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Aleppo: The Stalingrad for Western Tyrants

Image-Aleppo Syria

Author’s note:
As I already have intensely focussed on the severe crimes of my nation’s disgraceful government in Syria before, I now just ask you to understand this article as some kind of addendum. Whoever feels obliged to gain more info about the German fingerprints on the Syrian war may read my previous articles, which I was kindly allowed to publish on, as well as the excellent article by Thierry Meyssan which I link below.

The love of Western leaders for their “assets” (Zbigniev Brezinsky), the terroistic Frankensteins of Al-Qaeda and ISIS, as well as their despicable lies about Syria have never been so blatant as in these days of the late 2016.
The battle for the liberation of East Aleppo is likely to become a Stalingrad-like meaning for the enemies of Syria. The historic battle of Stalingrad has become a symbol of tragical downfall of an aggressor.

Those well-established nations like the USA, UK, France, Germany, Turkey and Wahhabistan (Saudi-Arabia, Qatar), had been throwing billions of taxpayer’s money, and nations’ resources as in the case of Wahhabistan, assault rifles, rocket launchers, tanks, sophisticated missile-systems (like the US-made TOW or the German “MILAN”), Toyota-pickups mounted with heavy machine guns, chemical weapons and tons of ammunition to the mercenaries they created, trained, armed, funded, advised and guided in the blatant attempt to overthrow the legitimate government and president of Syria and take over this country.

However, their carefully plotted, CIA-‘Arab-Spring’-attached “civil war” did not come out as planned, yet, with the splendid Syrian people taking back their homeland from the mercenaries, with the Syrian Arab Army heroically fighting for the liberation of the sacred Syrian soil from the stinking pest of terrorism.

In October, the German FM Frank-Walter Steinmeier, a true expert in regime-change (he managed the violent and unlawful ‘transition’ from the elected cleptocrat Yanukovich to a bunch of hysterical nazi cleptocrats in Kiev, 2014) donated EURO 7 million to the “White Helmets”, a known Al-Qaeda franchise, and on Nov. 30th he and his French colleague Jean-Marc Ayrault celebrated the White Helmets on occasion of a common French – German price the two politicians gave to the Soros-funded terrorist gang.

And whilst the German, French, British, US-American politicians blame Russia and Syria for crimes which reach the top notes of brutality, the very same politicians do arm the dreadful disgrace of mankind, the house of Saud, supporting the Saudi genocidal war on the people of Yemen. And whilst these Western politicians shed crocodile tears for the never-seen but mightily imagined ‘victims’ of the “brutal dictator” Assad, they keep silent about the horrific deeds of their very own proxies of Al-Qaeda and ISIS in Syria and Iraq, or, even more satanic, blame their crimes on Assad, stating it was Assad who created ISIS (like the infamous German yellowpress-outlet “BILD” – “Picture”, the German version of a tale book for analphabets, made up). And whilst all this disgraceful bunch of criminal supporters of terrorism and their non worthy mouthpieces in the mainstream media whine about the poor people of Aleppo being slaughtered by Assad, the very same bunch of criminal politicians and lying propagandists do keep silent about the (ab-)use of 1.5 tons [yes: TONS!!] of Depleted Uranium (DU) by the USA in Syria, although they know that the highly radioactive DU, once exposed, does poison the air, water and soil for billions of years and lead to most severe damages to the genetic code of humans and animals and, by that, cause severe birth defects for millions of people exposed to DU. (Germany even abstained a UN-resolution on the use of DU which aimed to prevent the rest of the world from also becoming conatminated by the terrorist state #1.)

Also in October, the loser himself, French president Francois Hollande (who will be replaced by another puppet of the cabal in the 2017 rigged presidential selections) came out of his bunker and called for the establishment of a tribunal on Syria – which, of course, shall neither judge on the horrific crimes committed by the European nations, nor on the genocide performed by the Western proxies, but on the imagined crimes by “the regime” of (the still legitimate) president Assad. I guess we all can imagine the character and setting of such a tribunal. Of course, the terroristic criminal gang ruling Germany applauded the plan and donated some millions of German taxpayers money for this illegitimate project.

Last to mention the ongoing verbal aggression of the terrorist #1, the USA, against Syria, performed by the speakers of the White House, the State Department and the US-representative to the UN: Their lies are legend, their evidence is none, their threats are vile, their infamy is horrific, their stupidity and arrogance are endless.

And finally – didn’t we expect that? – the last UNSC-meeting on Syria on Nov. 30th saw all these disgraceful criminals, these loathsome thugs, this scum of the universe – a.k.a. the Western leaders – assemble in New York to shout at Bashar al-Jaafari, the lion of diplomacy, the true decent defender of International Law and Human Rights, and to urge for another “ceasefire”. Of course, these bastards only care for human rights, yes? Hence, they still keep the crippling sanctions against the Syrian people, hence they still arm, train, guide and support their mercenaries of Al-Qaeda and ISIS, hence they bomb the Syrian Arab Army positions, hence they go on destroying the state infrastucture of Syria, hence they do not deliver any humanitarian aid to the suffering civilians, but tons of weapons to the terrorists.

What we can gather from all these media campaigns, these hillarious lies, this pile of rubbish, is the very frugal fact:

  • The white-collar-terrorists in Washington, Paris, London and Berlin realize they have lost. They do acknowledge the sheer fact that, not only by the great help from Russia, Iran and the enormeous sacrifice by Hezbollah, the Syrian Arab Army has regained the capability to win this war.

The Syrian Arab Army is on its way to victory, the terrorists are on the run. The USA, UK, France, Germany and the aligned terrroists Erdogan and al-Saud do know: the game is about to be finished – not to their profit. Therefore, they aim to pressure Russia and Syria to make concessions.

But which concessions can a people and nation make to the killers of their children, the destroyers of their homes, the donors of terrorism? The aim is ridiculous, the mind behind is perverted like an old fart.
The western terrorists do have nothing left as rudeness, threats and the use of illegitimate force. But this will only endure the war, it will not change the result. The terrorists have already lost, even if the hardcore-killers in East-Aleppo, Der-Ezzor, Al-Ghouta and Idleb will still need some severe extra-care. Although the war is not over yet, although the civilians are still suffering from the reign of terror by the “moderate rebels” and “freedom fighters” the West has created to “liberate” the Syrian people, the West has lost in Syria. This dreadful illegal war, this genocide probably has made more people awaken and become criticts of the Western imperialistic policy and warfare. With every ludicrous lie, with every rude verbal attack, with every threat, with every crude propaganda-campaign the Western politicians as well as the Western media prove themselves the barbaric monsters they truely are, and to a greater, more critical audience every time. They overstepped the mark. They ruined their credibilty. Only very, very stupid or ignorant people can still fall to their sticky lies. In the end, the Western politicians and the media mouthpieces of terror and war not only produced a mess in Syria, but ruined their own reputation as well as the whole system of so-called representative democracy. The more the regime cries for war and death and destruction, the more it attempts to cover its horrific deeds with a sparse blanket of lies and deception, the more it will disgust the decent people. Finally, this will turn against the system and its puppets like Steinmeier, Ayrault, Hollande, Merkel, Kerry, Johnson. Remember, how many of these skunks once had predicted that Assad would fall within months, when the only who fell in the end was not Assad but they? Remember such names as Morsi, Westerwelle (Steinmeier’s predecessor, died of blood cancer), Bandar bin Sultan, Sarkozy, Cameron, Hillary Clinton, Fabius, Hague? All these fine bloodthirsty monsters are finished but Assad is still there, legitimate, and supported by the great majority of his people. Is there eventually a curse?

Aleppo will be liberated, with or without another “ceasefire” just prolonging the suffering of the women and children and old people. Aleppo will be reunited in freedom and security and then the last minutes of the terrorists in Idleb and Deir Ezzor and Raqqah will begin. All the Western white-collar-terrorists can do is impose maximum brutality, threats, intimidation and ongoing bombing campaigns on Syria. But they will fail, as they have failed every time.

“Aleppo”, this name stands as a synonym for the power of a people united in resistance to neocolonial imperialism and terrorism.
“Aleppo” – this name will be engraved in the memory of the Earth as the final nail to the coffin of Western terrorism.
“Aleppo” and “Syria” simultaneously stand for the great sacrifice a people of honour is able to make for its freedom, deeply ashaming the Western people who did ignorantly stand aside and let their governments do commit monstrous crimes.

If Bert Brecht was true by once saying that ‘you will not be judged for what you did but also for what you allowed others to do without resisting it’, the age of luxury on the expense of others will be finished. Western Europe is already facing a severe crisis and its decline. The EU is hated and disrespected all over Europe, with millions who seek a political change. With all the austerity, with all the bail-in, bail-out madness, the EU has lost credibiluty and the economical basis for its fortune. The EU was always a project to enrich the elites and ensure their control over the masses. Nowadays it blatantly has become a totalitarian dictatorship by unelected bureauctrats over the fate of 500 million people who are enslaved to this ever more rigid system.

EU-Europe eventually will downfall into poverty, despair, maybe even domestic (civil) wars. From this perspective, there may be an oppositon be formed that finally ends the fascist experiment and brings Europe to freedom, civilization and peace. Maybe Europe will face its downfall or its retrival to a new renaissance.

But regardles which way Europe will go, Syria will still stand. Syria will be stronger than ever, because it has effectively proven its strength to all mankind.

Syria has already won its Stalingrad.


The author, born 1964, is a german historian and political scientist.


Sources and Links:

The excellent article by Thierry Meyssan on the disgraceful role of the German political advisor Volker Perthes and his “SWP” think-tank:

On Depleted Uranium: “Deadly Dust”; documentation by Mr. F. Wagner. Watch video with english subtitles here:

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