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Scott Ritter on Why Syria and Russia Allow the USA to Steal Syrian Oil?

US Army stealing Syrian oil

On his popular online show, the Scott Ritter Extra, former US Marine intelligence officer and former UN weapons inspector Scott Ritter answers a question boggling the minds of many in regard to the US forces stealing the Syrian oil.

A viewer of the Scott Ritter Extra’s show asked the following question:

Please tell me why Syria and Russia allow the U.S. to steal Syria’s oil. Why can’t they be kicked out?

Mr. Ritter’s response corroborates with general agreement among the Syrian analysts in taking time to continue to make the US forces’ presence in the whole region harder to maintain and let them withdraw without dragging the region to a wide-scale confrontation that only the people in this region will suffer from to the joy of the US weapons manufacturers and evil ruling class.

Here’s how Mr. Ritter put it, with Arabic subtitles:

The video is also available on Rumble, BitChute, and YouTube.


Because neither Syria nor Russia wants a direct confrontation with the United States, that’s what would be required.

For Syria, the last thing they need is the United States to be bombarding its critical infrastructure with long-range cruise missiles and air power.

The last thing Russia wants is to take a militarily inferior position posture in Syria and expose it to piecemeal destructure by a superior American force in the Middle East, because not only would the Russians be defeated in Syria, this would lead to a force-on-force confrontation between Russia and the United States which eventually will lead to a nuclear conflict.

So for the time being, the Syrians and the Russians would do what they always do, be patient, put pressure, and eventually the United States will be forced to withdraw from Syria as we withdraw from everywhere where our presence is illegitimate, ill-advised, and has no viable future.

End of the transcript.

Link to the episode on Scott Ritter Extra show: Click Here

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The US official narrative is the US troops are deployed in Syria to combat ISIS (ISIL – Daesh); the same narrative has been debunked by no other than the former US President and Commander in Chief of the US Armed Forces Trump:

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  1. Jack Oliver

    LOL !!!

    Russia would NOT be defeated in Syria – along with Syria and Iran they virtually wiped the entire ZIO/US/NATO ‘ proxy ‘ army ISIS !

    The truth is that America is the most OIL dependent nation on earth and uses 40% more OIL per day than China !

    The American Terrorist State has built their empire for the last 80 years on OIL using THEFT – either by printing FAKE money to pay for it ( $US 100 dollar bill costs 17 cents to print and countries have to pony up $100 worth of resources for it ) or they have just bombed the SH!T out of OIL rich countries to get access to it !

    60% of Iran’s industry and transport runs on NG – they could make it 100% if they needed to !

    The amount of CNG ( Compressed Natural Gas ) refueling stations in Russia has increased FIVE fold since 2015 !!

    OIL has NO future because it is finite – the earths radioactive molten core is probably producing NG infinitely ( although they are not going to tell us that ) but – of course there are extraction costs !

    NG is the future of energy – Russia knows this – China knows this – Iran knows this !

    The American Terrorist State KNOWS this and is the reason they BLEW up NS !

  2. Roy

    Basicly Western Civilization is all about a Mafia mindset, you get to live until someone else decides that you’ve lived long enough. That’s what Christ was trying to say and so they killed him
    It’s a philosophy that they almost all believe in and of course everything else they do follows in the same foot steps. Unfortunately, people like that can’t see themselves and therefore, they can never strive to become better human beings. Unfortunately, because Westerners can never become better humans; something else that isn’t even human is.going to kill all of us instead; nothing personal, I imagine just a safety measure for their own wellbeing


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