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New NATO Terror in Homs Martyrs Five on Minibus


A new NATO terror well organized attack hit Homs, yesterday, 29/March/2017.  on al Siteen Street in the al Zahra neighborhood. The NATO terror method this time was by using an IED ( improvised explosive device), exploded on a mini-bus during rush hour, when people were traveling for work, for their universities, other schools.

NATO terror at work

After planting the IED, the terrorist left the bus, leaving the innocent people to face this horrible destiny.  Beautiful young girls Ruquyya Hazeem and Ryam al  Sawan were martyred; their guilt was that they were on their way to university for education.

Ruquyya Hazeem martyred with US tax dollars

A little girl, Sally al Ali was with her mother, who was killed.  Sally’s father had been martyred as a soldier defending his country.  Sally is wounded and in the hospital now.  She doesn’t know what sad life is waiting for her when she asks for her mom finds out she has been made a complete orphan — by NATO terror.

Rayam al Sawan was martyred 29 March 2017

The UN considers this period a ceasefire.  They never warn their  terrorists to stop murdering the life in Syria.

All I can say is that those terrorists are not that smart but they are well trained by the CIA and NATO; this kind of bombing I have watched  in a western movie called The Siege.

Our region is the test field for the west and NATO terror:  They apply all their dirty weapons, scripts from their movies as crimes on our people, to take over this region, displace its people.  Their goal is imperialist hegemony of our region, no matter how many of us they need to murder.

— Afraa

Homs has been the target of NATO terror, Gulfie terror, UN supported terror since the beginning of the foreign imposed terror against the Syrian Arab Republic.

26 February, during Geneva talks with moderate oppositions, moderate oppositions slaughtered 42 in Homs, in 6 coordinated suicide bombings.

In February 2016, two car bombs were remotely detonated in this al Zahra neighborhood, near to the bus station; 60 people were slaughtered.

2015 began with suicide bombings in Homs.

2015 ended with remote detonation bombings in Homs.

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