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Damascus University Killer Alive & Killing

Damascus University

On 27 December 2011, Damascus University witnessed one of the worst crimes in its history till that date, one student fueled with instigation by mainstream media opened fire on 5 of his colleagues during an exam at the Medical Engineering College, 2nd year.

Scene from the terrorist crime at the Damascus University 27 December 2011
A scene from the terrorist crime at the Damascus University 27 December 2011

Ammar Baloush killed his friends Khodr Khazem & Hussein Ghannam, injured Sultan Radwan, George Farah & Piere Lahham, then fled to join his colleagues in the opposition to spread democracy and free speech.

Pierre Lahham
Syrian first couple checking on victim student Pierre Lahham

Previous reports showed him near Rankous border town with Lebanon, and he resurfaces again in a new report by a journalist for a Lebanese TV channel and narrates his story with pride!

Welcome to the world of criminals and psychopaths, the Syrian Rebels aka FSA or Free Syrian Army aka Jabhat Nusra or Nusra Front, Freedom Fighters, all names for Al Qaeda Wahhabi Sex Jihadists.

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