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No Schengen Visas for the Syrian Republican Guards Corps!

Syrian Arab Army Republican Guards Corps Women Battalion

The European Union imposed ‘sanctions’ on the Syrian Republican Guards Corps depriving the Corps entity of enjoying their ‘Garden’ or any part of it, the EU’s latest batch of sanctions against Syria and other entities and individuals were issued on the 7th of March.

Henceforth, the Syrian Republican Guards Corps investments and assets in the European Union countries will be frozen, ie stolen, and the Corps cannot enter any country of the Block.

The Republican Guards Corps in Syria does not have a budget separate from the Syrian Defense Ministry, and neither have any assets in any of the EU countries!

French state propaganda outlet France 24 stated in a post yesterday 7th March quoted European Union diplomats about the latest batch of sanctions that included other entities and individuals from 6 different countries that the EU has been constantly barking at on behalf of Washington, Russia, Afghanistan, South Sudan, Myanmar (formerly Burma), Iran, and Syria.

The so-called diplomatic sources quoted by the propaganda outlet France 24 claimed the sanctions imposed on 9 individuals and 3 entities are related to violence against women!

The despicably corrupt garden of the European Union chose the eve of International Women’s Day to drive home its arrogance, supremacy, and cynicism. Prior to the terrorist NATO Spring launched against Syria in March 2011, femicide and sexual violence against women were unheard of in the SAR.

Such gender-based horrors against Syrian women are gifts from European Union and other NATO criminals.

The French propaganda outlet did not tell how the Syrian Republican Guards Corps exactly mistreat women, which women, where, and when they allegedly mistreated those women.

Here’s a refresher about women in the Syrian Arab Army, the Republican Guards Corps Women Battalion in particular, and the Syrian National Defense Forces of women volunteers:

The video is also available on Rumble, and BitChute.

Furthermore, and this is very important, neither the French propaganda publication nor the diplomats it quoted defined what is a woman in this batch of sanctions.

This EU PR stunt is for the only purpose of demonizing the most effective force of the Syrian Arab Army combating ISIS (ISIL – Daesh) in Syria and defending the Syrian people, more than half of who are real women from the head-chopper terrorists funded, armed, trained, and sponsored by no other than the member countries of the ‘Garden’, sorry the EU block.

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  1. roy

    With all these bloodline criminals vis-à-vis the Rothschild dynasty atop this predatory food chain, busily bribing, blackmailing, and silencing facts and truthtellers through any and all means necessary, it’s to ensure that their psychopathic club of elites remains unreachable and immune from all prosecution and long overdue justice. They know more than enough criminal evidence is out there in the public domain to convict these genocidal killers for their unending crimes and they know that We the People are closing in on them. And because of this, the monstrous beasts are willing to unleash nuclear Armageddon. We are living through epic times, and though millions have already perished and perhaps billions more will follow, in this war between good and evil, we have them on the run, rushing like cockroaches for the cover of darkness.


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