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Landmines Blow up Syrians; UNMAS Flaunts Disregard

The Giant African Pouched Rat would be more useful than NATO's UNMAS, & obviously more noble

Landmines have blown up another two Syrians on 22 March. This time, the martyrs were brother-sister siblings on a motorcycle, passing through the Wadi al-Atheeb in Salamyieh eastern countryside of Hama governate.

Hama Law Enforcement Command reported that – as always – the landmines were left behind by retreating terrorists (al Qaeda, DAESH, ISIS, or whichever nom de guerre may be being used by the ”human garbage”).

On 27 February, two separate landmine explosions slaughtered ten Syrians, and wounded another twelve, also in Hama governate; many of these civilians were out to gather truffles in the area.

The deadly and disfiguring explosions have reached uncountable numbers, particularly since former UN Mine Action Service (UNMAS) Director Agnes Marcaillou stopped giving providing her Book of Numbers – type meticulous death and dismemberment statistics at United Nations meetings, in October 2019.

Way back on 4 July 2018, Marcaillou brought a large entourage to Damascus, for a gala photo shoot regarding the signing of a Memorandum of Understanding between UNMAS and the Syrian Arab Republic. The fabulous photographs and Marcaillou’s final death and dismemberment were the last of her unwork.

Priorities for tireless humanitarian work can be seen in the following two photographs, taken at the gala Global Leadership (Global governance?) gala dinner party at a UN Foundation event, which included 007, a spokesman against landmines (despite the author finding nothing involving Daniel Craig and landmines butchering countless Syrians, those pesky explosives left behind by retreating takfiri considered to be ‘freedom fighters’ by NATO politicians and their media lapdogs).

This author has been unable to ascertain if Marcaillou has taken a leave of absence in her UNMAS directorship, or if Ilene Cohen has permanently replaced her, or if is the Deputy Director, or the indefinitely Acting Director of the UN Mine Action Service (given the UN’s meager budget of $3.4 billion, the author also can not fault the United Nations for not being able to clarify who – if anyone – still holds this position.

Syria News does remind our esteemed readers that after the liberation of eastern Aleppo from the NATO-supported terrorists, Russian sappers cleared more than 966 hectares of landmines and other explosives from the region. In September 2017, Russian sappers began the demining process of Deir Ezzor city. In November 2022, “[A]rmenian sappers cleared more than 10 hectares of land in and around the village of al Burj in the Khanaser area of landmines and explosive devices planted in large quantities by the NATO-sponsored US-led terrorists of Al Qaeda and its offshoots and derivatives in this region.”

None of the above massive cleansing projects was reported by NATO-affiliated media.

UNMAS has done nothing to help clean up the devastatingly deadly bombs buried by terrorists…which leads the author once again to question the lack of use of the Giant African Pouched Rats in the Syrian Arab Republic. These creatures can be trained to sniff out explosives, and are light enough not to detonate them if stepped upon.

According to a 2010 report published in the NIH, Teaching Giant African Pouched Rats to Find Landmines: Operant Conditioning With Real Consequences: “To date, the rats have performed well and it appears they can play a valuable role in humanitarian demining.”

That UNMAS has proven itself useless in demining landmines and other explosives from Syria, and the fact that Syrians are killed or maimed from them on a monthly basis, returns the author to the question of why has the Levantine Republic not procured these giant pouched rats to efficiently assist in the clean-up? Might it be related to the illicit sanctions imposed upon Syria by much of the NATO world, despite being a breach of the noble UN Charter, which demands a Security Council resolution in which to sanction a member state?

APOPO is a [NATO] Belgian registered NGO. It is an acronym for Anti-Persoonsmijnen Ontmijnende Product Ontwikkeling (“Anti-Personnel Landmines Detection Product Development” in English), which trains these giant rats to sniff out landmines (and tuberculosis). Since 2015, it has 501(c)(3) charity status in the US, which means our taxes help to fund it.

As such, US Americans have the right to demand APOPO engage in humanitarian work in Syria, by bringing in these rats, and training people how to use them to safely demine every square inch of the country upon the exit of terrorists. Terrorists do not put up these warning signs when they leave:

Terrorists do not put up warning signs. They are monsters who bury landmines in farmlands, in parking garages, and various other hidden areas.

Terrorists in Syria plant their cowardly bombs in playgrounds, toys, classrooms, and in farmlands.

It is long past the time when honest humanitarians of the world join together to eradicate landmines from Syria.

Miri Wood

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