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Crimes Against Peace from DC, & Incest of War Whores


This exposé leaves without shelter or defense, crimes against peace perpetrated by journalists, politicians, mercenaries, and terrorists against the Syrian Arab Republic.  It also shines a bright light on the incestuous relationships of paid reporters, diplomats, politicians, and warmongering think-tankers.  Written March 2017, a computer glitch misfiled it.  Some updates have been added.

The crimes against peace troupe did another pirouette in the United States Holocaust Memorial Museum (USHMM) on 21 March [2017].  In yet another sadistic Fifth Column joke on the people of the Syrian Arab Republic, the Never Again! crimes against humanity institution chose Syria’s Mothers Day to host its third exhibit of the fraudulent, emotional war porn Caesar photos.

Roycce’s shameless crimes against peace in shameless Holocaust Museum

For those oblivious to being hit in the head with a sledgehammer, fake defector Caesar is the secret name of a guy who has secretly met with the UNSC, and secretly lobbied Capitol Hill, carrying with him 55,000 secret torture photos he smuggled out of Syria over a two-year period during which he lived in fear, horror, terrorworse fear, and being terrified, while secretly taking pictures of bodies, and secretly putting them onto secret memory cards, secret flash drives, and secret computers, all of which he smuggled out secretly in his secret socks or secret body cavities.

Before shamelessly being put on exhibit in the UN, they were secretly vetted by the London law firm of Carter-Ruck, hired Qatar, the Gulfie gas station which has spent over 4 billion USD in its part of a final solution against Syria.

The very secret and very scary Caesar story conveniently first broke on 20 January 2014, two days before the beginning of the Geneva peace talks , upon which the US feigned horror.

On 13 January 2017 the fake Caesar photos paid a visit to the Clinton School of Public Service, in Arkansas, sponsored by the Coalition for a Democratic Syria, which functions as a subsidiary of the State Department.  On 2 September 2013, this CDS called upon Congress to partake of “the rare occasion” to bomb the Syrian Arab Republic.

Coalition for a Democratic Syria call on US Congress to approve bombing Syria..!

This crimes against peace Caesar visit was a short one, because Mouaz Moustafa, its speaker, had a plane to catch to Belize, to go spear fishing.

Crimes against peace rewarded with spear-fishing in Belize
Crimes against peace rewarded with spear-fishing in Belize

Moustafa was Senator John McCain’s translator, the first time he illegally entered Syria, in 2013, when meet with kidnappers and other terrorists.

Moustafa far right. Idriss immediate right of illegal McCain

Mouaz Moustafa, 33, has an interesting bio.  A Palestinian born in Damascus, who came to the US at 12, has been called a “patriot” by McCain, though of what country, is not known.  Prior to becoming a board member of the CDS, Moustafa, not Libyan, was the “Executive Director of Libyan Council of North America.”  Though not Libyan, in this position, he reportedly met with White House NSC staff, advised the Libyan ambassador to the US, after his defection.  Previously, Moustafa worked as an intern to  Democratic Congressman Vic Snyder, and was a staffer to former Democratic  Senator Blanche Lincoln.

When asked by this journalist if the man circled in red is al Baghdadi, Moustafa declined to answer
McCain, illegally in Libya, meeting with terrorists. It is not known if Moustafa was his translator then.
McCain, illegally in Libya, meeting with terrorists. It is not known if Moustafa was his translator then.

On hand for round three of the Caesar show at the USHMM was House Foreign Affairs Chairman, Ed Royce (R-CA).  Royce’s prepared statement was typical of criminal lying we expect of Capitol Hill, but one lie was particularly appalling:

To me, the eerie thing about Caesar’s photos is how much they remind me of the pictures my father returned home with from World War II.  He was part of the allied forces that came upon a liberated Dachau…

The Nazi Germany forced labor camp was liberated on 29 April 1945.  Royce was born on 12 October 1951, which means Royce was had not been born when his “father returned home.”  Does Royce think mere geopolitics does not commit enough genocide, that it requires quantum physics to be added?  Or does he think intentionally causing a wrong inference is not lying?

In his crimes against peace speech, Royce noted that he was “honored to have worked with Ranking Member Engel on the Caesar Syrian Protection Act – named for the brave man who smuggled out these photographs.  This legislation is being reintroduced this week.”

Eliot Engel (D-NY) had introduced H.R. 5732 on 12 July 2016.  It passed by a cowardly loudness vote 16 November.

Royce did not mention why it is in need of re-introduction, but it is not unlikely its authors feel compelled to change some of the wording involving visas, inadmissibility/ineligibility because it might be perceived to sound like President Trump’s recent Executive Orders.

Did this part of the Fake Caesar bill sound too much like Trump's Executive Orders on immigration?
Did this part of the Fake Caesar bill sound too much like Trump’s Executive Orders on immigration?

Though this heinous anti-Syria Act was forced into a coma after Trump played kissy face with the Saudi tyrant who demanded full control of terrorism by the Gulfies not be shared with Qatar, the machinations of this rotten war propaganda must be understood.

A Look at the Original H.R. 5732 

The orwellian short title, named after a fake person, Caesar Syria Civilian Protection Act, is an aptly chosen one, given that its preamble is mostly lie:  “To halt the wholesale slaughter of the Syrian people, encourage a negotiated settlement and hold Syrian human rights abusers accountable for their crimes.”

Capitol Hill has consistently engaged in crimes against peace against the Syrian people; its law makers are responsible for the “wholesale slaughter,” and are the human rights abusers who should be held accountable for the crimes against the Syrian people.

Syrian blood in the Palace of Justice, 15 March


SAA Seizes 2 Shipments of NATO Weapons to Al Qaeda Near Damascus

The findings of this bill are based on ugly fraud against the Syrian Arab Republic, fraud that should be self-evident. Concern for both external refugees and internally displaced persons (IDPs, which most Syrian refugees are, preferring to stay within their own homeland) is savagely hypocritical, as there was no Syrian refugee problem before the US and its allies conspired to destroy this country.

It is inexcusable that Congress members cite the paid propagandist, one-man band operative Abdul Rahman’s Syrian Observatory for Human Rights as source material.  Rahman left Syria in 2000, eleven years before the foreign imposed terrorist crisis.  He is funded by the EU and one unnamed European country.  He claims to have been a “political dissident” in the SAR, but unofficial reports are that he was incarcerated for fraud and embezzlement, which fits into his claim that he ‘fled’ when his two business partners were arrested.

Findings cite the fake Caesar testimony, paid for by Qatar (“pronounced ‘gutter”’), whose murderous attacks on the SAR resulted from Syria refusing to let a Qatari pipeline go through its country.  A small sample of Gutter’s many crimes against peace — including violence against women in Syria:

Qatar-funded savage deviant, knife in hand, soldier’s heart in mouth: The face of NATO’s revolution against Syria

Findings cite [former] UN Ambassador Samantha Power testifying about “grave reports” while offering not a shred of evidence.

Findings cite [former] Secretary of State John Kerry being “absolutely certain” that Syria used weapons-grade chlorine against Syria, despite the OPCW having reported Syria’s successful and early delivery of its chemical weapons stockpile, upon joining the Organization for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons. Findings somehow lost this fact, somehow ignore that Kerry offered no evidence, and also somehow was completely ignorant to the fact of the rapid degradation of chlorine-related forensics (Congressman Royce:  Close your bathroom door and clean with straight bleach, then open the door.).

The CW demonization motif is so useful that the UN, OPCW, msm, and Capitol Hill continue to resurrect it against Syria.

These staunch mass-murdering colonialists on Capitol Hill have ignored all facts, the true history chemical weapons against Syria.   They align with the mafioso clique running the UN, who refused all requests by Syria’s ambassador, for an investigation — beginning with the first threat of ‘opposition’ coming from a lab-like room in Turkey, 5 December 2012.

FSA terrorists threatened to unleash VX against Syria. Rabbits were used to demonstrate. Youtube censored this channel, hiding truth.

Findings lies that the SAR deprives humanitarian assistance, by blocking humanitarian corridors, ignoring UNSCR 2165 (2014) which authorized the breach of Syria’s national sovereignty which resulted the deaths of 50 Syrian children, via measles vaccines poisoned in Turkey:

In mid-September 2014, upwards of 50 Syrian children were murdered, when given poisoned measles vaccines, in Jirjanaz and Maaret al Nouman, Idlib governate, in “clinics” run by the takfiri.  Ambassador al Ja’afari called the deaths a “war crime,” and demanded that the UN investigate.  In lieu of an investigation, the UN offered an absurd cover story, illogical and devoid of any shred of common sense: Human error of an unnamed NGO that accidentally reconstituted the measles vaccine, using skeletal muscle relaxant, atracurium, as a diluent, instead of water.  Despite the measles vaccine requiring refrigeration, and reconstitution immediately prior to injection, this same ”accident” occurred dozens of times, at different locations.

Findings demands the colonialist imposition of transition, and disenfranchises the Syrian people, who elected President al Assad in June 2014.

At the polls, 3 June 2014.
“I voted for #Syria Basher #Syrian Arab Army.” Royce, Engels, Ellison should disenfranchise?
Engel, Royce, Ellison et al want to overturn Syrian election
How dare these uppity Syrian women decide on their own president? Don’t they know elections are only valid if overseen by US colonialists?

Findings needs to ask itself when the last time was that a US president was so beloved that he could freely move among his people.  A red arrow has been provided, pointing to President Bashar al Assad.

Colonialists of Capitol Hill demand the vile right to overturn Syria’s elections

Crimes against peace authors of the fake caesar bill demand the  right to disenfranchise these Syrians:

Who gave NATO countries the right to dictate Syrians may not vote for the candidate of their choice?

Contrast to this photograph, surreptitiously taken by the author, 10 October 2010, from the Philly side of the Ben Franklin Bridge.  Author was politely accosted by a man in street clothes, saying he was a member of the Philadelphia Police Department (he did not show ID), and no photos were permitted to be taken while President Obama’s motorcade passed below, on I-95.  After a polite round-about involving Constitutional rights, the policeman pointed to the snipers on the hovering helicopter above, and said they would be authorized to shoot, were the camera not put down.

Taking a photo of the US Presidential motorcade became a capital offense, punishable by public execution. Philadelphia, 10 October 2010

Findings lie that the Syrian Arab Republic is responsible for the devastation of Syrian infrastructure.  Prior to the US-led war criminal bombing campaign of the SAR, the US/EU/Gulfies sponsored terrorists were on a rampage of destruction of Syrian infrastructure.

Old Clock in Central Homs bombed by US-funded “moderates.”
Central Homs rebuilt by the Syrian government with help of China. Dedicated May 2015
Yarmouk “Camp” before 2011 terror campaign against Syria
What US terrorists did to Yarmouk

Findings lies that the SAR created the environment in which “ISIS” has grown.  In fact, “ISIS” was created when the US released al Baghdadi from an Iraqi jail, and gave him 10s of millions of dollars to train other terrorists, in Jordanian camps.  As the US created al Qaeda in Afghanistan, to fight the Soviets, the US created “ISIS” in Iraq and the Levant, to further destabilize the region.  “ISIS” has two air forces; one Israeli, and one US American.

US created “ISIS
kerry ford fsa isis
Why FSA Fanboys blame Assad for ISIS?!
"ISIS" in their Japanese Toyotas leaving Iraq to Syria. US coalition does not see them.
ISIS” in their Japanese Toyotas leaving Iraq to Syria. US coalition does not see them.

Findings wants to prohibit any deliveries of any weapons to the Syrian government, while continuing to arm terrorists on the ground, calling them “opposition.”

Terrorists love their presents from the US

War Criminal History of Key Congress Members Supporting H.R. 5732

Eliot Engel, has a long history of crimes against peace.  On the International Relations Committee, he issued a statement on 19 March 2003, supporting Bush’s demand that Iraqi President Saddam Hussein leave his country within 48 hours.  Engel brayed about the “threat of chemical weapons,” condemned the UN for not supporting a US invasion, claimed to ‘’cherish peace,” and announced that American “armed forces will be victorious and Saddam Hussein will no longer be a threat.”

Engel supported the devastation of Iraq

Despite more than one million Iraqis being slaughtered, despite the fact that there were no chemical weapons in Iraq, despite the fact that US troops were still in Iraq, and that terrorism now existed where it did not previously, crimes against peace peacenik Engel supported the war criminal bombing of Libya as a “humanitarian mission.”

Engel considered the brutal rape and murder of Gaddafi as “humanitarian,” but announced he would not shake President Trump’s hand because what he “offers isn’t part of our normal political discourse.”

Despite increasing terrorism in Iraq, and Libya being turned into a haven for terrorists via the Obama humanitarian mission,  on 25 August 2013, Engel gave an interview to Fox News.  He called for bombing Syria and its infrastructure and said Obama should bomb Syria first, and ask Congressional approval afterward.

Engel: Bomb Syria, then ask Congressional approval
Politicians Bob Corker & Eliot Engel, sworn to uphold the Constitution, told POTUS Obama to ignore Constitution.

Of note:  Crimes against peace activist Engel salivated over France bringing to justice the perpetrators of violence in France.  Engel had no care that Hollande — like the rest of the EU, and like the US — has been funding terrorists against Syria.

Engel’s drooling statement regarding the attacks in Nice.
In 2013, Syria offered to give France names of French terrorists in Syria. France refused to cooperate.

Royce is “honored” to be affiliated with rabid dog of war, Engel.

Keith Ellison (D-MN, now also Deputy Chair of the Democratic National Committee) issued his first crimes against peace announcement by supporting the destruction of Libya, calling the destruction of Libya “freedom in the Arab world.”  The rape and murder of Gaddafi was a “good job.”

Do those who were moved when Ellison took his oath on the Quran imagine he would become the first takfiri in Congress?


Ed Royce’s colonialism was more strident than Ellison’s:  “Another week, another Arab regime crumbling.”  Since he could not lie about non-existent chemical weapons, he added rudeness to his racism:  “Those who thought Libya would truly turn a page after ditching its WMD back in 2003 have learned this desert leopard doesn’t change its spots.”


Ed Royce and His Terrorist Junkie Convicted Felon Friend Raed Fares

As part of the US’s crimes against peace, it shut down the Syrian Embassy in early 2014, attempted to censor Syria’s Permanent Representative to the UN by limiting his movement to a 25mi/40km radius from the UN, launching draconian sanctions against the SAR, arming terrorists, and bombing Syria’s infrastructure.  Despite these horrors (and the reality being that electricity, heat, travel, and internet access are significant problems), the terrorists that the US supports have no problems with electricity, internet, or visiting the USA whenever they wish.

One such terrorist is Raed Fares, the fraud founder of the Kafranbel Media Center, a.k.a. the CIA’s “Radio Free Syria.”  Fares visited Royce in Washington, DC, before attending a speaking engagement at the Atlantic Council think tank, in 2015.

Terrorist Fares visited Congressman Royce in DC

In December 2014, the New York Times wrote a very romantic piece on this common criminal who spent time in jail for forging real estate documentation (it was the “regime”’s fault, of course.  Syria is a paradoxical utopia in which there are no criminals, but jails are overflowing.).

Slice of life of convicted felon and drug addict, chauffeured by ‘philanthropic’ weapons contractor.
Though NYT claimed the felon as author of weird English signs in the woman-less Kafranbel, a Kuwaiti businessman (incubator salesman?) recently tweeted he’s the scriptwriter.

Though unlikely Royce would be chummy with an American junkie — diazapam and IV heroin — and convicted forger, Fares was received as a hero in D.C.,  in 2015.

Royce-s friend tweets support to one of the many al Qaeda gangs in Syria

The NYT report had Fares driving around Turkey  — for no apparent reason except as a cinematic background prop, it seems – with a venture capitalist, Jim Hake.  Hake is founder and CEO of Spirit of America.  Alternately called a “charity,” a “non-profit,” an admittedly biased NGO (it “explicitly takes sides” according to Hake. they are all biased toward crimes against peace) in various feel-good stories from msm, SoA is legally a 501c tax exempt charity.  Its Orwellian motto is War, Peace, Philanthropy:  Bringing the Spirit of America to Combat Zones. To call an ancillary, paramilitary gang a “public charity” causes some leakage of cerebral spinal fluid.   SoA ‘supports’ US military interventions, works with the State Department, seeks private donations, and engages in US ‘diplomacy’ by having its CEO drive a terrorist around Turkey.

Hake, ‘Mad Dog’ Mattis, & Hoover Institute.
The Military-Industrial-Complex

The report did not mention if venture capitalist Hake drove Fares the 614.8 km/382 mi from Kabranbel.

Prior to traveling to Washington, junkie-terrorist Fares was taken for a ride and and interview with an American venture capitalist, in Turkey
Meet the SoA MIC team

The Atlantic Council was founded in 1961.  Apparently on the down-low until the most heinous international conspiracy against one country, in the history of humanity, AC has become a known since 2011.

Its motto is Working Together to Secure the Future.  Renewing the Atlantic Community for Global Challenges – of creating a one-world military industrial complex empire.  Atlantic Council is a graphite rib of the umbrella Atlantic Treaty Association which is absolutely independent of NATO, whilst sharing its imposition of values of democracy, freedom, liberty, peace, security, rule of law – no matter how great the number of victims of genocide might be.

The Military Industrial Complex at work: Demonize Syria. Bomb Syria. Steal Syria’s raw materials.

Atlantic Council receives “donations” from more than 25 governments around the world (including Azerbaijan and Wahhabi Saudistan; Azeri-Turkic is the language on the HSD, which is used by the illicit US merc militia against Syria), but it does not release full donor lists, instead politely acknowledging corporate donations of more than $5,000.  In this acknowledged list are included five Turkish corporations.  Most of the more than 350,000 foreign terrorists to invade Syria – including CNN and John McCain – came through the Erdoganstan border.  All miraculously entered without injury from the almost 200,000 landmines that Erdoganstan has not cleared, despite joining the Mine Ban Treaty in 2003.

A partial list of Erdoganstan corporations funding the US think tank.
Land Mine Treaty

Among its directors is war criminal David Petraeus.  Its Honorary Directors includes mass murdering genocidalists:

  • Madelaine “500,000 dead Iraqi babies was worth it” Albright
  • Leon Panetta, Former Secretary of Defense. So beloved by US Marines in Afghanistan that they were disarmed before meeting with him.
  • Condoleezza “Birth Fangs” Rice
  • James Woolsey.

International advisors include Zbiggy Brezinski, who, like the Dick Cheney, keeps on breathing because Beelzebub does not want the competition.

Though junkie terrorist and Royce’s respected friend, Fares appears to be the lone bridge between the global SoA and the anti-Syria crimes against peace to the US-based think tank, Atlantic Council, last year the AC added another Syria-hater to its massive employee list, when Eliot ‘Brown Moses’ Higgins was given status as a “non-resident fellow.”

Nebbish BM, an unemployed Xbox gamer, blogger, and stay-at-home-dad was ‘discovered’ by British intelligence and made into an overnight, Hollywood success as online military genius whose virtual findings happened to be completely congruent with the world’s leading politicians against Syria; MSM made him a fake journalistic accomplishment, and his fake findings were cheered by well-funded NGOs such as Human Rites Watch and Amnesty.

Fawning corporate media somehow never mentioned that BM Higgins had begged American terrorist in Syria —  Matthew VanDyk — to find him full time employment.  Doing so might have caused accidental leakage about the US terrorist warning him, and orangette Sotoloff that al Qaeda FSA had chemical weapons and were prepared to use them in order to  blame Syria. VanDyk further explained that President al Assad had no need of using CWs, as Syria was winning the war, and would have won it already were it not for the invasion of foreign terrorists.  BM Higgins could be seen salivating through cyberspace when VanDyk offered to introduce him to an important guy at CNN — terrorists most trusted name in news.  VanDyk also noted that being an HRW consultant would open the door to numerous appearances on CNN — whose terrorist friends recently cheered alliances with child beheaders.

Incest among the Perpetrators of Crimes against Peace

SoA’s “team” board of directors is a long list of a former Secretary of State, retired generals, and admirals, several of whom have their own think tanks and various CEOs.

Of these, the most interesting is Dr. Kimberly Kagan, CEO of the Institute for the Study of War.  Early in the Syrian crisis, the ISW spokeswoman, Elizabeth O’Bagy was frequently quoted in her crimes against peace lies against Syria, by then SoS Kerry, and by all MSM.

  • O’Bagy resigned when it was revealed she also lied about having a Ph.D.  One might expect having a liar as spokeswoman would harm Kagan’s reputation.  Not only did no one notice, but illegal alien McQaeda McCain, the kidnapper, immediately gave her a job.
  • Kagan’s maps are used by the UNSC. Kagan’s husband is Frederick Kagan,  the head of the neocon think tank American Enterprise Institute.
  • Fred’s brother is Robert, a Senior Fellow at the Brookings Institute.
  • Robert’s wife is Victoria Nuland, former Assistant Secretary of State, who, on 13 December 2013, bragged at the National Press Conference that the US had spent more than $5 billion over 20 years, to create the Nazimaidan coup.

Christiane Amanpour, of CNN, terrorists most trusted name in news, has a long history of anti-Syria crimes against peace, throughout the crisis.  This journalist with a net worth of $12.5 million is married to James Rubin.  Rubin was Assistant Secretary of State and State Department spokesman under President Bill Clinton, and advisor to Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, under President Obama (Amanpour was livid over the US election results, being one of the first to blame on “fake news” of the rightwing, and demanding that Facebook launch a program of censorship).

Amanpour and The GeryonLeMerde conjoined twins co-broke the original news of the ‘Caesar’ photos, two days before the beginning of the Syrian peace talks in Geneva, 22 January 2014.  In lieu of CNN independently verifying the 55,000 torture photos, Amanpour interviewed the three war crime prosecutors who wrote the report on the absurdly sensational photos.  CNN did report the study was funded by Qatar, via Qatar’s contracted law firm in London, Carter-Ruck.  CNN did not report that Qatar had by then already spent over $4 billion in the attempted destruction of Syria.

CNN cannot independently confirm the authenticity of the photographs, documents, and testimony referenced in the report and is relying on the conclusions of the team behind it. 

All three stated that the evidence was sufficient to prosecute Syria’s president, Dr. Bashar al Assad, should the destroyers of peace and security mob of the UN stop being such timid monsters.

Among the three war crimes lawyers was Geoffrey Nice, who successfully prosecuted former Yugoslav President, Slobodan Milosevic.

On 24 March 2016, Milosevic was fully exonerated – post-mortem.  Nice, who wrongfully prosecuted Milosevic, was rewarded for his crimes by being bought by Qatar, for the purpose of being a mouthpiece for criminal lies against Syria’s president.

The International Criminal Tribunal for the Former Yugoslavia (ICTY) in the Hague has determined that the late Serbian president Slobodan Milosevic was not responsible for war crimes committed during the 1992-95 Bosnian war. [emphasis added.]

A man who wrongfully prosecuted a non-war criminal is, who has been paid by a state sponsor of terror, Qatar, is the source detritus used by CNN.

SyriaNews is struggling to remember when any western politician who actually committed genocide was ever even indicted.  Was there ever any semblance of justice for Vietnam? Chile? Iraq?  George W. Bush is running around the US getting hugs from neolib talk show hosts while selling his paintings of US veterans.  Tony Blair was made a special envoy for peace in the Levant and North Africa.   Dick Cheney’s Halliburton is signing contracts with Israel to steal Syrian oil from the Syrian Golan, occupied by the Zionist State.

CNN, a blatant supporter of friends of child beheaders and other terrorists against Syria, has a long hard-on history against the SAR, dating back to the beginning of the foreign-imposed crisis against this country.

Actual evidence suggests that CNN might have been involved in the US-funded terrorist bombing of the refinery in Homs.  At the very least, the three videos included, here, prove collaboration between the terrorists most trusted name in news and the killers and kidnappers of al Khanzeera.

Among the crimes against peace Vichy urinalists of this international news source that slithers into a mostly affluent 450 million households, hyper-wealthy Anderson Cooper and Christiane Amanpour have been the most strident in their baseless enmity against the Syrian people.  Way back in August 2011, Cooper yelled, “that’s not true!” to His Excellency Bashar al Ja’afari, when the statesman stated that foreign terrorists were invading his country, and slaughtering his people.

Cooper has never apologized for this affront, despite his many subsequent reports on foreign terrorists in the SAR.  Amanpour once attempted an insult to the noble statesman by ending her interview with the question she should have flung at herself:  How do you sleep at night?! 

These two multi-million dollar Vichy urinalists do not ever let reality get in the way of their obnoxious sense of landed gentry impunity.

The two have even played the hard-cop, soft-cop  roles, allowing one to shed fake righteousness in loudly condemning non-existent “false moral equivalency.”

Indignant $12.5 millioner outraged!

Cooper had his fake activist Danny in the beginning of the foreign-imposed terrorist war against Syria; Amanwoar seems to have everyone else.  In early 2013, she actually had to coach a “SAMS” ($15 million FY 2015 budget) mouthpiece who claimed to be in Erdoganstan where fake evidence of fake CWs was being fake processed.  The rep has blocked this writer, on Twitter, though she does not remember having ever spoken to him (has, however, frequently asked “SAMS” to release the secret Tennari video secretly shown in the UN, which Samantha Power claimed made her cry).

Miri Wood Twitter blocked by SAMS rep Zaher Sahloul

To be fair, Amanwour tends to be strident in most of her work.  The closest she ever sounded to being civilized was when she interviewed terrorist-Wahhabi Saud FM Adel bin Ahmed ‘Voce Bianca’ al Jubeir.  Nay, she was submissive in that interview, so deferential, the viewer might have wondered how low could she go?

On 17 March 2017, Amanpour – oblivious to the exoneration of Milosevic, oblivious to the fake Kuwaiti incubator babies scam, oblivious to fraud Iraqi defector, Curveball – interviewed the faux Syrian defector, Caesar.  Fake Caesar lamented that Obama did not obliterate Syria.  Attempting to manipulate CNN’s hatred of Trump, he called upon the new president to fulfill Obama’s missed opportunity.

Fraud CNN dramatizes fake Caesar, trying to pimp him out to POTUS Trump

Murderous fraud Curveball — previously in fake fear — was also courted by NATO war prop msm.

Deja curveball.

Despite Caesar having already lobbied the UN, being on his second lobbying tour of the mass murderers on Capitol Hill, despite he and his fake family having received fake asylum in the US, despite the obvious idiocy that — surely — had he existed in reality, the SAR would have identified him, long ago, CNN went full cheesy dramatic in hiding his fake identity, during the interview, making him appear like some Marvel Comic scary character.

Amanpour hails…Caesar?

Fake Caesar was offered at the altar of crimes against peace propaganda, to condemn President Obama for not having obliterated Syria – as he did Libya – and to beg President Trump to destroy the country he most likely never lived in.

His fraud cover story was further dramatized in the Amanpour interview, adding more ridiculous details to enhance emotional provocation.


Alas, nobody seemed to pay much attention to Amanpour’s exclusive interview with fake Caesar, and CNN was forced  to re-share it, on 21 March, Mothers Day in Syria; on 21 March, Mothers Day in Syria, the day that the abomination called the Holocaust Museum, and the war criminal friend of felon junkie terrorist Fares, chose to re-round the monstrous Caesar pix, and to promise to re-introduce the filled-with-criminal-lies H.R. 5732.

CNN’s use of its podium as ‘also weapons of mass destruction’ against the SAR appears to not be successful in provoking the desired thymos in its viewers; it continues to “update” the interview, attempting to add more horror, more threats.

One update noted that “criminal cases, based on Curveball’s [er, Caesar’s] [faux] evidence filed in Spain, Germany, and in France, according to Stephen Rapp, former US Ambassador-at-Large for War Crimes.”  Another update quoted Human Rights Watch (HRW), “…confident the Caesar photographs present authentic – and damning – evidence of crimes against humanity in Syria.”

CNN’s landed gentry updates, while hermetically sealing itself from some annoying truths:  Both Germany and France have dumped huge numbers of their human garbage terrorists into Syria; both Germany and France have breached the laws of the amorphous, globalist, EU’s sanctions against the SAR, by shipping weapons to its citizen-terrorists there.  Criminal, professional lying CNN uses tribute from terrorist-supporting, criminal and profession lying HRW, to bolster their fake credibility.

No matter that HRW has consistently attacked Syria, supporting all the foreign terrorists as “rebel opposition.”  No matter that:  HRW was $234 million in the black for FY 2015; it is receiving $100 million from Soros’ Open Society Foundation; its Executive Director Roth receives over $500,000 in annual “compensation;” his physician wife, Annie Sparrow has either spent the last 6 years illegally in Syria, or in nearby Erdoganstan (on whose payroll she remains, remains a secret, as ISMMS continues to list her as Associate Professor, despite her excessively over-extended and un-listed sabbatical); in ’09, it pimped itself for money from Saudi occupied Arabia, holding a fundraiser there; in ’14, 100 Nobel Laureates and Scholars called upon it to sever its tenacious ties to the CIA and Capitol Hill.

Human Rights Watch Inc
Anti-Syria propagandists Roth and Sparrow attended the 2011 White House dinner for Chinese President Hu Jintao
Laureates and scholars asked CNN’s co-conspirator HRW to sever ties to CIA and Capitol Hill

Criminal liar CNN’s first Operation Lazarus of fraud Caesar arrived as a follow-up and foul reinforcement to the discredited Lancet’s 14 March official announcement of having entered a profane union with the AUB, and together joining the demonic international conspiracy against Syria.

CNN re-ran Amanwoar’s farcically grotesque interview to reinforce the crimes against peace campaign disgracefully re-launched at the Holocaust Museum, further fouled by the savage and shameless lies of war criminal Royce (supporter of terrorist/junkie/convicted forger Fares, supported by the privatized mercenary charity SoA, and the independent think tank Atlantic Council, independently surviving from corporate donations from state sponsors of terror, and private donations from individual sponsors of terror). Surely, the timing of the Holocaust/CNN Caesar anti-Syria propaganda campaign being re-launched on Syria’s Mothers Day, 21 March, was no unfortunate coincidence.

Qatar-bought ‘Caesar’ has lobbied UN, monsters of Congress, but wore a Legos mask during CNN interview in March

The incestuous relationship of the perpetrators of crimes against peace has a new addition:  In early February, CNN hired criminal liar and former State Department press liaison, Jen Psaki, as another fake neutral journalist.

Jen Psaki

By the end of the month, Psaki – who fully supported the censorship of Syria’s Permanent Representative to the UN, via limiting his freedom of mobility – was braying about the urgent need of “free press” to keep demo[n]cracy “alive.”

That the fecund Military Industrial Complex continues to self-procreate should come as no surprise, given that Capitol Hill and the American populace have ignored the warnings of Five Star General and former Republican President Dwight D. Eisenhower; what is more disturbing is there is no longer even a pretense of fake objectivity.

Last year, it became obvious that CNN’s Ward of Death was being groomed for a political position in a Clinton cabinet.  Samantha Power – whose own political history began as an embedded, criminal lying pseudo-journalist in Yugoslavia – brought her into the UN, along with other anti-Syria terrorists, giving her a massive, geopolitical audience.

CNN’s Clarissa Ward, right, has illegally entered the SAR multiple times, embedding herself with takfiri

Below, the photo on the left was taken during street celebrations after the Syrian Arab Army liberated the Aleppo suburb of Bani Za’id and the industrial zone of al Liramoun, 28 July 2015.  On the undated right, friends of Ward of Death, possibly including women victims of terrorist and anti-Islam Wahhabi sex jihadists.  Both were taken before the reunification of Aleppo.

Contrast of liberated neighborhood and terrorist occupied neighborhood

Below, another comparison of CNN’s Ward of Death (who admitted to having entered Syria illegally on at least a dozen occasions) and her terrorist friends who emotionally abuse children, and Syrian women enjoying themselves in parts of their country not occupied by takfiri.

Illegal alien unable to choose her own clothing, brays about fake freedom, while Syrian women enjoy status of adulthood.

Soon after the election, reports circulated that PEOTUS Donald J. Trump had met with Congress member Tulsi Gabbard (D-HI), in consideration for becoming the next US ambassador to the UN.

Tulsi Gabbard (D-HI)

The hope was short-lived (almost as short-lived as the hope that Trump would keep his unprecedented acceptance speech promise of ending perpetual war), as Trump subsequently appointed a member of the swamp to replace war hawk Power.  New Ambassador Nikki Haley has done such a good imitation of her predecessor, were she to don a red wig, the two could pass as identical twins.  Haley’s rabidly anti-Syria attacks are based on fake intelligence provided by the UN, in its unprecedented, illicit JIM fake inquiry.

[W]e will pursue a new foreign policy that finally learns from the mistakes of the past. We will stop looking to topple regimes and overthrow governments…[I]n our dealings with other countries we will seek shared interests wherever possible…. — President – Elect Donald J. Trump

Gabbard has subsequently come under crimes against peace attacks by the msm, for having recently gone on a fact-finding mission to Syria.  Objective, McCarthy-ite news has labeled her a Soviet [oops, Russian] spy, and/or a dupe who has come under the influence of the Svengali-ophthalmologist President al Assad.

Gabbard and Black

Upon her return from the SAR, the Iraqi war veteran introduced H.R. 508 (2017), Stop Arming Terrorists Act; it has been since introduced to the Senate (S. 532), by Republican Dr. Rand Paul.

That sane politicians have to introduce legislation to get our government to stop committing the war crimes against peace that should not have been committed in the first place, is also an abomination.

Certainly, our criminal leaders could not have gotten away with such atrocities were our media not co-conspirators, the vile brain-washers to send their audiences into 1984.  

This Syrian man’s face was not shown in western media, in 2011 —  when all al Qaeda against Syria was FSA.

Nidal Jannoud, enjoying his final day of NATO’s murderous Arab Spring, 21 April 2011
Pentagon has terrorists against Syria on tax dollars payroll.
US weapons to takfiri ‘important first step.’


Syrian Mothers Day

Syria’s Mothers Day used to be like Mothers Day in other countries; a day to honor mom.

Syrian postage stamp to honor Mothers Day.

Since the onset of the foreign imposed reign of terror against the SAR, it has become a day of mourning, in which moms honor their martyred sons, and daughters.

Syrian Mothers Day, 21 March 2017

This photo of Syrian mom, Souria Habib Ali was taken in November 2016.  She holds the names of her six children (5 sons and one daughter)  who have been martyred defending their homeland against foreign invaders armed and funded by NATO, and supported by msm collaborators:

Souria Habibi Ali lost 6 children, all members of the Syrian Arab Army, defending their homeland within its borders.

How insidiously depraved is the geopolitical mind of Ed Royce, to choose Syrian Mothers Day as the one to launch a new round of genocidal propaganda against the SAR; have not enough Syrian women buried their sons, their daughters, for his grizzly and insatiable appetite?

Souria Habib Ali, Mothers Day 21 March 2017

Syrian first lady Asmaa Bashar Al Assad held a reception on the occasion of Mother’s Day, 21st March 2013, to show the gratitude of all Syrians to over 5,000 Syrian mothers whom each of them sent all of her sons to defend the country in the face of an unprecedented NATO and stooges alliance with all evil forces on the planet including Al Qaeda terrorists to destroy Syria, the mother of all mothers.

Since 2013, Syrian Mothers Day has also been the death anniversary of Sheikh Muhammed Saeed Ramadan al Bouti.

Martyr Sheikh Mohammed Saeed Ramadan al Bouti

The international scholar of Islam, teacher of one million students, was murdered by al Qaeda/FSA in a mosque, during a lesson in Quran and the peaceful message of Islam, 21 March 2013.

Sheikh Muhammed Saeed Ramadan al Bouti.

Sheikh al Bouti, of Kurdish origin, born in Turkey, was a fierce Syrian patriot who was on record as calling FSA “scum.”  His atrocious murder – along with his grandson, and others – was largely ignored by western media, except to either cheer the terrorist “rebels,” or suggest that the Sheikh had secretly “defected.”

Secular Syria in grief over news of martyrdom of Sheikh al Bouti
Thousands of Syrians attended the Sheikh’s funeral.

That the fraudulent Caesar Act has been put on the back burner does not mean that the warmongers of Capitol Hill, of deep state MSM, of the mobster-run UN have repented, have halted their crimes against peace.

On the contrary:  They seek out new lies in their insatiable quest to destroy Syria.

UPDATE 7 OCTOBER 2018:  Two days ago, the US Holocaust Museum reestablished itself as firmly, incestuously committed to ongoing crimes against peace against Syria. The ”recipients” of the 2019 Elie Wiesel Award are the criminally insane serial killers “AKA the White Helmets.” This gang of stethoscope-less, fraudulent ‘first responders’ is also known for kidnapping and brutalization of children, for the purpose of emotional pornography.

Note the perverse caption: “Music & explosions.”  Shall we dance?


Miri Wood

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