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New York Times Pimps Perpetual War — Again

Proper caption: US foreign mercenaries gaze upon the Raqqa they have obliterated.

On 4 February, the New York Times — which never met a war crime it did not love — ran a standard, grotesque, headline:  Thousands of ISIS Fighters Flee Syria, Many to Fight Another Day.  Its opening sentence was even more fetid, affording more insight into its fraudulent reporting, of anti-Syria propaganda.  “Thousands of Islamic State foreign fighters and family members have escaped the American military campaign…” [emphasis added].

This reported flight commits to the concept of the perpetual enemy, without which there can be no perpetual war [crimes].  It is essential to note that the NYT admits to terrorists in Syria being foreigners, while cautiously never using the word “terrorists.”  In NATO-run MSM, savage serial killers, those deployed to destroy sovereign nation-states, are never given their proper name.  They are only called “terrorists” when their atrocities are committed in the UK, France, Belgium, and other NATO militaries entities.  Such geopolitical hypocrisy is never called out by any professionally paid journalist.

“Then we just bombarded the shit out of it [Raqqa].” “I’ve literally done nothing in my life but jack off before I came here.” — American terrorist & human garbage.
It is particularly noteworthy that while many MSM are trashing Trump’s recent State of the Union Address, there is no condemnation of his war crimes, nor his Dr. Strangelove-like statements, “We will continue our fight until ISIS is defeated…[W]hen possible, we have no choice but to annihilate them.”

At the beginning of the Syrian crisis, the scam was a fake, internal uprising – apparently against free education, free healthcare, and full employment. When Syria’s UN Ambassador, Bashar al Jaafari emphatically stated in August 2011, that foreign terrorists had invaded his country, and were slaughtering Syrians, he was called a liar, by CNN’s Anderson Cooper.   Cooper has never apologized, despite the fact that CNN’s Clarissa Ward of Death has won awards for interviewing foreign human garbage on her several illegal entries into the SAR.

Nowhere in the latest propaganda piece, does the New York Times mention that the world’s human garbage has been dumped into the SAR, that 350,000 “anti-Islam Wahhabi sex jihadists” along with countless western illegals (including but not limited to Sen. John “McQaeda” McCain, CNN, BBC).  No mention is made that most have entered through the border with Erdoganstan, a border still littered with landmines that were supposed to have been cleaned by 2013 (not a single illegal has lost a limb, nor a life, providing evidence they were given maps to safe routes).

New York Times takes its crimes against peace propaganda to an even more rancid level, in its choice of featured image for its smarmy report.  In grizzly geopolitical sadism, it shows a completely obliterated al Raqqa; it continues to not call terrorist “Islamic State” “terrorists; it lies about the existence of the “Syrian Democratic Forces” which are neither Syrian nor democratic.  This gang of thugs, foreign mercenary dogs was created by the Obama administration and has been accelerated by the fake swamp-drainer, Trump.

al Raqqa was a city of 800,000 Syrians, held hostage by 3,000 foreign killers.  Dr. al Jaafari explained this to MSNBC’s Andrea Mitchell, back in October 2015.  NYT and other deep state, NATO MSM have mis-labeled its obliteration as liberation.

The New York Times depends on the success of the CIA’s Operation Mockingbirdbrain, for its audience to accept the normalization of colonialist aggression against the SAR.  Otherwise, what right-minded person would consider it acceptable for foreign militias, foreign military, to invade and occupy any of his/her country? Would Italians think it proper for Britain’s military to occupy Milan?  Would Frenchies be amenable to Germany occupying Paris?  Would any American support  Turkey occupying Philadelphia (Trump, back in January 2017, announced his support of Erdoganstan’s invasion and occupation of Jarabulus, Syria)?

NYT chemical lies in ’12. SAR did not acknowledge having these weapons until it joined OPCW, Sept ’13.

The New York Times took its nasty anti-Syria depravity even lower, lying that that it was the Syrian Arab Army who let ISIS leave al Raqqa.  This particular deception flies in the face of reality.  Videos showing the US giving safe passage to the takfiri, were viralized, last year.  NYT also ignores the reality that the US created ISIS, as it created al Qaeda.  There was no “ISIS” until 2006, when the US released al Baghdadi from an Iraqi jail, gave him $10 million, and the USMC to train killers in Jordanian sites.

“So, who created ISIS, Syria or the United States?”

The NYT has not been alone in its hypocritical double standards regarding terrorism in the west, versus terrorism inflicted upon sovereign Arab countries.  The UK has run mournful obituaries as front page news, on countless occasions.  Former Foreign Minister William Hague – a staunch supporter of killers of Syrians – offered British help to Brit savages returning home after slaughtering Syrians in their country if they have “good intentions” (how cold blooded murderers could possibly have ‘good intentions’ remains another geopolitical mystery).  He wept over the “very sad news for the family” of a UK terrorist who blew himself, and several Syrians, when he drove a truck with explosives into an Aleppo jail, in 2014.

Hague and BBC wept. No tears for the Syrians blown up by the British terrorist, though.
Hague wanted group therapy for savage Britons returning home.

France’s Paris Match ran a warm and fuzzy  piece on the life of Belgian terrorist Michel, upon his return home, from butchering Syrians.  The Match did not do a follow-up, after the Paris attacks in October 2015, attacks by “terrorists,” not “fighters,” nor “militants,” nor “rebels.”

Shortly before the attacks in France, Paris Match ran a lovely report on Belgian Michel’s life after returning from ”fighting’ in the SAR

It is the New York Times, though, which holds the prize for ongoing support of terrorists in the SAR.  While it missed the coveted interview with Abu Sakkar, the demon who murdered an SAA soldier, cut his body opened, and ate chunks of the martyr’s heart, lung, and liver, it compensated in other malignant ways (deep state msm was unable to romanticize the FSA terrorists who grilled the head of a Syrian soldier, and thus did not report on the atrocity).

Degenerate sociopath was deified by NATO msm.

In September 2013, it ran a sadoerotic porn video and report, gently worrying about the “Brutality of Syrian Rebels Posing Dilemma in West.”  This gruesome report called seven kidnapped Syrian soldiers, “captured,” and meticulously detailed their torture by foreign savages in Idlib.  That one of the killers – Haisam Saqar — was an Italian national, was omitted.  Also omitted was the fact that the Italian national terrorist was a proponent of genocide against a minority population of Syria.

NYT suggested ‘rebels’ stop showing the world their atrocities, while The Guardian appeared not to have noticed this one. Far left, Italian national Saqar, about to murder kidnapped Syrian soldiers in Idlib, 2012.

Last month, this Vichy urinal ran a sad, sad, report on a French woman who went “to fight” in Syria and is now crying for her mommy country, since being incarcerated by the US-owned Ziokurds.  Again, the terrorist is not called the savage “terrorist” and illegal that she is, but is portrayed as some beleaguered protagonist who made an adolescent mistake.

New York Times morphs French terrorist into protagonist.

Also last month, the NYT ran a piece about the US having accused Syria of “new chemical weapons use” (despite neither the US nor the NYT offering a dollop of evidence), and re-ran a Reuters scam claiming Syria is developing new types of chemical weaponry (the Federation of American Scientists was not interviewed).

Sheikhoun reports came from illegal Brit terrorist in Syria. New fraud stories are coming from terrorists occupying eastern Ghouta.

Both stories re-ran the 4 April GB hoax by al Nusra in Khan Sheikhoun, Idlib governate.

Reuters criminal lies via NYT.

While the New York Times readily takes verbal reports from terrorists occupying eastern Ghouta as gospel, it has continued to ignore their recent, deadly atrocities — slaughter in Bab Touma, slaughter in Esh al Warwar, mortars from Ghouta into Sa’sa.  NYT remains silent on the killing spree by ‘rebels,’ Syrian blood is cheap for media breaching Nuremberg codes of crimes against peace.  Inversely, the killers’ lies about non-chemical weapons attacks are supposed to be believed.  The scum have been braying about these non-existent attacks since last summer, and on a regular basis.

Actor pays more attention to the camera than to the patient.

On 30 October 2014, during a UN stake out, H.E. al Jaafari stated that were there a cessation of arming, funding, and facilitating the transit of ISIS takfiri, the Syrian Arab Army could wipe them out in three days.

The New York Times did not report on this statement; yet four years later, it lies with gargantuan impunity about ISIS in the Syrian Arab Republic.

This impunity is granted by its Mockingbirdbrain audience.

Miri Wood

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