden doing this? No, instead, they urge other European nations to care for people who illegall pass through their borders. What we are witnessing today is NOT the wannabe nice, humanitarian EU welcoming refugees. What we are witnessing is a migration, a mass-exodus.

One could think,  the EU-leaders failing about regulations eventually proves their misunderstanding of the situation and the reasons. But this would mean jumping far too short.

It is not failure by those unelected EU-lackeys of Wallstreet and City of London (like Junker, Merkel). It is staged. It is a staged coup to weaken EU-Europe, planned and done by those who killed MILLIONS of innocents in those nations from which the refugees come. The question is: who could benefit? There is only one option, as long as EU wants to keep logics in mind. In addition to that, we shall remember it was the EU-members Britain and France that destroyed Libya, it was Britain that plotted the “civil war” in Syria to topple Assad, joined by France and Germany who are funding al-Qaeda and ISIS. It was Britain who sent its “SAS”-deathsquads to kill Syrian children and blame it on Assad. It was France’s Secret Service, who killed Gaddafi, who now created the so-called “FSA”, a merger of criminals and al-Qaeda, It was Germany’s military elite squad “KSK” fighting in Syria against the only regular Syrian Army, it is Germany that still funds ISIS by buying oil from ISIS that had been stolen from Syrian oilfields, whilst the very same Germany prevents Germans to send medical aid or other goods to Syria, imposing most brutal sanctions on my people. And, remember, it is the CEOs of global corporations situated in the EU, like Mercedes-Benz and others, who openly call for mass-immigartion because they would need workers, and in this relation they are openly admitting they plan to not pay these new workers those wages German workers do get.

Surprised??? The mass-immigration of refugees from all over the world is planned and wanted to feed the greedy globalists and to impose a harsher competition for jobs and wages in Europe. Did you think this was a topic to be discussed in EU mainstream media? Not at all. Cui bono (who profits)? This is the question that leads us to those who are behind the “open-borders” mass-migration policy of Germany (and Sweden).

Now the EU is whining about a so-called “refugee-crisis” itself and the USA had been fabricating. Now, plenty of ISIS-, FSA- and al-Nusra terrorists pour into Europe, now the EU seems to have lost all control. For four years, the EU refused to take notice of warnings Syrian intelligence had been trying to give them about terrorists from EU-member states fighting in Syria. Assad in 2011 (sic!) said, the western-created terror will backfire. Now it does backfire, direction: Europe. The EU now reaps what it sow. And it deserves no mercy.

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  1. JCD

    The problem is that the Western people are being attacked, not Merkel, not Zionism/ZOG, not Obama, not anyone else responsible for this entire mess. TO wish for innocent Europeans to pay for the crimes of our occupiers is very similar to blaming Syrian civilians for the crimes of the FSA, Al Nusra and ISIS upon said Syrian civilians.

    There is a huge hate for Christianity and all peoples that inherit the blue-eyes blonde-hair characteristics, the Caucasoid people most found in countries like Iran, Syria, Iraq, Afghanistan and of course Western and Northern Europe, all of which are now under attack or threat of attack.
    This is because those who are responsible for these crimes are those who currently illegaly occupy Israel, who look at the world in forms of tribes and genetics and are so obsessed with it that they want to destroy all genetic groups that are superior to them and are able to resist properly.

    The world’s civilizations itself are in danger of collapse. If the world would only realize who have been subverting each country for so long, who are even responsible for the Bolsheviks and the massive crimes of the 20th century, we might finally be able to turn it around, rather than wish death and destruction upon eachother for the crimes of “our” subverted “leaders”.

    Best of wishes to Syria from The Netherlands.

  2. Brian

    Syrian men should be sent from EU back to Syria to help rid their country of all foreign militants and their supporters.The women and children to return home when SYRIA is at Peace and FREE.

  3. Stefan Heuer

    @JCD: With no word I said I would like seeing innocent Europeans (which, in my view,can only be children, as we, the adults, have ALL stood aside and done nothing to stop our massmurdering governments) being attacked by terrorists. Either you got me wrong (that I’d cheish IS-terror on civilias) or you wanted to discredit me. But notice: you can not discredit someone by something you made up.


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