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NATO Criminals Sabotage Shaer Gas Pipeline in Homs

NATO & Gulfies sponsored terrorists have now sabotaged the gas pipeline which links the al Shaer gas field with the Ebla Gas Factory in Homs. This system transports 2.5 million cubic meters daily, to power plants needed by the Syrian population. From SANA:

14 July Homs, SANA- The gas pipeline linking al- Shaer gas field with Ebla Gas Factory in Homs eastern countryside went out of service due to a terrorist attack.

SANA reporter in Homs said that “Terrorists vandalized the gas pipeline which extends from al-Shaer field to Ebla Gas Factory as the pipeline went out of service.”

The reporter indicated that “technical workshops affiliated to the Petroleum Ministry started to work on fixing the gas pipeline in order to pump gas through it again over the coming hours.”

The reporter added the “gas pipeline which went out of service transports 2.5 million cubic meters of gas daily to Ebla Factory and from it to the power plants.”

Remnants of Daesh “ISIS” terrorists spread in some areas in the Syrian Badia “semi-desert” and they try to attack the residential areas and the vital facilities and the military posts as they army units hunt them down to secure the Badia.

Shaer gas
al Shaer Gas Field, Homs. Archive, uncredited photo.

Though the history of western imperialist attempts to inflict a hideous final solution on Syria date back to 2012, and CNN and al Jazeera’s involvement in blowing up the Homs pipeline, there has been a recent acceleration in attempts to destroy essential energy production in the Syrian Arab Republic — with infrastructure sabotage coinciding with increased economic terrorism, euphemistically called sanctions, and physical terrorism against Syrian civilians and soldiers.

On 22 June, six pipelines attaching oil tankers to the Baniyas Terminal Refinery were cut by unknown operatives. On 4 July, British royal thugs engaged in piracy against an Iranian oil tanker believed to be headed to deliver oil to Syria (later denied by Iran, though the Grace1 remains under the occupation of British pirates).

Meanwhile, a large portion Syrian oil fields in Deir Ezzor are under illicit US occupation forces and their ‘SDF’ militia.

Syrian engineers and technicians are working to repair the sabotaged Shaer gas pipeline quickly.

— Miri Wood


The Syrian Electricity Army

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