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NATO Terrorists Bomb Syrian Towns, SAA Bombs NATO Terrorists

idlib or hama

The flood of tears from NATO media journalists over the impending liberation of Idlib has completely blinded them to facts on the ground in Syria. Over the past weeks, they have missed the mortar, missile and IED attacks on civilians, their homes, their cars, their universities, their coffee shops — in Aleppo, in Damascus, in Hama, in Lattakia. They have missed the children blown up by landmines and the soldiers ambushed and decapitated. In addition to the murders committed by the world’s human garbage, with weapons from NATO countries and its satraps, the Shaer Gas Pipeline in Homs, and the Baniyas Refinery Terminal in Tartous were sabotaged. 

On 26 July, terrorist gangs bombed the towns of Salhab and Mhardeh, and the village of Asileh, with rockets. The Syrian Arab Army retaliated, destroying an undisclosed number of launchers and “fortifications.”

Damage by the armed savages was fortunately limited to property and infrastructure.

The Syrians of Mhardeh have been a frequent target of the deranged, violent criminals adored by NATO journalists. In September, 11 persons going about their daily lives were massacred; 9 immediately, and 2 subsequently succumbing to critical injuries. That slaughter occurred on the same day that UNSC President Nikki Haley was warning Syria not to fight terrorists in Syria.

Ten coffins carrying the remains of civilians are draped in the flag of the Syrian Arab Republic for their mass funeral.

Haley — dubbed “Samantha Power on bath salts” during her UN schtick — turns out to be the proverbial bad penny that always comes back. She founded an organization that ”advocates” for the perpetuation of imagined enemies, she was weirdly named one of the top 10 most admired women in the world by an unknown pollster in the UK, she has gotten very nice press from at least two Trump-hating media, and transatlantic journals are running news stories about her.

It is essential to note, again, that mortar and missile bombs fired into Mhardeh, generally, are fired from Ltamenah. Syrians who reside in Ltamenah are under the occupation of one of the al Saud factions of al Qaeda in the SAR, al Ezza (also transliterated as ‘Izza’). This gang of serial killers was one of the ‘open sources’ used by UC Berkeley School of Law‘s ‘Human Rights Investigation Lab,’ in its January 2018 anti-Syria ‘report.’

Yesterday, the Syrian Arab Army targeted the Saudi al Ezza faction and the Qatari al Nusra factions of al Qaeda, and bombed an undisclosed number of the murderers’ launching pads, rockets, mortars, missiles, and vehicles in Morek, Ltamenah, Kafr Zeta, al Jebin, and Hesrata in Hama’s northern and northwestern countryside.

This moderate rocket was fired into Damascus by France’s declared ‘legitimate opposition’ in Ghouta. [Archive]

NATO journalists do not merely engage in criminally lying (that which is considered a war crime by Nuremberg Principle VI) against Syria, but they also use vicious sadism in their fabrications.

Why does the Syrian Arab Army not simply level the towns occupied by the demons? Is it not to protect the lives of civilians?

In October 2015, Ambassador Jaafari explained this to MSNBC: Raqqa was a city of 800,000 people who were being held hostage by takfiri. For the preservation of the Syrian citizens, the air force was quite judicious in choosing its targets.

Who was it that did obliterate Raqqa? The war criminal ”coalition,” the war criminals cheered by NATO journalists.

CNN cheers destruction as far as the eye can see. This is al Raqqa, courtesy of the US-led war criminal coalition.

Miri Wood

Recommended reading: War Is a Racket, by Major General Smedley Butler.

USMC Maj. Gen. Butler, double Medal of Honor recipient.

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