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Israel’s Barbaric Nature Exposed by Bombing Aleppo Int’l Airport

Israel bombs Aleppo International Airport taking it out of service - عدوان اسرائيلي على مطار حلب الدولي يخرجه من الخدمة

The double war crime Israel committed by bombing Aleppo International Airport further exposes the ugliest barbaric and inhumane nature of the (Zionist) entity, the Syrian Ministry of Foreign Affairs said in a statement.

Syria’s MoFA said in a statement shared on its Twitter account and relayed by the Syrian news agency SANA condemning Israel’s heinous war crime of bombing Aleppo International Airport in the early hours of dawn today:

“The criminal aggression committed by the Israeli entity at dawn today, during which it targeted Aleppo International Airport, which caused it to go out of service, is a double crime, as it targeted a civilian airport on the one hand, and on the other hand, it targeted one of the main channels for the delivery of humanitarian aid from inside and outside Syria to the victims of the devastating earthquake which struck the region on the sixth of last February.”

The Director of the Syrian Civil Aviation Engineer Bassem Mansour stated that the ‘Israeli bombing created a large crater on the main airport’s runway taking it out of service.’ Mr. Mansour added that ‘work has already started to repair the damage and is expected to be concluded within a week at most to restore the air traffic in the vital civilian airport.’

Exposing Israel’s real barbaric nature reflecting its anti-Jewish Zionist reality, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs added in its statement:

“This aggression once again reflects the worst forms of barbarism and inhumanity of the Israeli entity, and its practice of the most severe and egregious violations of international law, including international humanitarian law.

The statement by the ministry calling on the so-called international community to condemn Israel’s war crimes concluded:

“Syria warns the Israeli entity of the consequences of continuing to commit these crimes, and calls on the international community to condemn them and work to put an end to them, especially as they threaten more threats and dangers to security and peace in the region and the world.”

Shortly after 2 am Syria local time, Israel carried out one of its latest heinous war crimes by bombing Syria’s second-main civilian international airport with a barrage of missiles from the Mediterranean taking out of service the main conduit of humanitarian aid for the survivors of the last month’s devastating earthquake.

By the time of writing this report, the United Nations Security Council remains mute about this war crime, the countries that showed solidarity with Syria after the earthquake, including a number of Arab states, have yet to express their reactions toward this aggression, some of whom have recently recognized Israel and built strong ties with it.

This shows how much the USA is still in control of most of the world’s governments, sadly including Syria’s presumed allies in the war on terrorism and the countries affected by the US’s hegemonic and demonic policies and acts of aggression around the globe.

In the meanwhile and on the ground, Biden forces stealing Syria’s oil and food must expect a retaliation by the Syrian Resistance that vowed to bomb them every time Israel bombs a site in Syria.

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  1. Roy

    David Ignatius (lead image, left) has been a career-long mouthpiece for the US State Department. He has just been called in by the current Secretary of State Antony Blinken (right) to convey an urgent new message to President Vladimir Putin, the Security Council, and the General Staff in Moscow.

    For the first time since the special military operation began last year, the war party in Washington is offering terms of concession to Russia’s security objectives explicitly and directly, without the Ukrainians in the way.

    The terms Blinken has told Ignatius to print appeared in the January 25 edition of the Washington Post. The paywall can be avoided by reading on.

    The territorial concessions Blinken is tabling include Crimea, the Donbass, and the Zaporozhye, Kherson “land bridge that connects Crimea and Russia”. West of the Dnieper River, north around Kharkov, and south around Odessa and Nikolaev, Blinken has tabled for the first time US acceptance of “a demilitarized status” for the Ukraine.

  2. Roy

    Not that I would trust or believe anything that an American would ever think, do or say; like the story of a veneous snake being nursed back to health only for it to bite the person who nursed it back to health, “Bitch! You knew I was a snake.”
    Putin really has to demand the full and unconditional surrender of the United States of America, and its allies; the U.K., Australia, Canada and Israel; Bill Gates, the Rothschild and Rockefellers and many other such war criminals as Putin sees fit to be tried for crimes against humanity.
    Not that, that would ever happen; but talking about a “New World Order”; for a lasting peace of eons, individuals, on pain of death, should never, ever be allowed to ever accumulate so much wealth that they can dictate the behavior of even the smallest and most defenseless nation on Earth.
    Just for starters; if that doesn’t sound acceptable then maybe a preemptive nuclear strike on the U.S. would be in order; not saying that, that’s what Russia should do, but to be totally impartial, my own life being on the line, if they did; but, hey!! These are garbage people over here; even the doctors here are paid assassins with deadly hypodermic needles, real super ‘Angels of Death’.

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