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UK’s Discredited Lancet Joins Global anti-Syria Crusade


On 14 March 2017, the UK’s discredited Lancet excreted a short, malignant, announcement that it had officially joined the international anti-Syria crusade.  The opening sentence of the discredited Lancet was ominous in its noting that 15 March marked the “6th anniversary” of what it orwellianly called “the civil war in Syria.” If a “civil war” actually existed in Syria, it would not involve more than 100 countries using the country as dumping ground for its human garbage, and would not require billions of dollars in weapons given to said human garbage by NATO and Gulfies countries.

UK’s discredited Lancet joins the global anti-Syria conspiracy

The discredited Lancet noting the date of the anniversary suggests this gang may have had access to the knowledge that NATO and GCC planned to celebrate the “anniversary” via two more suicide bombings which slaughtered another 50 Syrians, and injured more than  100.

The discredited Lancet described the foreign imposed terrorist war against the SAR as “shameless disregard for international law,” filled with “immense human suffering,” and a “stunning lack of adequate condemnation or action from governments, international agencies, or the medical community.” The excretion of the UK’s discredited Lancet bragged about its “first [Vichy urinalist] output from the Syria Commission launched jointly by The Lancet and the American University in Beirut (AUB).” The operative word in discredited Lancet statement, is also the operative word in the AUB’s announcement:  Global.  In SEO parlance, this is called the “keyword,” and its density is mandatory for increasing internet access via search engines, such as Google.

This fake Syria Commission is devoid of Syrians, devoid of input from the Syrian government, and is beyond the legitimate scope of a publication described as the “world’s leading independent general medical journal.”  This Syria-less Syria Commission exudes the same stench of rotting sewage of the Syria-less International Syria Support Group (ISSG).  With few exceptions, the ISSG is filled with countries that have trained, armed, and funded terrorism against the SAR, including the camel-beastialist Saudi occupied Arabia, which dumped 1,239 of its death row inmates into the besieged country, and gave lifetime stipends to the families of these convicted savages.

The ISSG is the cornerstone of the colonialist UNSCR 2254.

The discredited Lancet statement includes a list of grievances, that the countries engaged in war crimes against Syria simply have not done enough, and demands more, while reversing the AUB’s December condemnation of the UN in not having obliterated Syria, as its NATO mobsters did to Libya.  Its hyperlink to the UN report appears to be an unfortunate, coincidental accident that the url is broken (most likely, it involves the fake JIM report, unprecedented in UN history).

  • Fake Neutrality. Discredited Lancet claims UN’s recent Inquiry decreed that “multiple war crimes had been committed by both sides.”
  • Discredited Lancet bleats about “the weaponisation of health: the targeting of health workers and facilities as a weapon of war.”  Until its satanic union with the AUB, Lancet has previously been mute regarding NATO and Gulfie armed terrorists methodically targeting Syrian scientists, Syrian physicians, and Syrian professors.
  • Discredited Lancet sheds its crocodile tears over the destruction of schools, hospitals, markets, water supplies, humanitarian relief personnel, the use of civilians as human shields, “forced conscription,” “forced displacement,” withholding of humanitarian aid, the use of chemical weapons, and double-tap attacks.
  • Discredited Lancet gets uber dramatic in describing “elsewhere” shifts of “tectonic plates” in geopolitics, suggesting that the international conspiracy against Syria might be becoming bored, and seeking new forms of titillating news. It applauds the Obama administration’s attempts to “seek a ceasefire and a political process,” and worries that the Trump administration has threatened cut backs to the [CIA front gang] USAID.
  • Discredited Lancet demands the globalist WHO “must now focus every effort on supporting the health structure and health workers in Syria,” bringing in a battalion of foreign entities to fill the fake vacuum left by negligent governments.
  • Discredited Lancet demands the involvement of “neighboring countries” in its Syria-less Syria Commission, and that the upcoming global loan shark World Bank meeting in Marseille, 30 March, imperialistically force Syria into the OECD. Organisation de la coopération et le développement économique was founded in 1948, by Robert Marjolin, reputedly to help in the administration of the Marshall Plan. It was reformed in December 1960, “to help governments foster prosperity and fight poverty through economic growth and stability.”

Before outlining the corrupt and depraved alliance of the UK’s discredited Lancet with the AUB, SyriaNews must meet its responsibility in exposing the criminal complaints of this Lancet.

The “inquiry” that Lancet holds in high esteem – so high that it gives a broken url as means of sharing – is most likely the fraudulent “JIM” report, whose creation was unprecedented in UN history.  “JIM” was made for the unique purpose of further demonizing the Syrian Arab Republic, using no forensics as evidence.  Its report consists of criminal lies brayed by the very countries that have armed terror against the SAR, and the massively funded fake NGO’s, used to further these criminal lies.  New UN Ambassador Nikki Haley, on 28 February, used the fake report while she did her great imitation of Samantha Power, minus a red wig.  Haley reinforced her psychotic break with reality, in a perverted geopolitical distortion of reality via a criminal lying statement on the “anniversary” — instead of diplomatically offering the condolences of the US, on the terrible massacres.

In lieu of condolences for the NATO-armed terror, Haley spewed the same lies of Power
Syrian blood in the Palace of Justice, 15 March

A reminder to Ambassador Haley:  The first threat to use chemical weapons against Syria, came from the alQaeda FSA, in Turkey, December 2012.  Syria’s request for an investigation was ignored by the UN.  The history and use of CWs and one BW against Syria, is here.

On the weaponisation of health: Who are the targeted “health workers,” and which “facilities” causing the fake tears of Lancet? Might they be the odalisques mercenaries sent by Italy, and whose fake kidnappings were used by the Italian government to launder $14 million to the Jabhat al Nusra friends of these pretty young women – Ramelli and Marzullo — with no history in the health professions, and whose fake plea to their Italian country was made in the English language?  Were they the UK and US mercs cum orangettes?  Were the fake facilities those of the French intelligence operation, MSF, which has never been allowed into Syria?

Ce prétendu hôpital a été installé sans la permission du gouvernement syrien par le soi-disant réseau français appelé Médecins sans frontières qui est une branche des services de renseignement français opérant en Syrie…Ils assument toutes les conséquences de cet acte parce qu’il n’ont pas consulté le gouvernement syrien* — H.E. al Ja’afari

Certainly, this fraudulent concern does not involve real hospitals, as Lancet was without speech, when alQaeda FSA bombed the al Watani Hospital in Qusayr, Homs, in 2012; when alQaeda FSA obliterated al Kindi University Cancer Center of Aleppo, in 2013; when alQaeda FSA bombed and destroyed much of Jisr al Shughur National Hospital, in 2015.

image-Al-Kindi Hospital Destruction by Terrorists uploaded to Google Drive
Al-Kindi Hospital Destruction by Terrorists uploaded to Google Drive

Collective aphasia struck the discredited Lancet throughout 2012, when Dr. Mahmoud Tasbihji, ENT specialist and head of Aleppo University Hospital was assassinated by alQaeda FSA gunshots; when nuclear scientist Aws Abdul Karim Khalil and Professor Ahlam Imad were assassinated in Homs, by alQaeda FSA; when Professor of Engineering Nabil Zoghaib was assassinated with his wife and two sons, by alQaeda FSA.

Lancet’s lips were also sealed when the vehicle of Dr. Seham Dannoun was remotely detonated by alQaeda FSA, with weapons from NATO, in June 2013. The Damascus University professor required BAKA’s to save her life.

Discredited Lancet’s sudden concern over schools again shows its deceit in its previous oblivion regarding the martyrdom of 82 students at Aleppo University, killed 15 January 2013, by NATO and Gulfie underlings’ moderate alQaeda FSA mortars; by its ignorance of 20 students slaughtered in the Architect College of Damascus University on 28 March 2013.

NATO’s ‘freedom fighters’ shelled Architect College in Damascus University with mortars killing

Lancet’s self-ablation of reality has persisted throughout the crisis. While its financial marriage to the AUB suddenly has wrought diarrhea of the mouth, it was still mute in October 2016, when alQaeda FSA terrorists were executing school children via sniper fire; it ignored the post-liberation of Aleppo findings of mass graves and slaughterhouses; it was immorally silent over dead bodies discovered in children’s schools; it uttered not a single word about the almost 1k explosives left behind by the alQaeda FSA terrorists, when they were ousted from Aleppo; it ignored the Syrian woman’s horrific description of life under NATO-sponsored terror.

Yousuf, 9, killed by a sniper bullet while walking home from school.
Another ‘moderate rebel’ slaughterhouse found in liberated Aleppo
More Syrian bodies found in Aleppo school

The UK’s discredited Lancet outright lies, when it complains of “forced conscription,” “forced displacement,” “withholding of humanitarian aid,” the heinous use of chemical weapons, and the “double-tap.”

That conscription in Syria is mandatory, has saved the country from western-directed destruction.  The Syrian Arab Army (SAA) has defended it country within its borders, from invading pathogens, the world’s human garbage, and the west’s highly paid mercenaries.  Seventy-three of the world’s countries have mandatory military service; would Lancet dare call Israel’s IDF “forced conscription”? The skank, underhanded claim of “forced displacement” is beyond chutzpah; upwards of 9 million Syrians are internally displaced persons (IDPs), forced to flee occupying terrorists, to safer areas of their homeland, and generally under the security of the conscripted SAA.

Lancet’s sudden bleating over humanitarian aid willfully ignores the massive weapons, food, and medicine depots discovered by the SAA.

Weapons crimes, gifts from the US to terrorists in Syria, found by SAA in liberated Aleppo

The long history of threats and usage of chemical and biological weapons use against Syria – by the alQaeda FSA and endless affiliates of les noms du jour – is outlined here.  Again, note that the first threat came in early December 2012, and that the urgent request for investigation by Syria’s UN ambassador was ignored.  His Excellency al Ja’afari was also ignored after requesting a UN investigation into the deadly use of [chlorine] chemical weapons against Khan al Asal, 19 March 2013, in which 25 were martyred, including 19 Syrian Arab Army soldiers.

The discredited Lancet again found itself tongueless in September 2014, when approximately 50 Syrian children were murdered by measles vaccines poisoned in Turkey, and thrust upon  Syria via colonialist UNSCR 2165 (2014), which breached the republic’s national sovereignty:

In mid-September, upwards of 50 Syrian children were murdered, when given poisoned measles vaccines, in Jirjanaz and Maaret al Nouman, Idlib governate, in “clinics” run by the takfiri.  Ambassador al Ja’afari called the deaths a “war crime,” and demanded that the UN investigate.

In lieu of an investigation, the UN offered an absurd cover story, illogical and devoid of any shred of common sense: Human error of an unnamed NGO that accidentally reconstituted the measles vaccine, using skeletal muscle relaxant, atracurium, as a diluent, instead of water.  Despite the measles vaccine requiring refrigeration, and reconstitution immediately prior to injection, this same ”accident” occurred dozens of times, at different locations.

The monstrous double-tap is used exclusively by NATO-Gulfie run takfiri:  They bomb, and then bomb again, when Syrians rush to assist the wounded, and carry away their martyrs. On 25 February, six synchronized suicide bombings were launched against the Syrians of Homs, while the leaders of the responsible al Qaeda FSA gangs sat at the peace table, in Geneva.  No comment from the discredited Lancet.

Shameless, immoral Lancet also brays about water used as a weapon; yet these mamserim again ignore the facts:  The al Tabqa dam has been under high level NATO occupation and threats, since early 2013. Humanity’s oldest water source, al Fijah, was also under al Qaeda FSA control, since early 2013, and in rabid response to Aleppo’s liberation, the savages polluted it with diesel fuel, depriving 5.5 million civilians of Damascus without water.  The Wadi Barada al Fijah crisis was finally resolved, but not before Reconciliation coordinator, Ret. General Ahmad al Ghabhan was assassinated by al Qaeda FSA terrorists.

SAA Martyer General (Ret.) Ahmad al-Ghadban assassinated by Nusra Front FSA alQaeda ISIS in Wadi Barada village of Ain Al-Fijah

The discredited Lancet ends its crimes against peace attack against Syria with an ignominious photograph provided by the CIA-funded death squads of the White Helmets.  Both this gang of butchers, and the Obama State Department have freely admitted it has received $23 million in CIA money via USAID – which is why Lancet is whining that Trump may be cutting these funds.

CIA USAID funds to terrorists

Independent investigative journalist Vanessa Beeley did the ground-breaking work exposing these monsters as having been founded by a Brit intelligence officer and former wetworker of Blackwater, headquartered in Istanbul, and in receipt of millions in funding also from EU countries (despite all these monies, the gang still does not have a stethoscope, and still has not been instructed in spinal precautions.  Of course, neither is needed in fake videos).  The scum of the Hollywood elite recently gave this death squad a standing ovation for receipt of a coveted Oscar.

The White Helmets were also involved in the recent threats against al Fijah.  They have been denounced by the Swedish Doctors for Human Rights “for medical malpractice and ‘misuse’ of children for propaganda purposes.”  Their most “iconic” photo was that of the dusty gray boy, taken by M. Rslan who is a supporter of the alQaeda-FSA-al Zinki child beheaders.  Among their terrorist camera crew are the Qatari illegals in Syria, who played a key role in the slaughter of men in Latakia villages, followed by the kidnapping of the women and children.  This is proven by the horrible interview by al Khanzeera, forcing one of the women to cheer the wonderful care given to them by the takfiri barbarians.  After 3-1/2 years of captivity – during which time al Khanzeera knew where they were – they were finally freed, in exchange for the Syrian government releasing an undisclosed number of terrorists from incarceration.

Uber dramatic fake rescue by CIA death squads White Helmets
CIA, UK funded contra White Helmets take post fake rescue selfie

These malignants are also tied into the terrible child abuse of “Bana,” the 7 year old fake genius, whose first tweet was a call for WW3 against the SAR.  Investigative reporter Barbara McKenzie has written a new piece, “The Crucifixion of Bana,” which should be read by those not wishing to succumb to the perversion of emotional war pornography.

Moon of Alabama has provided their readers with 44 of their impressively staged photographic ops.

Syrians liberated from terrorist occupation of eastern Aleppo neighborhoods have recently announced that the White Helmets are also organ traders.

There is massive, irrefutable evidence, and still the discredited Lancet frets over possible cuts in CIA funding to savages, and ends its war-whoring anti-Syria statement with a photo from the CIA’s death squads.  Note the perfection in framing of the cute baby, painted with strategic blood spots, and the drama of the useless paper surgical mask.  How is it possible that the Lancet does not know such masks are used to keep spittle from patients undergoing surgeries?

Another perfectly framed death squad White Helmets photo

The Lancet was founded in 1823, by English surgeon Thomas Wakely, who named the publication after the surgical instrument.  It is still – alas – called the “world’s leading independent general media journal,” despite its loss of “independence.”  Since 1991, it has been under the ownership of Elsevier, originally a Dutch publisher and technology company founded in 1880.

Discredited Lancet has been owned by Elsevier since 1991

Elsevier is now an Anglo-Dutch company; once called “one of the world’s leading providers of scientific and technical medical information and technology company,” it is now considered a “multinational publishing and information company,” co-headquartered in London and Amsterdam.

Elsevier’s CEO is Brit Ron Mobed, previously co-President and co-Chief Operating Officer of another multinational, and also previously employed in some “leadership” position at Schlumberger.  Schlumberger is a Dutch Public Company founded in France, in 1926.  It is now a Fortune 500 multinational, what could be termed Anglo-Dutch-French-American – which basically covers the world’s leading imperialists, genocidalists, and traders in Black African slavery (via, especially, the British and Dutch East Indies Companies).

Ron Mobed’s interesting bio.
French-Dutch-Anglo-American multinational Schlumberger.

The discredited Lancet is owned by the multinational Elsevier, whose CEO, Ron Mobed, previously worked for the French-Dutch-Anglo-American Schlumberger multinational.

Elsevier is owned by the RELX GROUP, S.A. S.A. stands for Société Anonyme, which basically means a company set up to launder money.  Note the red arrow in this screengrab:  Copyright 2017 Elsevier Limited.  The Lancet is a trade mark of RELX Intellectual Properties, SA, used under license:

No wonder the discredited Lancet has joined the international conspiracy against Syria
RELX owns Elsevier LTD which owns the discredited Lancet. Parent RELX is an SA, originally a designation for money launderers

In 1998, seven years after the UK’s discredited Lancet lost its independence (having been sold to a multinational), this previously prestigious medical journal published a rank study by then physician Andrew Wakefield, who had specialized in problems of the digestive system. Despite the fact that Wakefield’s ’93 hypothesis that the measles vaccine caused Crohn’s Disease never making it to status of theory, Lancet unabashed published his sophist – and deadly – claim that the MMR (measles, mumps, rubella) vaccine caused autism.

This fake study was based on a whopping 12 child patients, 8 of whom had parents complaining of behavioral problems.  Then still Dr. Wakefield claimed to have discovered what he named autistic enterocolitis (inflammation of both the small intestine and the colon).  International msm picked up on this strange study that involved only 12 children, 8 of whom had undiagnosed behavioral problems.

The international msm asked no questions – as it asks no questions before pimping perpetual war – and ran with the wrongful, illicit, intentionally stupid, sophist Lancet publication.  Hysteria and derivative hysteria ensued, snowballing from a crap 12-kid study into screams about mercury in vaccines being the culprit in autism.  That no vaccine contained mercury also become irrelevant. Many vaccines did use thimerosal as a preservative (it was also used in contact lens’ saline cleansers).  Insanity reigned as an American celebrity went on tour around the country, claiming that her son ‘’caught autism” from vaccination.  Her poor kid’s pediatrician happened to be a media whore, and went along as medical knowledge.  It is possible that the star’s son had a rare neurological disease, Landau-Kleffner, but that is also of no consequence, as the celeb subsequently announced that her boy was fully cured, having shat out his autism, via ingestion of probiotics.

In 2004, it was revealed that still Dr. Wakefield had received £55,000 (a bit over $68,000) from the British Legal Aid Board of lawyers seeking evidence to sue vaccine companies.  In 2010, the UK General Medical Council finally revoked his license – six years after his corruption became known.

On 2 February 2010 the discredited Lancet “fully” retracted Wakefield’s “paper from the published record” (the Rimini court ruling which awarded monies to the parents of an autistic child, claiming the autism was caused by the MMR vaccine, was overturned in February 2015).

The preventable childhood diseases of measles, mumps, chicken pox and whooping cough have made a resurgence in the US, and should make the 14 March anti-Syria statement of the discredited Lancet suspect, but given the history of American msm and fans, we shall probably go all Oliver Twist, “Please, sir, I want some more.”

American University of Beirut Faculty of Health Sciences proudly announced it was leading the discredited Lancet Commission on [Syria-less] Syria, 6 December 2016. It follows the footsteps of the Syria-less International Syria Support Group.  NATO and Gulfie media continue to hype and normalize a Syria devoid of Syrians. This fake legitimacy joins with the mythology of the external Syrian refugeelaunched by Gulfie Qatar – for purpose of strategic depopulation of the SAR, and using the country as a dumping ground for the world’s terrorists.

“Independent” American school in Lebanon but accredited by New York state, cheers conspiracy with discredited Lancet

If the name American affixed to a Lebanese university rings a dissonant chord, the readers of SyriaNews are hearing correctly.

Originally named Syrian Protestant College, AUB was founded by an evangelical minister born in Vermont, and reared in Ohio.  Daniel Bliss (1823-1916) traveled to the region to convert the heathens, but the American Board of Commissioners for Foreign Missions subsequently decided his deployment would be more useful if he exchanged prosthelytizing for geopoliticalizing, and raised funds for the creation of a Syrian-Lebanese school with “American educational character.”

Evangelical preacher cum founder of independent American school accredited by NY, in Beirut, Daniel Bliss

AUB is considered a private, secular, and independent university registered with the New York Board of regents, a licensing and accreditation body.

The AUB pronouncement was filled with glee, though this author is unable to discern whether the joy related to the pure sadism of empire, or if its composer were simply stoned from a record-breaking SEO keyword density:  In the 867 word piece, “global” appeared fifteen times (“globally,” once, but the additional two letters removes it from keyword competition).  Virtually everyone quoted in this dictum used the word “global.”

In a move that promises to be one of its largest global health undertakings, the Faculty of Health Sciences (FHS) has launched the Lancet-AUB Commission on Syria in partnership with one of the world’s oldest and most influential medical journals, The Lancet [obviously, as noted by the re-emergence of preventable childhood diseases.  The only thing the discredited Lancet has not yet done is to bring back the iron lung.].  A two-day kick-off meeting was held to define the scope of the newly launched commission and develop a work plan leading to a global report in March 2018….The Syria Commission is charged with examining the regional impact and global meanings of the Syria crisis, developing recommendations to address the needs of those affected, and mobilizing a stronger international response.  Through its work, the Commission will raise the profit [er, profile] of the crisis in global health.

The New York accredited “independent” American University of Beirut condemned “the lack of implementation of UN Security Council resolutions on the protection of health facilities,” omitting the fact that most of the UN Member States have given the terrorists the weapons which have been used to blow up Syrian hospitals.  Also of no consequence to the AUB are the draconian sanctions the UN members have inflicted upon Syria.

Nonetheless, UN member states are invited to be involved in this new money-making/money laundering, Anglo-Dutch-French-American global imperialist enterprise.

Much of the statement involved air kisses and a long list of non-Syrians who will be part of this process, along with countless schools within universities (AUB is represented by at least 4 affiliated schools and think tanks; Harvard, twice.)  Unnamed think tanks, NGOs, politicians, human rites groups, and fake humanitarian aid associations, writers, academia, and assorted advisors also were generically mentioned.

Though AUB faculty members have been involved in past as [discredited] Lancet commissioners, researchers, and writers…[T]his is the first time that AUB is leading and hosting a Lancet commission,” the independent American was pleased to acknowledge.

Richard Horton, Editor-in-Chief of the discredited Lancet noted the journal’s happiness, and noted that “AUB, a leading [foreign founded, foreign accredited] academic institution in the this region, is well positioned in relation to the crisis; has the right leadership and a critical mass of researchers who are engaged in this crisis; and can draw on its large regional and global network of collaborators and partners.”

Would it not be more efficient to simply stop arming terrorists in Syria, stop bombing Syria, reopen the Syrian embassies, apologize for 6 years of war crimes, and offer to help the Syrian Arab Republic rebuild?

After all, Dr. al Ja’afari has noted that the Syrian Arab Army can destroy “ISIS” in three days.

…and justice for all.

— Miri Wood, RNc

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    The author has just found out that the former electronics salesman & stethoscope-less ‘head’ of the White Helmets is on the panel of the Lancet-AUB ”Commission on Syria.” There is no bottom to the pit of NATO’s anti-Syria propaganda & other terrorism.


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