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Aleppo International Airport Restored after the Israeli Bombing

Aleppo International Airport - Syria - مطار حلب الدولي سورية

The damages to the Aleppo International Airport from the Israeli heinous war crime bombing it in the early hours of dawn on Tuesday, 3 days ago, are repaired and the airport is ready to resume operation, the Syrian Ministry of Transport said in a statement.

In the statement carried by the Syrian news agency SANA, the Syrian Ministry of Transport said:

“The staff of the General Organization of Civil Aviation, in cooperation with national companies, have completed repairing the damage caused by the Israeli aggression that targeted Aleppo International Airport at dawn last Tuesday.”

The Israeli heinous double war crime bombing an operational civil international airport taking it out of service and impeding the deliveries of humanitarian aid through it to the earthquake survivors, the main runway of the airport was damaged with a large crater and some other infrastructure.

“We call on the air carriers operating through Aleppo International Airport to reschedule their inbound and outbound flights,” the Ministry of Transport statement said, adding that the airport is ready to receive earthquake relief aid around the clock starting from 8 am, tomorrow, Friday 10 March 2023.

On a side note, in case any of the readers heard condemnation of this heinous Israeli war crime by any of the so-called ‘international community’ which continuously floods us with their crocodile tears over their concern for the sovereignty of their allies and proxy regimes do let us know in the comments, please.

This protection provided to the anti-Jewish Zionist inhumane barbaric entity by its host of like-minded sponsors, and the enormous funding it receives from their taxpayers enables it to commit its war crimes and crimes against humanity with impunity, their collective disregard for international law and the international humanitarian law is the cause of all evil, and mischief, and wrongdoing in the whole globe with its horrendous effects on millions of human beings.

If these sinister people think they can get away with their crimes eventually, they are utterly wrong and have failed to learn any lesson from the history of former empires, the evildoers were punished; those who died of natural causes have passed the curse to their descendants, and the people of our region, in particular, have a very strong and long memory and will see the punishment of the ones causing their suffering in the killers or in their children.

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  1. Roy

    That would be the hope, but that’s not the case; the cruelty of the Roman Empire was caused by the same sort as is running the American Empire; the same sort that committed the Spanish Inquisition; the same as the gencide in the America’s; the same as the Nazi genocide, except for a very small number of figure head culprites, they always get away with murder. The Nuremberg trials were a farce; all of the original inhabitants of Ireland were murdered over the course of numerous centuries and no one ever noticed it; even now the genocide continues unnoticed in many parts of the world; even poverty is a form of genocide; every straw on the camel’s back is a form of genocide. Poverty is intentional and deadly and that’s why it exists. Even ignorance itself is a formnof genocid.


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