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‘Sharia Court’ Orders Authorizes FSA to Loot Syrians Properties

FSA "Sharia" Court Loot Citizens Properties

Five leaked documents reveal the true purpose of FSA’s ‘Sharia’ Courts (Free Syria Army founded by the USA and its allies). They order and authorize the “rebels” to loot Syrians factories, shops, storehouses under various reasons.

FSA 'Sharia' Court Steal Properties Storehouse in Niqareen

FSA 'Sharia' Court Steal Properties

FSA 'Sharia' Court Steal Properties

FSA 'Sharia' Court Steal Properties

FSA 'Sharia' Court Loot Citizens Properties

In the first document the Sharia court orders the looting of a small storehouse in Niqareen village – Aleppo, cause they claim the owners “Swaid Family” are monopolizing food products.

The 2nd document Sharia Court allows the Leader of Luaa AlHijra, from Homs, to put his hand on an Iron factory in Sheik Najar – Aleppo owned by Akoub Azian. The document is dated 19/February/2013.

The 3rd document signed on 6/2/2013: Lieutenant Mohamad Ar’aur can enter Farasheh factory owned by Firas Karbouj, use it as a base. He’s not to take anything out unless another group says otherwise.

4th document signed on 28/1/2013 says “Abu Abdou Zain is to guard Ezz Addin Aqad factory in AlHedarya. None should stop him. The factory is under our protection.” The owner was forced to accept and pay for FSA’s protection. ~ Doesn’t this remind you of Kosher Jewish Mafia in the US last century? This has nothing to do with Islam.

The 5th document shows a better format for Sharia Court’s orders, confirming that such orders are common. The order says: Aby AlDraa from AlQadsia Battalion should be allowed inside Sameer Bitar property in Sheik Najar – Aleppo. He’s to take a white Kia car out with all of its contents.

– The above information were posted by real Syrian activists from Syria & around the world, not by western intelligent post offices duped activists.

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