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Iran Brokered Deal with Qatar to Exchange Syrian Hostages for Terrorists

News sources report that an Iran-brokered deal with Qatar to exchange Syrian hostages from al Fou’aa, Kafarya, Madaya, and al Zabadani — for terrorists.  Both countries are members of the Syria-less International Syria Support Group. 

Syria’s history since the beginning of the foreign-imposed terrorist war has been the security and stability of its citizenry.  In October 2013, it was revealed that the SAR had agreed to a stunning exchange of a multi-country assortment of terrorists for Bishops Boulous Yazigi and Yuhanna Ibrahim, who had been kidnapped in April.    Chechen terrorists demanded 72 of their captured comrades; Turkey wanted the return of 25 of its officers and soldiers; France demanded the return of 12 of its citizens, including an officer and soldier in the French military; a Gulfie entity — unnamed, but believed to be Qatar — demanded the return of 12 officers deployed into the SAR on a “fighting mission.”

More than it hates Syria for not allowing a pipeline, the toilet with the fuel hose Qatar, hates the beauty and culture of Syria.

In early February, 58 women and children were finally freed from 3-1/2 years of captivity, exchanged for an un-reported number of terrorists.  The women and their kids had been kidnapped from several Lattakia villages, after the men of the towns had been slaughtered.  Qatar was explicitly involved in these atrocities, giving proof via its own al Khanzeera ‘reporters’ who then interviewed* the abductees forced to say how terrific their treatment was (al Jazeera was aptly renamed “Khanzeera,” “pigsty,” by Libyan patriots).

Though all four villages have been under terrorist rebel occupation for more than 3 years, the crimes against al Fou’aa and Kafarya (Idlib governate) mostly have been ignored by US/EU NATO MSM.

US-backed moderate opposition breached agreement to allow the Syrian government to safely evacuate the ill and injured from al Fou’aa and Kafarya

Inversely, Madaya (as al Zabadini, in Damascus countryside) has been the poster child for anti-Syria propaganda, including leakage of photos by a reputed nurse who then managed to “flee,” and now has asylum in Australia (it is unknown if he and ‘Caesar’ — whose photo fake vetting was paid for by  Qatar — crossed paths during their flights). Though Ambassador al Ja’afari addressed the truth about Madaya in January 2016, NATO media cadre has persisted, going as far as having ABC News and Marvel comic magazines — both owned by Disney — launch a joint project around a superhero mom in the village.

Despite the Iran brokered deal with Qatar plan to evacuate 16,000 Syrian civilians, beginning 4 April, the msm has been recalcitrant in reporting. Perhaps they are not clever enough to have quickly figured out how to maintain their chronic demonization of Iran, while glorifying Qatar.  They could take a page from Japan Times, the country’s largest English language paper.  This journal barely mentioned the ”regime ally” Iran brokered deal with “rebel supporter” Qatar, using it as the backdrop for a list of anti-Syria propaganda:  According to this medium, al Zabadani and Madaya are ‘besieged by regime fighters,’ while al Fu’aa and Kafarya are merely ‘encircled by rebels;’ it suggests the Syrian government is engaged in “forced displacement;” pimps the fake alliance of the US with its foreign mercenary created HSD [SDF].

It also states that the Iran brokered deal includes “the release of 1,500 held for political activism” — because since the French occupiers were ejected, there has never been a criminal in the SAR; forgers, pimps, drug dealers are all cleansed of petty and felonious crimes, renamed [fake] ‘political activists.’

That a Japanese medium should sound like a polite CNN should come as no surprise.  Japan is always, dizzingly, on the edge of the precipice-like fall into NATO.  Disturbing, though, is its air of insider-information authority with which it quietly drops this bomb:

All of the residents of Fuaa and Kafraya are expected to leave while it was unclear if the evacuations of Madaya and Zabadani  would empty the towns completely[emphasis added]

It is odd for an English-language medium to be so blatant regarding the Qatari-led campaign of strategic depopulation of the Syrian Arab Republic, even under cover headline of the Iran-brokered deal.  Most MSM run the disingenuous propaganda campaign via emotional war porn of Syrian refugees:  Feel-good stories, feel bad stories, immigration stories, xenophobia stories — none of which notes that most Syrian refugees are IDPs, that external Syrians are less than 20% of the world’s refugee problems.

English-language media have meticulously avoided mentioning the emptying of Syria.  None has reported on the Syrian UN ambassador’s stakeout, of January 2016, in which he exposed how Saudi was flying Uighur terrorists from China, and then deploying them into his country.  An entire village in Aleppo governate — 3000 Syrians —  was strategically massacred, and the village has been colonized by entire Uighur families, ‘including their grandmothers.’

Qatar incited the fetid marketing campaign of strategic depopulation against Syria, when its aj+ posted a photo of a drowned baby’s corpse, pushing its viralization for almost 30 hours, while the script was being written for the manipulative background story.  Three-year old Alan Shenu’s body was desecrated, re-positioned for the greatest emotional impact.

The body of Alan Shenu, 3, was defiled to give birth to the Sudden Syrian Refugee Pandemic

The Japan Times using the Iran brokered deal with Qatar comes soon after the Russia-Japan talks on the Ainu archipelago seem to have fallen apart upon Russia naming 5 of the islands.  One might wonder if the apparent breach in MSM protocol signals a paradigm shift in anti-Syria propaganda;  NATO media has begun collective condemnation of the terrorists of al Waer leaving the region, omitting any mention of the ongoing terror attacks against Homs. These killers and their families were given the opportunity  to join the Reconciliation process, but refused. Reporting on the Iran brokered deal with Qatar feeds into the colonialist mindset, which would be damaged in suggesting Syria has the sovereign right to negotiate independently, on behalf of its citizenry.

The anti-Syria venom of the Times piece report on the Iran brokered deal to move terrorists or the Syrians they hold hostage, corresponds with Tokyo’s historical part in inflicting a final solution against the SAR.  In addition to being a member of the Syria-less ISSG, Japan deployed mercenaries into the SAR.  Japanese mercenaries Haruna Yukama and Kenji Goto illegally entered Syria on several occasions, before gaining fame when they lost their heads (see “Cue the Illegal Orangettes” for background).

Upon his death, Japanese terrorist in Syria, Haruna Yukama was romanticized by NATO msm almost as much as the cannibal.
Japanese and Yugoslavian Syrian rebels, Aleppo.
Japanese Syrian rebels Kenji Goto (blue shirt) and Haruna Yukama took a short pre-mortem vacation in Kirkuk, Iraq

Around the time of terrorist al Qaeda FSA selling Japanese terrorists Yukama and Goto to terrorist al Qaeda ISIL, Prime Minister Shinzo Abe coincidentally was touring the region.  On 18 January 2015 — the date Yukama lost his head, though not yet reported — Abe gave a speech in Cairo.  In 2013, he said, Japan had pledged $2.2 billion to the region, “the entirety of that has already been put into execution.” Without pointing to any Silk Road-type development (2.2 billion USD had to go somewhere), he pledged another $2.5 for the Levant and Northern Africa region.


Between mid-January and early February, Abe also managed to thank virtually every state sponsor of terror against the SAR, for Orwellian counter-terrorism:  Turkey, which erected tent dumps for refugees before the crisis was launched, who gives maps to the foreign terrorists who mostly come through the Turkey-Syrian border (so they don’t step on the almost 200,000 land mines Turkey pledged to clean up, in ’03), which houses terrorists; Jordan, where “ISIS” training camps are located, and which gives its airspace to Israel, so that it may act as al Qaeda’s air force in Syria; Israel, which gives free health care to terrorists.

Netanyahu visiting terrorists given free medical care in the Syrian Golan, occupied by Israel

The geopolitical ramifications the Iran brokered deal with terrorist Qatar are multi-tiered.  Iran has been Syria’s ally since the beginning of the foreign-imposed terrorist war, while Qatar has made itself a Syrian blood craving enemy, whose war crimes against the SAR seem infinite.  From stealing Syrian oil machinery, to deploying its al Khanzeera ‘journaliststo slaughter, kidnap, depopulate, to paying for a fake vetting of the fake Caesar photos — what is in it for Qatar?  The laying of a pipeline, and the sado-erotic pleasure of dismemberment?

Its offspring, aj+, is even more foul.

From the perspective of Syria’s ally, this Iran brokered deal must have the intention of helping return security and stability to the people of al Fou’aa, Kafarya, Madaya and al Zabadani, under terrorist occupation for too long; surely Iran  imagine creating an agreement with the savage Qatar will afford it any goodwill from other terror-sponsoring countries.  The current US administration has repeatedly stated that the colonialist Death Takes a Holiday treaty imposed on Iran was a gift, and is saber-rattling against Iran, along with Israel — whose massive, existing, nuclear weapons arsenal remains a taboo subject.

Surely the thousands of years of Persian history have taught it there is no way to make a deal with the devil, and survive.

Absolute monarchy and anti-Islam Wahhabist-Qatar, when not engaged in slaughtering Syrians, or condemning Qatari poets to life in prison enjoys being a pseudo-country, half of which is US military bases, with a population of 1.7 million of which only 225,000 are Qatari (the rest are immigrant indentured workers).

Despite not having full diplomatic relations, Qatar enjoys watching Israeli politicians compete, and also Palestinian leaders grovel, for a taste of its petro hose, ignoring the stench of the gas station’s unclean toilet.

Truthful polemic, courtesy of a Syrian patriot.

In September 2007, then Foreign Minister Tzipi Livni had a ‘surprise’ meeting with absolute monarch Hamid — who later democratically gave absolute rule to his son — in NY.


By January 2013, Livni’s thrill was  gone, and she was forced to announce that Qatar gave a lot of money to Netanyahu’s campaign (more to do with sheer patriotism — of course –than not getting a nice contribution herself, despite being friends with the wife).


Early April 2013 saw the toilet-licking greed between Hamas and Fatah, after Hamid was burnt in effigy in Tulkarm, occupied Palestine.  Terrorist Saudi al Arabiya immediately added fuel, reporting that Fatah leader Abbas had condemned the immolation.

Saudistan and gas station toilet Qatar have always been in competition over which could slaughter more Syrians.

Washington, DC based al Monitor subsequently ran a lengthy report on Hamas demanding Fatah not merely condemn the effigy, but that the Palestinians who lit it, be incarcerated.  al Monitor — which is tied into the French-Dutch-Anglo-American financier oligarchy via Schlumberger on its board — made no mention of the anomaly which has Israel and Hamas aligned against Syria.  Nor did it mention that Hamas leaders moved Israel’s occupation of Palestine from Palestine into Syria, by deploying 5,000 terrorists into the SAR (in early April 2015, the teleportation of Israeli occupied Palestine into Syria, was seconded by Palestinian Voyeur to the UN, Dr. Riyah H. Mansour,  followed by cheering screams of the Jewish Voice for Peace.).


Meshaal and Haniyeh with the flag of French Mandate occupation, used by al Qaeda FSA

30 April 2013, Israeli media was licking toilet Qatar.

As 4 April is nigh, it remains to be seen if the Iran brokered deal with the Gulfie toilet Qatar will free Syrian civilians from the thousands of Qatari-run terrorists in Syria, or if Qatar has entered the Iran brokered deal with the intention of furthering its nefarious scam to strategically depopulated the SAR, expanding it as dumping ground for the world’s human garbage.

On 30 November 2016, His Excellency Dr. Bashar

al Jaafari reiterated the call upon the Council’s member states who sympathize with the “genetically modified moderate terrorists” to bring back their brutal garbage which they have exported to Syria over the past five years and to take care of them if they want, through establishing self-governing zones for them in their own cities in Europe, the US, and other areas.

Should the future reveal that Qatar entered the Iran brokered deal with malice of forethought, the Gulfie toilet will soon — again — be reminded that President Bashar al Assad has  promised to liberate every inch of Syria from western and GCC backed terrorists.

Syria’s President, Dr. Bashar al Assad

— Miri Wood


al Khanzeera knew where the kidnapped Syrian women and children were, knew who the kidnappers were.  How is that possible, unless these reporters were part of the death squads? After the slaughter in these villages, some of the kidnapped victims were also murdered, and their bodies heinously used as photo opportunities, to blame the SAR for the Saudi Bandar chemical weapons used in al Ghouta, by the al Qaeda FSA terrorists, in August 2013.

Note the al Qaeda flag on the wall, in August 2013, when the ‘rebels’ were FSA.

If new readers of Syria News imagine al Khanzeera to be a better news source than CNN, please watch this calm discussion of genocide against a minority Syrian population.

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