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NATO Terrorists Bomb Russian Field Hospital in Aleppo

by Afraa Dagher

Graphic video included.

Moderate terrorists targeted a Russian field hospital in Aleppo, today, martyring two doctors, and two paramedics, injuring two other staff and heavily injuring many civilian patients, today, Monday 5 December 2016.  Western, Turkish and Arab Gulf proxies — called “moderate rebels” by msm — fired mortars on the exact site of the military mobile Russian hospital which was set up for giving all types of treatment to those who have been suffering from similar terrorist group missiles fired from eastern neighborhoods of Aleppo.  Those Syrians in need of every type of essential help, shelters, food, water, medicine were beginning to receive treatment in these newly erected mobile facilities.  Some were asthmatics, some recent amputees, courtesy of the NATO “moderate rebels.”

Russian Dr. Dazarita Madvadenov was killed by US-backed moderate rebels, 5 December, when they bombed the mobile hospital in al Fourqan neighborhood of Aleppo

This field hospital was set up in a public park of al Fourqan suburb, not far from the Sariah Hassoun primary school that was attacked with terrorist shelling 20 November.  It was set up there to help with the medical needs of Syrians fleeing the eastern neighborhoods still occupied by NATO terrorists. The now demolished field hospital included a children’s clinic, a surgery department, an intensive care unit, and an x-ray room.

These moderate terrorists fired mortars onto the exact site of the military mobile Russian hospital:  The “responsibility for this attack lies on terrorists’ patrons from US, UK, France and their sympathizers…[w]e know who provided [them] with information on the Russian hospital and its exact coordinates.”

I can’t add more words, than what the teacher who lost her leg in the al Fourqan primary school, when the terrorists fired missiles on that children’s school, she said, They are not human beings, they are more savage than monsters; they have no shame, no humanity, they kill with no mercy!

Yes, they are not human beings.  This crime adds more to their bloody history.  How could they make the decision to fire missiles on a field hospital, where there are only injured people, and doctors and nurses who came to Syria following their humanity, to help innocent people, in need of every kind of help.

How could they do it?!  It is not a new crime, however it is a clear evidence about the reality of those moderate monsters, and their masters! They were given the coordinates and the information about the exact site of this hospital, they killed two doctors, one of them is a woman, who left her country, in the Christmas time, to come to a war zone country and to help our innocent people! These are the true humanitarians; not the fake ones who have no medical and nursing degrees who are mercenaries given the nice euphemism of “aid workers.”

Other nurses were heavily injured , more patients got hurt and are in critical cases now, with more expected to become martyrs because of their serious injuries.  These monsters also launched a double-tap, re-bombing the facility when journalists came to report on this terrible war crime.

Those in the mainstream media, who nonstop run lies about Syrian and Russian bombing schools, hospitals, depending on their actors the team of White Helmets, who are nothing, but al Qaeda fighters, in reality, and fake human rights organization on the social media, and in msm.

Where are you now, from such ugly crime!

The moderate mortars destroyed all the medicines and all the medical supplies.  This is an act of criminals.

This is an act of barbarians, no one to be called rebels.

 Note:  This report has been edited to correct the location of the Russian mobile hospital destroyed by NATO-funded terrorists.

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