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GRAPHIC – When FSA Terrorists Threatened to Reach the Presidential Palace

image-FSA Terrorists in Daraa Threaten to Reach Presidential Palace in Damascus

Since YouTube closed our channel we are looking for other platforms to upload our videos that show what type of filth we’re dealing with in Syria and since the very first days.

This is just a sample of the events in the early days, this video was uploaded on 14 April 2013, when most of the Western media was still claiming it’s a ‘peaceful uprising’. This video shows a group of these ‘peaceful protesters’.

Viewers discretion advised, very GRAPHIC scenes included.

A group of ‘peaceful protesters’ carrying roses of ‘AK 47’ and ‘RPG’ type, after they destroyed a Syrian Arab Army armored troops carrier they’re facing an SAA group and threatening to slay the colonel commanding the SAA post and to reach the Syrian presidential palace and kill the Syrian president, Gaddafi style.

Syrians had to fight back these ‘Moderate Terrorists’ for almost 7  years now and still, and were fighting them for more than 3.5 years until Lebanese Hezbollah joined and 1 more year until the Iranian fighters came to aide the Syrian Arab Army and Syrian National Defense Forces and after more than 125,000 international terrorists were sent to Syria, and another more year before the Russians came to the help.

The Syrian people have paid a hefty price with pride to rid the whole world from such filth and to remain an independent country, maybe the only independent country in our region that is not under the hegemony of the imperialist and colonial evil powers.

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