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Syria: Obama, Merkel, and the Urgency for Journalistic Integrity

by Miri Wood and Arabi Souri

Some GRAPHIC photos, video included.

In President Barack Obama’s foreign farewell tour, he found himself most at home in his visit and press conference with Chancellor Angela Merkel.  Unlike in Greece, where he was met with 3,000 protesters, and police in riot gear, firing tear gas to disperse the crowds, in Germany the US president received a warm welcome.  On 17207 November, he and Merkel addressed a very supportive press corps.

The two western leaders complemented each other, at every remark, with the press corps dutifully asking questions that afforded more openings for praise of globalization, warmongering, “climate protection” (globalist concerns for “climate” have hijacked all forms of environmental activism, as one cannot be simultaneously concerned for the environment and in support of more than 23,000 bombs being exploded onto populations, in 2015), profound and intractable grief over the US election results, bare-faced lies, and elicited promises of continuing war crimes throughout the January inauguration of President-elect Donald J. Trump.

Merkel began by listing all of Obama’s previous state visits, offering a series of  thanks for the US-German alliance, and then expressing her immense gratitude to Obama for putting “protection of privacy on the agenda today.”  That remark was affixed to nothing of coherence, but immediately followed by “Islamist terrorism all over the world and the threat of IS” forcing the recognition of the need for globalist intelligence sharing.

The muddled ramblings of the two were best understood in trying to translate their shared language, Orwell’s Newspeak.

Merkel thought they shared the conviction of globalization, and the need to politically shape it.  Though trying to visualize more of a ‘political shaping’ that Europe’s countries having relinquished much of their national sovereignty via the joint currency of the euro, and outsourcing much of individual border patrol to the privatized FRONTEX — suspected of involvement of human trafficking, in collaboration with the UAE — she did make some ominously cryptic remarks, hung out like dangling participles ignored by Obama and reporters.

She voiced her pleasure over the “fruition between Canada and the EU.”  She pledged that “engagement and commitment to Africa…[w]ill be at the top of our agenda.”  As a simple rule of thumb, western ‘commitments’ to the African continent tend to be for purposes of incitement, weapons sales, and mass looting of raw materials.

Merkel chose to use the acronym, “ISIL,” not “ISIS.”  This is significant because of the geopolitical involvement.  “ISIL” pertains specifically to the Levant, of which Syria is a part.  The use of “ISIS” involves Iraq, a bit of a taboo subject, as there was not “ISIS” under Saddam Hussein’s rule of Iraq.  “ISIS” was created when the US released al Baghdadi from an Iraqi prison, and gave him 10s of millions of dollars to create training camps of terrorists, in Jordan.  This was noted by former al Qaeda commander, Nabeel Naiem, in a July 2014 interview with al Maydeen television (a not insignificant aside:  When John McCain illegally slithered into Syria, the last weekend of May 2013, al Baghdadi was among the terrorists with whom he met).  Obama has used “ISIL” since his 10 September 2014 live address to the nation, informing the country that he was planning to launch a bombing campaign of the SAR, using the triple-headed illegal orangettes as his excuse for breaching international law.

Germany un-diplomatically shut down the Syrian Embassy in May 2012.  Germany supports the draconian EU sanctions against the SAR.  Germany has never apologized for allowing upwards of 700 (stats are almost two years old) of its nationals to invade Syria, slaughter its people, and help in the west’s final solution against them. Regarding the SAR, the chancellor noted important “areas” of cooperation of her country, and the US, speaking Germany’s war crimes against Syria as though they were the core of righteousness.

US strikes in Syria may be lawful if Syria consents to the use of force in their territory.  If Syria does not consent, the strikes would violate international law, unless the US demonstrates that the strikes were taken in self-defense.  — Sarah Knuckey, international lawyer and Professor at Columbia Law School

Merkel noted that she is “very pleased” with the US-German “military engagement” in Afghanistan.  How is it possible for any world leader to be “very pleased” about being part of an undeclared, unsuccessful war that is going into its fourth decade?  Is this not a form of mental illness?

Merkel then demonstrated her prowess in the use of the orwellian memory hole, by lying about the Crimea “annexation” that did not exist.  Even western msm acknowledged the fact that Crimea voted to join the Russian Federation.

Despite her previous statements, Merkel maintained her serious face as she ended her presentation with these words:  “So, we have a platform — democracy, freedom, respect for human rights — that we would like to see respected all over the world, and also a peaceful world order.” [emphasis added]

Obama’s speech began with profuse thanks to Merkel and the German people on their steadfast alliance and shared values:  “Our commitment to democracy; our commitment to rule of law; our commitment to the dignity of all people — in our own countries and around the world.”

Dignified public execution of 43 year old Eric Garner, killed by the NYPD for alleged crime of selling ‘loosies.’

He cheered the 27th anniversary of the fall of the Berlin Wall, the European Union, NATO, US-German/US-EU alliance, the Paris Climate Agreement, and then noted that “continued global leadership on climate…is going to be critical to meeting this growing threat,” which then opened the door to other — hypothetical threats and challenges:  “…we discussed our commitment to meeting shared security challenges — from countering cyber threats to ensuring that Iran continues to live up to the terms of the Iran nuclear deal [more properly called The Colonialist Death Takes a Holiday Treaty, as the history of Iraq and Libya have shown that capitulating to US demands are one-sided agreements.].  I commended Angela for her leadership…in working to resolve the conflict in Ukraine.  We continued to stand with the people of Ukraine and for the basic principle that nations have a right to determine their own destiny.”

President Obama did not mention the reason he stands “with the people of Ukraine is that the Nazimaidan coup cost US $5 billion, according to a speech given by Assistant Secretary of State Victoria “F**k the EU” Nuland, in December 2013.  He also neglected to mention the slightly aberrant story of US born and reared, former State Department employee, Natalie Jaresko having been appointed the Ukraine Finance Minister on 2 December 2014. Also omitted is that the US only supports self determination of peoples after US coups or bombings.  Of the 3 June 2014 vote, Obama spokeswoman Marie Harf told the press corps:  “Today’s presidential election in Syria is a disgrace.”  One year later, colonialist Obama demanded “a new government, without Bashar Assad.”

A Syrian woman casting her vote, 3 June 2014. Colonialist Clinton wanted to “remove” her chosen president

Obama then lied about “indiscriminate attacks on civilians by the Assad regime [sic] and Russia,” blaming them on the “humanitarian crisis” that did not exist before the US and its underlings decided to try to crush Syria.  As his lies went unchallenged by reporters, we offer some important facts regarding atrocities and war crimes, since 2011.

Obama then commended “Angela and, more importantly, the German people for the extraordinary leadership and compassion” on the “very difficult challenge” of absorbing refugees.  Again, he ignored important truths regarding the refugee crisis, that less than 20% of all the refugees of the world are Syrians, as most — more than 8 million — prefer to become Internally Displaced Persons, rather than leave their homeland;  that “Muti” Merkel only likes Syrian refugees, for the purpose of strategic depopulation of the SAR.

As Obama cheers Merkel’s compassion, she prepares for the deportation of more than 12,000 Afghanis. Note the hypocritical euphemism of the German headline.

The press questions slightly invigorated the two world leaders, as the reporters demonstrated that to be successful in msm requires a subtle collaboration with the platforms and philosophies of important politicians (hence, this segment of the profession has been dubbed Vichy urinalists).  All of the correspondents continued with the breach in diplomatic etiquette, in never using the words, “President-Elect” in the same sentence with “Trump.”  This churlish rudeness began with Mrs. Clinton’s concession speech, and has fed into the tantrums of “not my president!” currently paraded around the US.  While POTUS was meticulous in reinforcing the magical thinking, Merkel appeared to slip, once, and subsequently looked on the verge of tears, over it.

The first question came from a representative of Reuters, who did the trifecta thing, involving saber rattling and fear mongering.  He asked if Obama could “assure Chancellor Merkel that a Trump administration would also support strong sanctions against Moscow?”  gently lied that Russia had “influence on the US election,” and solicited advice to EU countries on dealing “with the same threat” (this reporter also asked if Obama would support another Merkel run).

Double standard hypocrisy

Obama used the question for the opportunity to again use kinder, gentler trigger words of “democracy,” “free speech,” and “respecting the ability of other countries to determine their own destiny and preserve their sovereignty.”  The president’s respect for the national integrity of other countries is quite visible in his obliteration of Libya, but in his response to the questioner, he went a step further in his disregard, in his fretting about “long term problems in regions like Syria.”

Syria is a country.  This remark was no slip of the tongue; it should be viewed as his indecent aspiration for the SAR.  Syria’s history dates back 10,000 years.  It is one of humanity’s oldest civilizations.

In an effort to rehabilitate Obama’s callous description of Syria, we offer two maps; one is Syria before the endless stream of foreign occupiers, and one its current size, since the French Mandate colonialists were ejected.

greater syria

syria today

Let us be mindful of Obama’s respect for national sovereignty, via a Washington Post report of 16 April 2014, which gloated about terrorists in Syria having received US TOW missiles:

WaPo gloated about terrorists in Syria receiving US TOWS.

Obama’s very clear lie that there was “very clear proof” that Russia was involved in cyber “attacks” was unchallenged by the press corps.  Candidate Clinton had frequently claimed that “17” US intelligence organizations had confirmed it, and various msm had also claimed its “truthiness,” despite the fact that on 7 October, the DHS and ODNI had issued a joint security statement merely noting that

alleged hacked e-mails…are consistent with the methods and motivations of Russian-directed efforts.

No “17” intel services; just one joint statement of ODNI and DHS using words “consistent with”.

Obama then added some cryptic remarks about an “international level” to “develop frameworks and international norms” for cyber-space.

Merkel responded by promising to keep an “open mind” about the new administration, saber-rattled against Russia, bleated about “territorial integrity and sovereignty of each and every European country being respected” (Madam Chancellor, can you say “euro”?), and warning that “we have to nip this in the bud.”

The next question began with fervent boot licking of the US president, and immediately moved into fear mongering: “And to what extent do you think your successor may well be a threat to the rest of the world, to the security?  Because there are, after all, nuclear weapons here in Germany to which he has access now.”  Again, these Vichy urinalists concerned about who has control over nuclear ‘buttons,’ all had amnesia regarding Clinton’s 2008 statement that she would nuke Iran into obliteration — based on a disgusting hypothetical question.  Again, no note that Obama bombed more countries that Bush/Cheneyac.

Also brought into the discussion was the possibility of future isolationism from the US, under the inference of EU self-protectionism — another bit of geopolitical irony.

Obama joined in his boot-licking, cheering his great work of keeping Americans “safe,” and by ensuring “peace…and stability around the world” (via his massive bombing campaigns), called for globalist management of technology, and insulted US voters with the inference that they suffer “crude nationalism.”  Counting on globalist msm amnesia, he waxed eloquent about respect for “freedom of speech,” secure in the knowledge that no one would remind him that he signed the renewal of the Patriot Act, in 2011; on 22 April 2011, this former University of Chicago Professor of Constitutional Law declared Army Pfc Bradley [Chelsea] Manning guilty before his trial; his presidency has used the Espionage Act more than all previous administrations; he said that Edward Snowden’s leaks were “damaging to the United States,” and caused “unnecessary damage…to US diplomacy.”

obama crack down on whistleblowers

obama snowden

Merkel used the question to cheer German reunification, her country’s “firmness of its alliance with NATO and the European Union,” causing the inference that that which is not globalist must be “very unfriendly policies.”  She then ran totally amok in blabbing her soon-to-come outright support of censorship when she condemned “digitalization…as a disruptive technological force that brings about deep-seated change, transformation of a society. Look at the history of the printing press…what sort of consequences this had.”

‘Mein Gott!’ How awful the history and consequences of the printing press!
Dr. Benjamin Franklin and his evil printing press. Broad & Market Sts., Philadelphia

The next question came from the uber respectable mainstream medium, corporation-owned CBS — in the form of a Vichy bouquet of collaborationist questions.  This reporter regurgitated trigger words (‘crude nationalism,’ ‘charged rhetoric,’ ‘worrisome trends,’ ‘preacher of hate’), while asking if Obama “would advise some of those protesters [democratically demonstrating against the election results] to stop,” and then laying the foundation for Obama to adhere to  a promise to continue with his war crimes against Syria, throughout the end of his administration, and for Merkel to continue, also, with her own.  This paid reporter shamelessly lied about a recent statement from Syria’s president, and shamelessly promoted the anti-Syria, anti-Russia war-pimping lies about Aleppo (those who have flunked the “Aleppo Quiz for Mike Barnicle,” would do humanity a favor by keeping silent, until they can at least get an average grade on it).

…if he [President-Elect Donald J. Trump] is going to fight the terrorists, of course we are going to be an ally, natural ally in that regard… — what President al Assad actually said.  Full interview with Portuguese RTP TV, here.

President Obama’s response included so many outright lies, and colonialist, $1.7 billion anti-Syria putsch, that only a few can be analyzed, and not in one paragraph.

POTUS bleated about the greatness of democracy, and then said, “I’ve been the subject of protests during the course of my eight years…So I would not advise people who feel strongly or are concerned about some of the issues that have been raised during the course of the campaign — I wouldn’t advise them to be silent.”  Here, he ignored the chilling fact that under his administration, the Bush/Cheneyac war crimes became normalized, legitimized, that the anti-war folk were in an extended coma during much of his presidency.  Obama also counted on the reporter’s selective amnesia, to not remind him there was once a large anti-war demonstration outside his White House, during which he oversaw the arrests of 131 activists —  among them whistle-blower, Daniel Ellsberg, and Pulitzer winning journalist, Chris Hedges.  These activists were condemning the ongoing US bombings of Afghanistan, Iraq, Pakistan (there were no demonstrations against the obliteration of Libya).

hedges & ellsberg among 131 WH arrests Dec 2010
16 December 2010, 131 persons were democratically arrested outside the Obama White House.

While Obama brayed about democracy being “hard work” (the excessive use of the “hard work” expression sounded as though he were suffering from George W. Bush echolalia), he had no fear of any msm reporter mentioning the violent attacks of militarized police, against the on-going protests against the Dakota pipeline.

Teargas used against non-violent demonstrators.
“Rubber” bullets used against unarmed protesters against the pipeline route.
Water cannons used against protesters, in freezing temperatures.

Though the most violent attacks against the demonstrators are recent, the violence has been ongoing, and when police dogs were made to attack them, revered wire service AP, unbiased-ly and un-faked news-ly provided a headline which inferred the inverse.

Man bites dog?

Despite having dropped more than 23,ooo bombs on Muslim-majority countries in 2015, the president kept a straight face while claiming that we live in “an era that has been largely stable and peaceful,” and suggesting that the election results were caused — partly —  by resultant “complacency.”  He made some patronizing remarks about governing being different than campaigning, and hinted about President-Elect Trump having no working history in US governance.  Here, yet again, no one in respectable msm reporting ever mentions that the most historic aspect of Obama’s election was not that he is the “first African-American” to have gained the presidency, but that he did so with less than one full term as a US senator, under his belt.

Then he launched his subtle attack on social media, again causing inference that the election results were the outcome of an electorate so stupid as to be swayed by what has become labeled as “fake news”:

…and particularly in an age of social media where so many people are getting their information in soundbites and snippets off their phones — if we can’t discriminate between serious arguments and propaganda, then we have problems.  If people…are unwilling to compromise and engage in the democratic process, and are taking absolutist views and demonizing opponents, then democracy will break down.

Here, Obama has evacuated bipartisan US foreign policy onto the US electorate.  Vichy urinalists of the msm have consistently emitted demonizing “soundbites and snippets” against world leaders, as goebbelsian propaganda to incite support of war criminal destruction.  In 1990, the daughter of Kuwaiti Ambassador, Saud Nasir al Sabah viciously lied to the Congressional Human Rights Caucus, and her lies were dutifully reported, over and over, in msm (“incubator propaganda” continues, still — as recently as last week, in an al Jazeera anti-Syria report — despite what should have been a permanent black eye).

Adorable daughter of Kuwait ambassador wiped a dramatic tear, when lying about being a “Candy Stripe”-type volunteer who witnessed 131 babies smashed to the floor by “Saddam”‘s soldiers.

US msm gave non-stop coverage to Secretary of State Colin Powell’s demonizing lies to the UN, which resulted in Iraqi genocide, and the breeding ground for al Qaeda in the region.

Colin Powell’s monstrous lies to the UN about chemical weapons resulted in Iraqi genocide

Revered msm persists in their chemical weapons motif in demonizing Syria, despite the statement, 23 June 2014, that “the Joint Mission of the Organization for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons and the United Nations (OPCW-UN) announced today that the removal of Syria’s chemical weapons is now complete.”

The CW demonization motif is so useful that the UN, OPCW, msm, and Capitol Hill continue to resurrect it against Syria.

Honest msm does its best Goebbels work when suffocating its readers in emotional war porn.  Its international community surpassed all previous campaigns with the publicity stunt involving the little boy made up to look like he was pulled from the rubble, by the CIA-funded, stethoscope-less al Qaeda Fraud Responders against Syria.

Though almost immediately came the discovery that those involved with the FX Production of “Omran,” were also involved in the hideous beheading of 12 year old Syrian-Palestinian, Abdullah Issa, there were no retractions issued by the chaste msm.  Instead, a Swedish journalist increased his impunity, whipping out this fake photo in a misguided attempt to embarrass President al Assad, during an interview.

Instead, Clinton used him in her call for obliterating Syria, during the final presidential debate.  POTUS — of note — still has neglected to chastise CNN for its terrorist friends cheering the alliance with these child beheaders.

UK’s pristine mainstream medium, The Geryon, on 7 December 2012, reported that France was funding and arming FSA “moderates” to overthrow the government of President al Assad.  It discussed a meeting of these moderate beheaders and cannibals, in Ankara, with the sense of normality.  No msm journalist voiced disapproval.  On 21 August 2014, unfake France 24 headlined that France Delivered Arms to Syrian Rebels, Hollande Confirms, and none of the righteous writers batted an eyelash.

Hollande admits arming takfiri against Syria. Shh! Don’t tell.

In 2013, our righteous msm tripped over each other, fighting to get interviews with the savage FSA cannibal who murdered a Syrian soldier, and was videoed devoured the martyr’s heart, lung, and liver.  Msm painted him in pastels of allegory of war, not the monster that he was.

FSA demon-cannibal, Abu Sakkar, 2013

Obama continued his sophisticated attack against alternative media, mindful to stop short of a call for censorship:

Because in an age where there’s so much active misinformation — and it’s packaged very well and it looks the same when you see it on a Facebook page or you turn on your television — where some overzealousness on the part of a US official is equated with constant and severe repression elsewhere — if everything seems to be the same and no distinctions are made, then we don’t know what to protect.  We won’t know what to fight for.  And we can lose so much of what we’ve gained…

Obama then feigned forgetfulness, and required a reminder that part of the question involved Syria; the dramatic pause was meant to give weight to his threats, his demands, his killer promises, and to his lies:  “With respect [sic] to Syria, we are going to continue to work, as we have over the last five, six years, to push towards a political transition and settlement.”  Note the colonialist attitude which impugns the inherent rights of Syrians to have elected their president.

Almost immediately, Obama kept this particular promise of continuation of the covert and overt war crimes against Syria:  Scant days later, US and EU supported “moderate rebels” launched moderate massacres throughout the country, focusing on the mortar bombing of a primary school.  Ten Syrian children were slaughtered.

As Obama continues “to make the argument,” let us remind him that there was no humanitarian crisis in Syria, until he — and his strident allies — decided to destroy Syria, by funding, arming, training takfiri terrorists, by bombing the country’s infrastructure , its civilians, its soldiers, and by inflicting draconian sanctions against its people.

He kept his straight face when stating that “You cannot purchase people’s consent through killing them,” undeterred by his own obliteration of Libya, and bombings of Iraq, Afghanistan, Pakistan, and Syria.

Obama’s plan “to continue to try to obtain Cessations of Hostilities [CoH]” is the plan of war crimes and strategic depopulation of the SAR.  The extended, unilateral ceasefire that Syria was committed to, beginning in February 2016, resulted in an increase of 7,000 US-funded terrorists, in Syria.  The 20 October humanitarian pause in Aleppo, resulted in the US/EU supported “moderates” holding civilians hostage, and executing those who attempted to escape the freedom of the moderates.

Obama also managed to denigrate the plight of refugees, by casually noting “the migration that’s taking place.”  More than 8 million Syrians are refugees in their own country, forced to flee the barbarity of US/EU moderate terrorism. Neither these internally displaced persons, nor those fleeing their homeland, have the sense of free will found in migrants.

Instead of winding down, toward the end of the press conference, Merkel — previously and appropriately dubbed the “proverbial fascist elephant in the room” — increased, accelerated, war prop lies against Syria to such an extent as to have made her sound as though she had just done a line of meth.  The rabid islamophobe and xenophobe (see her CDU speech of December 2015, here) did not correct the intentional mis-quotation of the reporter, but rather, doubled-down on it.  Because Merkel’s shutting down of the Syrian Embassy in Berlin, February 2012 was not enough to promote peace and stability in Syria, because Merkel re-funding moderate terrorists against Syria in May 2013 was not enough to promote peace and stability in Syria,

Germany has armed terrorists against Syria.

because Merkel sending weapons to the Peshmerga terrorists in northern Syria, in 2014 was not enough,

DW brags about Germany funding of terror in Syria.

Merkel, on 17 November 2016, unabashedly, unashamedly, blatantly stated

When you talk to the many Syrian refugees who have fled here to Germany, they will be able to tell you their own personal story, and the majority of them — the great majority of them — fled from Assad and most of them not even fled the IS…

Not surprisingly, Merkel made no mention of the large numbers of German nationals who had invaded Syria, had terrorized the Syrian population.  German rapper Deso Dogg was one of the more famous of German terrorists.  He was killed by the Syrian Arab Army, in 2013, though pious msm claim it was a US bomb that killed him, two years later.

Illegal alien and German terrorist Denis Caspert was killed by the SAA in 2013

In an effort to help our readers ascertain if Merkel is criminally stupid, admitting only terrorist refugees into Germany, or a war criminal, SyriaNews offers a photographic tutorial; photos which are mostly unpublished in international msm.

Syrian farmer Nidal Jannoud enjoying the early days of Arab Spring. 21 April 2011

On 8 December 2012, the FSA moderates uploaded a video in which two rabbits were killed with neurotoxic chemical weapon, VX.  The FSA threatened to unleash VX against the Syrian population.  The experiment took place in a Turkish laboratory. The rabbits died in less than 60 seconds.  Requests to the UN to investigate this threat were ignored (three months later, FSA moderates killed 25 Syrians with weapons grade chlorine, in Khan al Asal; requests to investigate this slaughter by CWs, were also ignored.):

fsa threaten Syrians with VX

2013, FSA moderates threaten and slaughter Syrian soldiers:

fsa 2013

fsa takfiri threaten parents of Syrian Arab Army soldiers
51 syrian soldiers slaughtered

Humanitarian missiles from humanitarian USAID
Moderate and immoderate takfiri
Brotherly love among FSA rebels and ISIS terrorists
fsa flags
Multicultural terrorist flags, in terrorist occupied Idlib

Disabled US veteran Eric Harroun magically found his way to Syria, where he joined the FSA and threatened to assassinate Syria’s president, after receiving an honorable medical discharge for a closed head injury in a vehicular accident.

eric harroun

eric harroun, threatening to assassinate Syria's president

fsa insignia on jeep window
Screenshot from the video of a Syrian military helicopter being shot down. Note the FSA insignia on windshield of the jeep in which the disabled Harroun was a passenger.

In September 2013, the un-fake NYT ran the headline lamenting that the “Brutality of Syrian Rebels Posing Dilemma in West.”  It included a video of these moderates executing kidnapped Syrian soldiers, in Idlib.

brutality of syrian rebels problematic

In March 2016, NYT re-ran the photo and video.  The moderate terrorist, far left, is Italian national, Haisam Saqar, who was his country’s favorite for anti-Assad programming.  When he was finished butchering Syrians and their soldiers, instead of returning to Italy, he sought ‘asylum’ in Sweden, where he was arrested.  Honest msm have reported no follow-up since the serial killer’s arrest.

Italian national Saqar slaughtering kidnapped Syrian soldiers, Idlib 2012
moderate terrorists
Obama-Merkel moderates about to bomb a neighborhood of Aleppo.

This is a screengrab of Osama Abdul Mohsen’s Facebook page, before he deleted it.  Mohsen is best known for being kicked by a journalist, as he illegally entered Hungary in September 2015.  According to the Syrian-Kurdish Democratic Union Party (PYD), he “[j]oined the rebel groups in 2011 and committed crimes against civilian minorities, including Kurds.”  A playground was named after him, somewhere in Italy.  He was given a job as soccer coach, somewhere in Spain.  No journalist inquired as to whose child it was, that he carried with him, despite the massive and obvious age difference between them.

Mohsen takfiri
Osama Abdul Mohsen’s Facebook profile shows both FSA moderate, and ISIS terrorist flags.

The next five photos were taken on or about 5 February 2016, as upwards of 20,000 attempted to flee into Turkey, as the Syrian Arab Army seemed on the verge of liberating Aleppo.  Note the dearth of women in these pictures, and marvel that “Syrian refugees” are so devoid of women as to appear to have been taken from US television during the 60s, when women — even as wives and mothers —  were absent.
takfiri fleeing

Armed moderate refugees trying to flee to Turkey.
Another kidnapping
Where is this child’s mom?
Original caption: “Woman carries a baby on her back.” Really.
Obama-Merkel supported moderates stand on the corpses of murdered Syrian women, in al Zahra.
aleppo park
An afternoon in the park was interrupted by moderate mortars, which killed 8 Syrians in Sebil Park, 22 July.

On 27 September, the Obama-Merkel beloved FSA terrorists uploaded a video showing them firing a brand new GRAD against Syrian soldiers in al Handarat.  The GRADs were a gift from NATO-Bulgaria.

grad from bulgaria

As these photos provide ample evidence that terrorists are fleeing Syria, and would of course not be fleeing the terror gangs of which they were a part, some questions require asking:  Why is Mutti Merkel absorbing terrorists into Germany?  What is the ratio of terrorists to genuine refugees — those forced to flee their country because German politicians funded terrorism in their country?  Why is she specifically fixated on “Syrians,” while deporting Afghanis (“repatriation”)?  One answer may be found in recent reports from Syria, that the Allen Dulles Rat Line has been resurrected.

foreign savages beseech other foreign savages
Foreign savages list other foreign savages in Syria, and call for more foreign savage invaders.

Since the beginning of this terrorist war imposed on the Syrian people, more than 360,000 terrorists have been dumped in, from the four corners of the earth.  This human garbage has invaded via the porous borders of Turkey, Jordan, and Iraq.  Most of the foreign demons have entered through the 822km/511mi Turkish-Syrian border.  Considering that through Turkey not one illegal invader — not CNN, BBC, McQaeda McCain, Clarissa Ward has suffered a mis-step — one wonders if all of these demons were given maps, so as not to step upon the 600,000 land mines that Turkey has not cleared (despite UN Mandate, Turkey is at no risk for demonization, sanctions, NFZ’s, obliteration).

The man circled in red at the meeting with illegal alien, McCain, is al Baghdadi.  At the time, he was still amenable to the use of the French Mandate flag of occupation (used by the terrorist FSA), seen the the background.  The man giving the voice interview to CNN is Mouaz Moustafa, then 29, whose family immigrated to the US when he was 12, making him a Chalabi-like expert on Syria.  The “Syrian Emergency Task Force” is a State-Department approved mouthpiece that so loves Syria that it called on the US Congress to enjoy the “rare occasion” to bomb the country, in September 2013 (the rare occasion was postponed by Syria joining the OPCW).

bipartisan liars with al baghdadi

Perhaps the takfiri who have survived their time in Syria, will leave through these same corridors.

It is curious, also, that during the weeping of the press, not one considered mentioning the April 2016 research paper of the International Center for Counter-Terrorism, “The Foreign Fighters Phenomenon in the European Union” (“FF,” because the terrorists in Syria are called “fighters,” and do not merit their true name until they throw a mortar into the Paris Stadium.).  Belgium — home of NATO — is the leading European Union country in the dumping of its human garbage into Syria.  Those who return home are not arrested; they get to lead normal lives, normal lives that their depravity has refused the Syrian people.

This is “Belgian Michel.” He is among the 360,000 foreign terrorists who invaded, and butchered, Syrians.  Good msm, Paris Match, sought him out for a sweet, slice of life interview, in the fragrant bakery in which he now works. The interview took place two months before the Paris stadium attacks.  Belgian Michel has a nice life. He is married, and a father.  His government checks in on him, from time to time, to ask if he plans to butcher Belgians.

Shortly before the attacks in France, Paris Match ran a lovely report on Belgian Michel’s life after returning from ”fighting’ in the SAR

Though it is not known if Obama and Merkel had the opportunity to cordially tap their beer steins, the result of their war whoring, fear whoring, and subliminal suggestion for censorship against all independent thought, have been fervently embraced, and are being widely propagandized.

Obama & Merkel, and unknown friends.
Obama & Merkel, and unknown friends.

The very day of the Obama-Merkel shiva-like press conference, un-fake Foreign Policy ran a condescending, unsolicited, and erroneous “ARGUMENT” by Charles Lister, addressed to the next president and his staff.  In it, he insulted a comment by then-candidate Trump as an “extraordinary simplification of a highly complex crisis.”  Lister, of course, used scary trigger words — to scare us into bomb shelters — like “empowering extremists” and “chaos.”

lister lecturing the president-elect

For the first several years of the externally imposed Syria crisis, Lister was a Fellow, at Brookings Institute in Doha, Qatar.  “Pronounced ‘gutter;”’ this toilet of a gas station in the Gulf had planned to lay a pipeline through the Syrian Arab Republic, and when that idea was refused, it became a champion of the terrorists in Syria, bragging about spending $3 billion, in the final solution against the SAR, in 2013.  Qatar is an absolute monarchy which owns the orwellian news site, al Jazeera, and its offshoot, aj+.  al Jazeera is the mouthpiece for takfiri, throughout the region. In May 2015, its Arabic station ran a civilized discussion on the need to commit genocide against a minority Syrian populace, and one of its former employee journalists launched a law suit from his Egyptian jail cell. Illegally in Syria, al Jazeera is embedded with takfiri who murder, kidnap, use murdered babies for photo ops, and continues to launch propaganda reports about the bombing hospitals which do not exist.

While fellowing in Doha, he received a minimum of $100,00/yearly, for his ongoing criminal lies against Syria, and his cheering of every war crime against the country, including the US gift of TOW missiles to the takfiri.

lister bragging about reuters report on tows

More recently, the fellow was forced to lament Syria keeping its promise to liberate every inch of it land from NATO-supported barbarians.

27 nov lister lamentation

His work at the Gulf gas station toilet done, he is now senior fellowing in the DC-based think tank, Middle East Institute.  In this undated MEI banquet photo, he stands with Raed al Saleh.  al Saleh is the former Syrian cell phone salesman who “fled to Turkey” for a short period, and then magically returned as a paramedic, leading the contras “White Helmets” gang that received $23 million from the CIA, but which still cannot afford a single stethoscope.

Lister and al Saleh

On 20 November, UN Spec Envoy Steffan de Mistura was in Syria, demanding his Syrian balkanization process be launched with an autonomous, “self-administration” zone to be given to the takfiri who have been slaughtering Syrians since the beginning of the foreign-imposed crisis.  The previous time that de Mistura publicly emitted a noxious gas, was on 6 October, when he made an outrageous offer, that was glorified throughout western media:

If you decide to leave in dignity with your weapons, to Idlib [which became a state of terrorists by the full will of the west] or anywhere you wanted to go, I personally am ready, physically, to accompany you.  I can’t guarantee more than my own personality and body.

Western msm cheered his courageous offer, and used it for unfake news anti-Syria propaganda.  Western media did not follow up when the courageous senior citizen was a no-show, and also neglected to mention that during the humanitarian pause, de Mistura’s terrorist friends held Syrian civilians hostage, in the terrorist controlled neighborhoods of Aleppo.

On 20 November, the upstanding Wall Street Urinal ran a “slice of life” report on a Home Depot “sales associate” (average hourly, $11.38) who spends his free time working to destroy the economy of Venezuela.  Though having nothing to do with Syria, nor with the Obama-Merkel press soiree, it is significant in recognizing journalistic integrity, as demonstrated by msm.

wsj cheering home depot dweeb for manipulating venezuelan currency

WaPo supported ”militarized” police fired shock grenades & ‘rubber’ bullets against demonstrators.

On 22 November, the principled Washington Post (founded 1877) ran a headline suggesting that the catastrophic injury inflicted on an unarmed protester of the Dakota pipeline might have been caused by the woman, or her co-demonstrators.

According to WaPo, shooting ‘rubber’ bullets at unarmed protesters is ok.

WaPo, whose massive anti-Syria propaganda included colossal lies about [unarmed] Syrian security forces shooting peaceful demonstrators [armed, and engaging in sniping], quite subtly normalized this photo of militarized police pointing automatic weapons at unarmed US civilians.
Two days later, the Obama-Merkel approved, award-winning New York Times (founded 1851) ran the banner:  “Cause of Severe Injury at Pipeline Protest Becomes New Point of Dispute.”

The injured woman is 21 year old Sophia Wilansky.  Much of Wilansky’s arm was blown apart when the US militarized police fired a shock/concussion grenade into the unarmed crowd.  Witnesses reported that she was targeted by the militarized police, but these witness reports can only be found on fake news sites.

sophia wilansky (4)

On 23 November, the useful global imperialist idiots of the European Parliament demonstrated their dexterity in reading between the lines of the Obama-Merkel demand for mass censorship, the bud nipping Merkel ordered. That “MEPs sound alarm on anti-EU propaganda from Russia and Islamist terrorist groups” demands a return to the “Lunacy Act,” the “Lunacy Wards,” and the creation of the psychiatric diagnosis, Lunatoform Geopolitical Syndrome to the next edition of the DSM-R.

lunatoform geopolitics

That actual parliamentarians outrageously compared a government to the cannibal serial killers they have financed, is either a massive insult to the citizens of the European continent, or collective insanity.  These lunatics bayed so loudly, so primal-ly, at the moon, one might anticipate them soon to turn into werewolves.

globalist useful idiot MEP statement
Global imperialist useful idiots MEP statement.

In a vote of 304 to 179 (with 208 Pontius Pilate abstentions), these Lunatoform Syndrome sufferers condemned the fact that the Russian Federation has media, has multilingual media, has think tanks, too!

The US-based Brookings Institute has been rated the number one think tank in the world, by the University of Pennsylvania.  Young Brookings launched a campaign against FDR’s New Deal, as it interfered with the looting policies of Wall Street banksters.

The press release brayed about democratic values, while ignoring the democratic referendum by Crimea, attempted to incite fear by evacuation of fear incitement onto others, brayed against social media, called for consciousness-raising, “information literacy,” and, of course, “deepening EU and NATO cooperation” (if the EU gets any deeper with the North Atlantic Treaty Organization, it does run the risk of freudian, irrevocable vagina dentata).

europe and north atlantic
Note the placement of the European continent, and the North Atlantic ocean.

The victims of Lunatoform Syndrome would consider these covers from The Economist as information literacy:

covers from unfake The Economist
Integrity of MSM journalism

The EU Observer reported on 1 December that a “new anti-terror law risks making protest a crime,” and that various websites may be allowed to be shut down without judicial oversight.  Its text has not been made public.  Though the militarization of Europe has been ongoing, this report becomes noteworthy when considered with recent reports that Rat Lines have begun to funnel takfiri from Syria (the ‘joke’ among Belgians is that their country is starting to “look like Israel,” via the massive military presence).

On 24 November, the Washington Post (founded 1877) did its part in propagating Obama’s concern over “fake news,” claiming that newly discovered “experts” had decreed that Russian propaganda had helped to sway the presidential elections.  Though not quite as insulting as calling certain voters “a basket of deplorables,” this suggestion is both rude, and another attempt by righteous msm to resurrect the blight of the Truman-McCarthy witch-hunts, and to give it as nice a make-over as CNN gave to al Qaeda, on 1 August 2016.

wapo russia faked news

Given WaPo‘s extensive history of warmongering, criminal lies should not be an  excuse to dismiss this important report; perhaps this journal is finally trying to expiate its previous sins, and simply does not want to cause writers such as Liz Sly to become unemployed.

greenwald tweet

On 24 November, the New York Times demonstrated its support of the Obama-Merkel standard of integrity by hitting the trifecta of Vichy urinalism, its headline announcing the first official US military casualty in Syria.

nyt honestly shows white helmets mannequin freeze

In lieu of a photo of a US veteran, the NYT proudly displays one of the many fraudulent photographs of the almost Nobel-winning White Helmets (WH) contras in Syria.  The WH was founded by a British military contractor, has received $23 million from the CIA, is headquartered in Istanbul, Turkey, slaughters Syrian soldiers, is closely associated with child beheaders, has al Jazeera as its camera crew, does not own a stethoscope, and does not pretend to use spinal precautions when digging its actors from the rubble.  Its actors are always known by their signature gray make-up, prominently noted in the emotional war porn dusty gray boy, “Omran.”

NYT chose to use a WH picture as its featured photo, despite the recent ’embarrassment’ of the WH engaging in the mannequin freeze — which happens to look just like all their other faux rescues — after which the gang posed for a selfie, including the gray victim.

white helmets manniquin freeze
Still from WH “mannequin freeze” video.
white helmets mannequin freeze performers
Post rescue selfie: “Say ‘cheese’!”
When the gray victim is not being dug from rubble, he wears a military uniform, sporting the flag of French Mandate occupation of Syria
White Helmets fixation on mannequins extended to stealing several, from a Syrian store owner.

The trio of authors piously lies in the opening sentence, that the dead Spec ops guy was killed an an areas “where the Americans are helping to organize an offensive against the Islamic State.”  IS was created when the US released Abu al Baghdadi from an Iraqi jail, gave him several millions, and opened a training camp for terrorists, in Jordan. Former al Qaeda leader, Nabeel Naiem detailed this in a July 2014 interview with Pan Arab al Maydeen TV.  IS never existed in Syria, either; the US deployed them.  On D-Day, National Security Advisor, Susan Rice, told CNN that America had spent $1.7 billion in “lethal and non-lethal” support to its vetted terrorist friends.  The article continues that more than 300 Spec operatives are [illegally] in the SAR “to help recruit, train, and advise” various takfiri gangs to help destroy and balkanize the country.  

In support of the crude nationalism condemned by Obama and Merkel, an emotional quote by Defense Secretary Ashton Carton is provided:  It is a painful reminder of the danger our men and women in uniform face around the world to keep us safe.  

Omitted by this reputable journal is that the US is committing war crimes by being in Syria, by bombing the country. No American illegally in Syria is keeping US “safe.”

US strikes in Syria may be lawful if Syria consents to the use of force in their territory.  If Syria does not consent, the strikes would violate international law, unless the US demonstrates that the strikes were taken in self-defense.  — Sarah Knuckey, international lawyer and Professor at Columbia Law School

Those the US is “training” and “advising” in Syria are various terrorist mercenaries, of various sectarian gangs; every country has one  flag, one military.  The Syria flag, and the multicultural terrorists’ flags are shown, here.

MSM Weapons of Mass Deception

On 28 November, the respectable Foreign Affairs, sounding amazingly similar to the Foreign Policy piece, also offered unsolicited and aggressive advise to President-Elect Donald Trump, lying that “to destroy ISIS and uproot the extremism that has been generated by the Syrian war, the United States will need to help stabilize opposition-controlled areas of the country” and demanding that stress be applied to “Iran and Russia to move toward a viable political settlement. To get there, President Trump will need to be more willing to put pressure on Moscow and Tehran than he has so far indicated. That means he should be ready to impose penalties on both if they do not fulfill any commitments they make.”  FA pushed the same decrepit reporting of the colonialist proclivity to be overseers of foreign imposed sectarianism.

Syria’s 10,000 year history precludes ethnic divisions, as evidenced by this photo taken in a Syrian church, when these women were told the awful news that Sheikh Muhammad Saeed Ramadan al Bouti — born in Turkey, of Kurdish origin — had been blown up in mosque, by US-EU funded “moderate rebels.”

Shared grief among Syrian women, Christians & Muslims.

These Vichy urinalists lie that the ‘Syrian war’ created ISIS, though the US did.  They then make the outrageous claim that the only way to destroy the takfiri in Syria is to bolster the other factions of terrorists in Syria; somehow, these paid reporters have missed the fact that except when engaging in some petty fratricide over stolen territory or stolen loot, they are in alliance against the Syrian government.

Flags of terrorist “ISIS”/JaN and terrorist FSA.
fsa flags
Multicultural terrorist flags, in terrorist occupied Idlib

Spotless FA then forcefully proclaimed that President Trump would have to reverse candidate Trump’s statement of ending funding to “rebels,” because “we don’t know who they are.”  Actually, Mr. Trump was being polite, because we do know who they are, we do know their atrocities.  We do know that the terrorism of these savages has been documented, though never by the well-paid Vichyites — only by independent writers that Obama and Merkel and the EU wish to exterminate.

The top photograph is of the Syrian Arab Army.  The bottom is a group portrait of international terrorists, occupying Idlib, that the unfake msm has labeled “Syrian rebels.”

syrian rebels

Below is a photo of inbred creatures of unknown origin, dressed in something out of the dark ages, also declared “Syrian rebels” by righteous msm.

Arab Springs Activists

In October 2014, Syria’s UN Ambassador Bashar al Ja’afari stated that were the west to cease funding, arming, training, and facilitating the transport of terrorists against his country, the Syrian Arab Army could destroy ISIS in three days.

The intention of the Foreign Affairs authors, though, is to promote the overthrow of Syrian President Bashar al Assad, to coerce Russia and Iran into pushing him from the office he was elected to serve until 2021, and to force President-Elect Donald Trump to step back from his pre-election promise.  These authors are trying to frighten him into continuing on the perpetual war path, which he promised to reverse, in his acceptance speech. They are also trying to push him toward further coercive techniques against Russia and Iran — certainly not in the spirit of entente, of the good neighbor policy outlined on 9 November.

In June, after President Bashar al Assad gave a speech promising to liberate all of Syria from US-EU funded and armed terrorists, the unfake NYT howled over the Syrian leaders defiance.

nyt sanger howls
NYT’ Sanger howls over ‘defiance.’

On 24 April 2013, co-author Sanger lamented to CNNs Christiane Amanpour that retired Israeli Brig. Gen. Itai Brun offered no evidence that Syria had attacked Syria with GB — hours after publishing his anti-Syria propaganda, based on no evidence.  Amanpour — a major anti-Syria propagandist — has recently begun tweeting her demands of Facebook to censor “fake news.”

In September, Syria’s Permanent Representative to the UN, Dr. Bashar al Ja’afari made the following announcement:

We assure the world that we are taking back Aleppo.  Every other country has one capital, but Syria has two:  Damascus and Aleppo.

Bashar Jaafari promise

For those who may be unaware, Diplomat Ja’afari was put under mobility restrictions by the State Department, in early 2014.  In an effort to censor his successful cross-country Town Hall meetings educationals, he has been restricted to 25mi/40km from the UN.  When Susan Rice was UN ambassador, she began the now mandatory diplomatic walk-out by the P3 (and now, also, the Nazimaidan ambassador), whenever he addresses the UN.

On 13 March 2015, the US State Department threw a party to celebrate the 4th anniversary of NATO-funded terrorism being unleashed against the Syrian Arab Republic.

state dept party for terrorists
US taxpayers fund terror, why shouldn’t they fund a terrorists’ party?

Syria’s two Bashar statesmen are keeping their promises, and the global imperialists, and their various state unfake media are are having Rumpelstiltskin – like meltdowns.

Spec Envoy de Mistura, who was a no-show regarding his much reported by unfake msm promise to use his “body” as human shield for terrorists wishing to leave Aleppo “in dignity with your weapons,” suddenly arrived in Damascus to demand that the terrorists occupying neighborhoods of Aleppo, be given a balkanized region of ‘autonomy.’ During the meetings, de Mistura was oblivious to Syria’s humanitarian pause which became a unilateral Cessation of Hostilities (CoH) during which time the human garbage held Syrian civilians hostage, and launched sniper and mortar/missile attacks on school children.

syrian siblings reunited
Syrian siblings reunited after more than 4 years.

On 28 November, the office of Germany’s Foreign Ministry issued a statement of dramatic condolences over the Syrian Arab Republic reunification of Aleppo city.

Let us be mindful that during the Obama-Merkel press conference, both cheered the 27th anniversary of the reunification of Berlin.  Though the statement was not signed, Germany’s FM, Frank-Walter Steinmeier, during the US presidential campaign, undiplomatically stated that Donald Trump was among “the preachers of hate.”

German Foreign Office weeping over reunification of Aleppo
German FM weeping over the reunification of Aleppo

On 28 November, France’s unfake msm, Le Merde, ran a heart-tugging story about the little 7 year old genius girl named “Bana al Abed,” and her tweeting lamentations of Aleppo’s reunification.  As always, among the “freedom folk” in Syria, this kid’s internet connections are fabulous.  No matter, that she is a smaller version of The Gay Girl in Damascus, who turned out to be a straight boy from Langley, Virginia (home of the CIA), who lives with his wife, in Scotland, this kid is just too adorable to not be believed.

On 30 November, UK’s unfake Independent stopped short of calling the reunification of Aleppo, a new shoa.

scum-sucking independent braying about shoa in liberated aleppo
Headline from the scum-sucking Independent

This Independent report quotes one of the many, never-ending “last physicians” in “last hospitals” of takfiri-controlled neighborhoods.  Last physician[s] are in the list of expanding last clowns and last cats.

NATO msm map of Aleppo governate
NATO msm map of Aleppo governate

It’s about 23 million Syrians besieged, by economic sanctions, by terrorists crossing from Turkey, from Jordan, from Lebanon, from Iraq.  This is the reality.  The whole Syrian people are besieged. — H.E. al Ja’afari

what clinton sadistically cheers
American savage mercs VanDyk and Sotloff played a violent role leading to the brutal rape and murder of Gaddafi

On 30 November, UK’s unfake The Geryon ran an editorial condemning “the west’s grim failure” — to turn Syria into Libya, Libya that the RAND Corporation now calls “a safe haven for terrorists.”

scum-sucking geryon

UK’s prestigious Channel 4 is also in mourning over the reunification of Aleppo.  Rather than share a screenshot, SyriaNews shares investigative journalist Vanessa Beeley’s October report, “Channel 4 Joins CNN in Normalising Terrorism, Then Removes Their Own Video.”

Today (2 December), Le Merde‘s front page is running a “two-fer” of msm unpropaganda.  Its headline screams the fear demanded by Obama-Merkel, en garde! against foreign intervention in next year’s election:  “Paris and Berlin dread Russian cyberwar during the 2017 elections.”  The warning is especially amusing, as France’s little forgets-to-pull-up-his-zipper urchin, Francois Hollande — who has been funding terror against the SAR since the beginning of the crisis — recently announced he will not seek re-election (as the French people hate him).  The second story, “In Aleppo, carnage,” contains a photo of blood, corpses in the street, and background fire (that could have been taken after a US bombing).

paris and berlin dread russian cyberwar during the 2017 elections

Let us be mindful that it was a Le Merde Vichyite who wrote the massive missive the last Sunday of May 2013 (the weekend that illegal alien McQaeda McCain was meeting al Baghdadi and other “moderates,” in Syria) of his illegal embedded months with FSA terrorists, all of which involved every one of them being afflicted by GB, at one time or another, and who gave grave evidence via climactic photos of FSA barbarians sporting gas masks.

That embedded journalist never bothered to explain why his terrorist companions never wore protective clothing, as the CW GB is a neurotoxin which permeates the skin, making impressive-looking gas masks quite useless.

Let us now, finally, remove the proverbial kid gloves, and end the not-so-subtle sarcasm, and simply speak the truth.

Those MEPs suffering Lunatoform Syndrome, are global imperialist traitors to their individual countries, countries forced to relinquish national sovereignty when they gave up their individual currencies, when they outsourced their border patrol to the private FRONTEX, suspected of human trafficking.

Obama and Merkel are un-indicted war criminals.

With the exception of a handful of NATO countries’ journalists permitted the limited hang-out, western msm are un-indicted war criminals, pursuant to the Nuremberg Principles Article VI, which makes crimes against peacewar crimes.

Nuremberg crimes against peace

Where were the msm when al Jazeera Arabic called for genocide against a minority population in Syria?

Where were they in 2012, when the FSA was torturing and slaughtering the Berri tribe elders, in Aleppo governate?

NATO rats including Libyans and Turkey sponsored FSA terrorists kidnap elder civilians of one of the biggest tribes in Aleppo countryside, the Berri’s, torture them then execute them in cold blood, you cn notice the amount of bullets fired at these unarmed civilians.

censor unfake


These are Syrians, celebrating their army’s liberation of Bani Zaid and al Liramoun:

syrians celebrating liberation of bani zaid and al liramon, july 2016

This is an award-winning, un-indicted war whore, the anchor of al Qaeda and Death, in Syria:

illegal alien ward

This is His Excellency, Bashar al Ja’afari, censored by the democratic State Department, with ne’ery a complaint from the msm that shamelessly complains about “fake news”:
bashar jaafariThis is the un-indicted, $10 million war whore calling him a liar for truthfully stating that Syria was being invaded by foreign terrorists.  This war whore has still not apologized:

In the US, six (6) corporations own 90% of all media.  Particularly perverse, is that Disney owns both ABC News and Marvel comic books.  Disney was successful in getting the children of WWII veterans to pledge allegiance to a rodent.

Until recently, most US Americans acknowledged this travesty, condemned it, and supported independent news sites.

Now, though, as a result of disappointment in the election results, the loudest voices are willing to accept being emotionally manipulated into supporting the lies of corporate media, and are joining the well-paid liars in their demands for intellectual censorhip.

facts don't matter

Is there a limit to such infantile depravity?

Postscript from Miri Wood —

On 10 October 2010, I was a pedestrian on the Ben Franklin Bridge, on the Philly side, armed with my Nikon, when I was politely accosted by a man in street clothing, who told me he was a police officer, and that I had to stop taking photographs.  That he didn’t offer identification, is irrelevant, as when I asked why, and was told that the presidential motorcade was passing below, on I-95, and that nobody was permitted to take pictures, I told him such a dictate was unconstitutional.  He countered by instructing me to look up, at the helicopter hovering above, and to specifically note the two sniper rifles pointed at me.

He politely told me that if I refused to put down my camera, the snipers would shoot me.

I pretended to comply, and then sneaked this photo:

obama regime threatened me c public execution 10 october 2010

I’ve often wondered how local msm would have reported my public execution, had I been too stubborn not to fake compliance.

More importantly, I’ve wondered if  media in other countries would have idiotically reported that the Obama regime murdered an unarmed woman.

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  1. Stefan Heuer

    Chapeau, Madame – this is just an excellent article, a masterpiece, uncovering the dreadful scum of western politicians and MSM-mouthpieces who are responsible for the most horrific genocide in known history – the genocide on the Middle Eastern, Northern African and Central Asian peoples.
    Just to add some info, the german FM Frank-Walter steinmeier just announced thedonation of another 50 mil. Euros german taxpayer’s money to his savage friends of Al-Qaeda in Aleppo – of course disguised as “humanitairan aid”. But since the “humanitarian” wars and slaughter of Serbia, Afghanistan, Iraq, Libya, Yemen, we know very well the real meaning of this once nice term. Thank you very much!
    Source: Germany to donate another 50 mil Euros ‘to Aleppo’ (whoever this “Aleppo” migh be…):

  2. miri

    Danke, Stefan.

    Yes, it is quite fascinating how despite the draconian sanctions against the Syrian people, money, TOWS, and GRADS always seem to get to the takfiri.


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