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Israel Bombs Aleppo Int’l Airport: 2nd Such War Crime this Month

Israel bombs Aleppo International Airport taking it out of service - عدوان اسرائيلي على مطار حلب الدولي يخرجه من الخدمة

Israel has engaged in its second war criminal bombing of the Aleppo International Airport this month. As the previous bombing was ignored by the bastion of peace and security, known as the United Nations, we anticipate the continuation of silent complicity in this atrocity.

According to the Syrian Arab News Agency, “at around 3:55 a.m. today, the Israeli enemy carried out an air aggression with a number of missiles from the direction of the Mediterranean, west of Latakia…”. At the time of the SANA report, “some material damage at the airport” was noted.

On 7 March – also cowardly under cover of dead of night – Israel bombed the Aleppo airport, murdering “several innocent civilians and destroying a number of buildings” (featured image from the 7 March war crime against Syria’s airport).

A Syrian Airways passenger plane at Aleppo International Airport

Syria News readers of NATO countries might consider their possible outrage, were Israel to bomb their international airports. Better still, given that we have been taught since our days of being in utero that our welfare queen Israel is our best friend, which we must fund and support no matter what war crime it commits, let our western readers consider their airports bombed by Russia – which our Military Industrial Complex and its stenographer-reporters continue to demand we view as our collective enemy.

As the fraud righteous in its collective concern over supremacy of every layer, it is long past time to recognize our sense of colonial impunity, and to put down the spoon of sewage eating, instead of begging, Please, Sir, may I have another?

According to Israeli media, other sources claimed that the criminal bombings also “hit targets” in and around Damascus, and in and around Latakia..

Aleppo International Airport is the second largest airport in the Syrian Arab Republic, and has been an international hub for receiving essential humanitarian aid – from countries not beholden to the US criminal sanctions which are in breach of the noble UN Charter (whose laws require a Security Council Resolution to impose actual sanctions on any member state) – to assist in relief for victims of the devastating earthquake of early February. The World Health Organizations Director Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus, PhD, arrived in Aleppo 11 February, bringing over 30 tonnes of supplies for the Syrian people.

The Syrian government was able to restore the bombed airport to full functionality three days after the criminal acts.

On 19 February between the unfathomable devastation by earthquake, and the first war criminal bombing of the airport of March, Israel bombed two residential neighborhoods of Damascus in which Israel martyred five civilians and seriously wounded fifteen others.

As noted, neither the NATO-run United Nations nor the uber pious Secretary General Antonio Guterres have shown their non-neutral allegiance by remaining mute over the US’ greatest welfare queen’s war criminal bombings of the Levantine republic.

SANA has issued an updated report noting that “all incoming and outgoing flights” from Aleppo International Airport will be diverted to Damascus and Latakia airports until repairs are made:

The General Organization of Civil Aviation announced that the Israeli aggression that targeted Aleppo International Airport at dawn, today, has caused it to be out of service until the completion of repairing the aggression’s damage.

The Civil Aviation Organization stated that after evaluation by the technical and engineering teams, damage was found to have been done to the runway and against some navigational equipment. Technical personnel, in cooperation with the Civil Aviation organization and other essential teams, have begun restoration and repair of the damage.

The Organization pointed out that all incoming and outgoing flights to and from the airport were being diverted to Damascus and Latakia airports until the damages are repaired.

This Syria News author does not expect a sudden pang of actual humanity to reach the soul of UN Secretary General Antonio Guterres or of the NATO junta which occupies the UN, over these war crimes and their acceleration, by rogue state Israel.

Miri Wood

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  1. Jack Oliver

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    This was reported by the Director General of the Institute of Political Studies Sergey Markov .

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    He did it in exchange for the early release from prison of his brother, a pedophile and a member of the British parliament,

    Imran Ahmad Khan. MP Imran was released from prison ahead of schedule in February,

    In early March, Prosecutor Karim signed a decree against the President of the Russian Federation.

    “That’s where, it turns out, all this strange topic with children, which they glue to Putin.

    The United States has nothing to do with this, they themselves are in conflict with the ICC,” the political scientist wrote in his Telegram channel “Markov’s Logic”.

    Sergey Markov is sure that with the help of the ICC warrant, the secret society of pedophiles is taking revenge on Putin for Russia’s policy of strengthening traditional family values, laws against LGBT propaganda and pedophilia.

    All this can be checked and authenticated on the Internet.

    An iron fact: the arrest warrant for Putin was issued by the brother of a gay pedophile, a member of the British parliament a few days after his early release from prison,” the speaker stressed.

    The former British convicted PEDO MP !

    A former Conservative MP has been jailed for 18 months following his conviction for sexually assaulting a 15-year-old boy.

    At a trial last month, Imran Ahmad Khan, 48, who was elected as Wakefield MP in 2019, was found guilty of groping the boy at a party in 2008.

    Khan was expelled by the Conservative party following his conviction and later stood down as an MP.

    The judge said he did not accept Khan had “any remorse” for what he had done.

    His BROTHER who issued the arrest warrant !


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