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Lebanese Army Continues Operations against Terrorists of Assir

Beirut, Lebanon

The Lebanese army units continue their operations against the radical Salafist supporters of the dangerous Takfiri cleric Ahmad a-Assir in the Lebanese city of Sidon, which is located in the South of the country.

The units of the Lebanese army have already carried out several mop-up operations in and around the area of the city of Sidon and the operations were often followed by fierce battles between the army units and the armed Salafist thugs of the terrorist Sheikh Ahmed al-Assir.

At least, the latest reports out of Lebanon suggest that the units of the Lebanese army are now finally in full control over the area of the city of Sidon and thus, you can assume that some of these religious fanatic thugs and uneducated armed Salafists are history.

According to these reports from Lebanon, the troops of the Lebanese military have not only taken the full control over Sidon finally, but also seized the control of the so-called headquarters of this radical cleric after two days of heavy clashes with this thugs and gunmen.

Meanwhile, the so-called Lebanese “government” has declared a day of a national mourning to honor all the dead soldiers who were sadly killed by these Salafi thugs. At least, the so-called government of Lebanon did the correct step with the announcement of such a day of national mourning for these dead soldiers, after they were sleepy for years about the threats posed by these thugs and the Hariri supporters and religious fanatics in the northern area of Lebanon.

Beirut, Lebanon
Beirut, Lebanon

Further reports say that the Lebanese army has already found “dozens of bodies of armed men, wearing military fatigues with their weapons lying nearby”.Lebanese troops were also able to seize some dangerous weapons, such as rocket launchers and machine guns as well as military uniforms, which is interesting, inside the headquarters of the supporters of this dangerous so-called cleric who finally showed what a bastard he is and how sleepy the so-called government was for years.

The Lebanese military troops are now searching for the dangerous terrorist Assir, who’s a staunch supporter of the thugs and Takfiri gunmen that are fighting the secular Syrian government. Takfiris dismiss most of Islamic sects as infidels, while they enjoy the rape of innocent girls and women as already proven in the Syrian city of Homs and other regions of Syria. Not to mention that some female supports are either brainwashed to hell or dumb as your neighbors dogs, the keyword is probably “sex jihad”.

In terms of Lebaneon, it is reported that more than 50 people were killed and scores of others injured in the deadly clashes in Sidon within the last days. Sidon is located about 40 kilometres in the south of the Lebanese capital Beirut and according to statistics, Sidon is the third-largest city of this Arab country and probably the cleanest soon.

The Lebanon army has pledged to fight until it ‘finishes with’ the radical sheikh and it seems they finally put the duties in their own hand, which is probably the best idea since years.

The dangerous terrorist and religious fanatic Assir, who is finally using the religion to reach wordly goals and brainwash some idiots, was a stranger just two years ago, but Assir then gained prominence as the spillover into Lebanon from the conflict in neighboring Syria has escalated because he saw a chance to get some more money and benefits out of this.

The so-called cleric (he is just a dangerous asshole), who is exactly a person and the “role model of a terrorist” the U.S. administration always warns about but it seems both are at the same side since two years, is believed to have hundreds of armed supporters in Sidon involved in the fighting.

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