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Criminals of the Money Exchange Armed Robbery Arrested in Damascus

Al Haram Money Transfer Exchange Branch in Qudssaya - فرع شركة الهرم للصرافة والتحويل في قدسيا - ريف دمشق

Within 24 hours a criminal gang responsible for the armed robbery of money exchange and killing its branch manager in a Damascus suburb were arrested, Syrian Minister of Interior announced.

The gang of two members will be presented to the court to receive the punishment they deserve, the minister added in a statement to SANA, the Syrian News Agency.

In a bold armed robbery two masked armed men stormed in the Qudssayah branch of the famous Al-Haram Money Exchange a day earlier, they killed the branch manager Mr. Abdul Qader Sheikha, who is also member of the Qudssaya Suburb City’s Council, and stole the money in the branch, two civilians were also injured in this robbery.

The Qudssaya branch of Al-Haram Exchange was opened on July 30, 2016, after Qudssaya Suburb was cleaned from terror. Syrian money exchange houses work under extreme pressure exacerbated by the US and EU draconian sanctions against everything Syrian. The money exchange houses in Syria are the only line left for the Syrian expatriates abroad to send money to their families in the besieged country.

Video showing the two criminals fleeing the scene on a motorbike filmed by neighbors:

Two criminals fleeing the scene on a motorbike

The crime that shocked the residents of the suburb and the people of Damascus in general after they started grasping the breath of security they long missed during the previous more than 8 years of the US-led War of Terror against their country.

Al-Haram money exchange company suffered a similar armed robbery one year ago, also in July, in its branch in Jebleh on the Mediterranean coast. 3 armed men stole millions of Liras and fled the scene on motorbikes.

Against all odds and contrary to the US plot to turn Syria into another fail state in its long list of countries it destroyed, the Syrian state has remained functioning throughout the crisis at the best possible levels within the given resources thanks to the determination of the Syrian people to stand up to this evil plot against their country at all costs.

The crimes rate has reduced significantly in most provinces and cities with high population across the country especially after cleaning the urban centers and the surrounding countrysides from the US-sponsored terrorists and shipping those who refused to join the reconciliation efforts to the borders with their godmother Erdogan of Turkey.

Before the US initiated the plot to destroy Syria using hundreds of thousands of imported anti-Islamic Jihadists it brought from all sides of the planet, Syria ranked among the most secure and safe countries in the whole world, the people of Syria are not accustomed to organized crime or armed robberies, while maintaining the needed openness for tourism, its location as a vital transit conduit for Turkey, Iraq, Jordan, and Lebanon to and from the Arabian Peninsula. And despite the height of the challenge the US and UK illegal invasion of Iraq which Syria shares a long 600 kilometers border in the east and the influx of over 2 million Iraqis due to that criminal invasion, and another 375 kilometers long border with Jordan in the south, both borders are mainly in the open desert.

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