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AOL Reader: AOL puts Beta of new FeedReader online

AOL Reader

There were some rumors about an upcoming new feedreader by AOL at the last weekend already and now it happened. AOL published the first beta version of its new feedreader – the AOL Reader.

The AOL Reader is finally in a public beta test and already quite fast in terms of the loading of the feeds and browsing through all the subscriptions in the beta of this “AOL Reader”. Of course, AOL developed this new RSS-Reader application and service to fetch some or many users who are forced to leave the beloved Google Reader soon.

The Google Reader, a very often used and loved service by Google, is closing its doors at the end of this months and thus, many users are looking for another RSS-Reader where they can feel “home” again.

Besides Feedly, which has now finally moved its backed away from Google Reader in order to enter a own, new Cloud, while this migration by and at Feedly was carried out very smooth and without much problems, many mobile applications for Android, iOS and Windows Phone are also forced to leave their long used backed (Google Reader) and to look for new solutions or to give up. For example, the Android-App gReader (Pro) has integrated the Feedly Cloud-Backend already and updated this integration of Feedly this night at the Play Store by Google.

AOL Reader
AOL Reader

The AOL Reader is, as mentioned already, already quite fast for its beta stage and the service should improve soon. If somebody wants to give the AOL RSS-Reader a chance, he should in advance export his feed subscriptions by using a service like Google Takeout. After he has applied for the access to the beta AOL Reader, he is then able to import all feed subscriptions very fast and easy within this new feedreader-service by AOL.

So far, the AOL Reader is free to use and the overview is already OK. The settings are quite OK for such a management service for all the RSS-subscriptions of a user and, while AOL will sure improve the look and feel (as well as the options) of this reader in the upcoming weeks and months, it seems that Feedly finally has a new opponent online.

You can find the new AOL Reader for all your feeds and RSS-subscriptions here:

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