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After the Earthquake and ISIS Massacring 58 Farmers; Israel Bombs Damascus

Israel bombs Damascus residential district اسرائيل تقصف حي كفرسوسة السكني بدمشق

Israel bombed Damascus residential neighborhoods after midnight, the Syrian Arab Army’s air defense units managed to shoot down some incoming missiles, others caused damage to buildings, the story is developing.

Syrian Arab Army air defense units addressed an Israeli bombing targeting the upscale Kafr Soussah, Mazraah, and Baghdad Street neighborhoods in Damascus, with reports of several casualties among the civilians in the targeted neighborhoods.

The video is also available on Rumble, BitChute, and YouTube.

At least one of the missiles struck a residential building, eyewitnesses confirm, and columns of fire and fumes of smoke could be seen from kilometers away, I was still working on an update to yesterday’s horrific massacre committed by the US-sponsored ISIS terrorists in the central Syrian desert killing 53 farmers and at least 5 policemen who came to the rescue.

Eyewitnesses from the site targeted by the Israeli bombing say there were casualties, dead and injured, from this aggression.

Watch this post for further updates.


5 were killed and 15 wounded in the heinous Israeli bombing with barrages of missiles of the residential neighborhoods in Damascus and its outskirts shortly after midnight.

A Syrian military spokesperson said in a statement carried by the Syrian news agency SANA:

“At exactly 22:00 in the morning today, the Israeli enemy carried out an aerial aggression with bursts of missiles from the direction of the occupied Syrian Golan, targeting some points in the city of Damascus and its surroundings, including residential neighborhoods inhabited by civilians, and our air defense media intercepted the missiles of aggression and shot down most of them.”

The military spokesperson concluded: “The aggression led, as a preliminary outcome, to the death of five martyrs, including a soldier, and the wounding of 15 civilians, including critical cases, and the destruction of a number of civilian homes, and material damage to a number of neighborhoods in and around Damascus.”

Israel continues to enjoy the privileges in its aggression against Syria provided to it by Russia, one of Syria’s main allies in the war on terror, as the anti-Jewish Zionist state coordinates with the Russian military before bombing sites in Syria based on a weird agreement between them, and Russia’s withholding the activation of its outdated S300 air defense systems it delivered to Syria in September 2018 only after Israel used a Russian plane as a human shield to bomb Syria killing 15 Russian servicemen on that plane.

Russia had earlier postponed the delivery of the same systems bought by Syria in 2010 upon a request from Israel, the system, if it was in Syria and was operational when it was supposed to be delivered, would have not invited the evil forces of NATO and Israel to wage their now 12 years war of terror and attrition against the only country that never stabbed Russia in the back and never made deals on the account of Russia.

On the contrary, Syria rejected a very sweet deal to allow the passage of natural gas from Qatar to Europe to bypass Russia and starve Russian and Iranian economies back in 2007. Syria’s refusal of that offer angered the USA and its European and Gulfies lackeys and at the same time allowed Russia and Iran to build and diversify their economies to sustain the current western sanctions and hybrid wars.

It’s about time that Syria develops its own air defense and other weapons aside from what it buys from Russia, obviously, the Russian air defense systems are incapable of protecting the Syrian capital from Israeli bombing.

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  1. Roy

    It looks like Israel, but most of its citizens are about to become slaves of the Rothschild who already own 80% of the land mass of Israel and in fact has its very existence in large part due in part to its puppet Adolf Hitler and now Benjamin Netanyahu. The original plan was to chase the Jewish diaspora to Israel, via anti-Semitism which the Rothschild would create, but since that plan fell through; making the Israeli so hated in their local environment that its citizens would be shown no mercy if they attempted to flee what is soon to be their death camp.

    As you remember the Rothschild did exactly the same in Germany; the Israelites were given the opportunity to offer up Benjamin Netanyahu as a sacrifice to the god Moloch as a condition of their acceptance into the Kingdom of Heaven, an offer in which the Israelis have not acted upon and doubtless, never will, so instead Bibi will sacrifice the Israelis to Moloch instead.

  2. Roy

    I saw this today, the 20th of February, on Global Research, is this just evil propaganda or what, MIRA?
    IS THIS TRUE? The massive earthquake on February 6 devastated parts of the northwest of Syria, including the last remaining terrorist occupied area of Idlib. While Latakia and Aleppo were damaged more than Idlib, they are not receiving any aid from the US, EU are other US allied countries because they are under the central government of Damascus.

    • Roy Booher

      I am being cencored greatly here in the US, if you never hear from me again I wish the Syrian people the best. MIRA,may have been illegally detained. Just like the US, our government loves to use doctors and nurses to kill people that they find troublesome, medicine is often poisoned. Brothers fathers sons and daughters are often coerced into killing their own family members here in the US; only by God’s will am I still alive. God is here no doubt but that the Syrian people are in his heart. It will get weird, but only because, soon Satan and those sort of beliefs will soon be on the run with nowhere to hide. As they once said here in the US, Give Me Liberty or Give Me Death.


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