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Suicide Bomber Injures a Number of SAA Soldiers in Daraa

image-SAA Syrian Arab Army Soldiers - Archive

A number of Syrian Arab Army soldiers were wounded when a terrorist detonated his suicide vest in Daraa countryside.

Syrian News Agency SANA reported that an SAA unit was storming a terrorist den in Mleihat Atash, Daraa countryside south of Syria when one of the terrorists blew himself up causing injuries among the storming unit.

SANA didn’t report any deaths among the SAA soldiers, and the wounded were rushed to nearby Sanamain Hospital for treatment.

A hike recently in terrorist attacks against civilian and military targets in the southern province upon instructions from the US and the reactivating of the Amman MOC command room for terrorists in southern Syria led by the US and other Gulfies officers. The room was in charge of coordinating the ‘Regime Change’ dubbed ‘Arab Spring’ in the country after failing in instigating the Syrian people to go against their own state.

Trump forces maintain an illegal presence in southeast Syria, especially at the Tanf Border joint with Iraq and Jordan, where the Trump forces hold over 30,000 Syrians hostages in the Rukban Concentration Camp forcing them to live in very harsh SS-style circumstances.

Despite his stated promises of ‘bringing troops back home’, the Trump regime seems to have increased the negative involvement in the region in a bid to compensate for the losses the US-led War of Terror on Syria.

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