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Qatar Emir to Appoint his Son as Emir ‘Democratically’

Owners of Qatar

27 June 1995 the huge (in physical size) Hamad Ben Khalifa Al Thani carried out a ‘white’ coup replacing his own father as the absolute ruler of the tiny peninsula of Qatar, part of the bigger Arabia peninsula in the Persian (Arabian) Gulf.

18 years later the Qatari huge (in physical size) Emir is appointing his huge (in physical size) son as an Emir, ‘democratically’, but we can’t say as an absolute ruler as the instructions to hand over the power this time came by publicly revealed instructions via a message conveyed by a CIA employee to the huge (in physical size) Emir.

Owners of the statelet of Qatar, Left to right: Tamim Ben Hamad, Moza wife of Hamad, Hamad Ben Khalifa Al Thani

The physical size could be the only known thing in common between the father and son. This step of handing over power will only be seen as a result of the failing policy in destroying Syria and the half of ‘Arab Springing’ further countries and out of a fear of a reverse domino effect that would reverse the take over of Muslim Brotherhood fanatics of civilized countries like Egypt, Tunisia and even Libya.

The son, unlike his father, is not a big fan in naming stadiums abroad after his name, he also might have missed the chance to overthrow his father in a similar coup and has to take over the reign of the Gas rich statelet of Qatar (pronounced Gutter), unless he decides to pursue after his father in exile, where the latter is expected to spend the remainder of his life.

Empire of Qatar

Al Jazeera news channel, the state owned propaganda agency, confirmed ‘the father called for a meeting of the ‘family’ and those of decision for a meeting (sounds familiar? The Godfather for instance?) amid news of handing over power in the country’, which is a confirmation that the orders leaked 10 days ago are getting realized. The promoter of ‘democracy’ everywhere else in the Arab world will choose his heir.

This step will not stop victims of conspiracies and plots this family has contributed from prosecuting and pursuing them worldwide and wherever they go, in whatever islands they bought, or on any horse they ride. They have caused the killing of tens of thousands of Muslims and Arabs directly and with their money. Nothing clear about the future of the Emir’s prime minister Hamad Ben Jassim who called himself a ‘sheep’ in an infamous meeting of the Arab League.

There’s a lot that can be written about the outgoing prince, nothing bright, and the worse was sponsoring and financing anti-Islam Wahhabism throughout the Arab and Islam world to distort and destroy the divinely religion from within.

We wonder when will the embattled Turkish prime minister Recep Tayyip Erdoğan will receive the CIA employee?

Turkish Spring growing against embattled Recep Tayyip Erdoğan

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