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Moderate Terrorists Kill 10 CIVILIANS, Four from the Same Family in Damascus

image-Moderate Terrorists Kill 10 CIVILIANS in Damascus

‘Moderate Terrorists’ from al-Qaeda FSA groups operating in Eastern Ghouta fired mortar shells indiscriminately against two residential neighborhoods in the Syrian capital Damascus yesterday killing a number of civilians, injuring others and causing material damage.

Esh al-Warwar neighborhood, north of Damascus: 7 CIVILIANS were killed, four from the same family: Omar Mashhour, Ayah Mashhour, Noor Mashhour and their father Nasser Mashhour were killed with a mortar shelling falling on their house’s living room.

Jena Ramadan and Omar Ramadan, 2 siblings from the same family along with an elderly CIVILIAN and a CHILD were killed with the indiscriminate shelling by the ‘Moderate Terrorists’ against this downscale suburb, 13 other CIVILIANS injured with different types of injuries.

Mezzeh: The ‘Moderate Terrorists’ fired two more missiles on Mezzeh 86 suburb west of Damascus, the crime against humanity claimed the lives of two young ladies and injured two other CIVILIANS and damages in properties.

Harasta suburb also was a target of these ‘Moderate Terrorists’ who fired 17 rockets on the district causing material damages to civilian properties.

In response, the Syrian Arab Army targeted the source of the mortars with precision bombs. The SAA strikes destroyed rocket launchers and inflicting losses upon the ‘Moderate Terrorists’ operating them.

A couple of days earlier, the same ‘Moderate Terrorists’ targeted the Damascus International Airport and its runway when CIVILIAN planes were ready to take off with delegations from REAL SYRIANS from inside the country were onboard heading to Sochi in Russia.

Such news of terrorists crimes will not be reported by the NATO propagandists in western mainstream media, only the SAA retaliation is usually mentioned and the news is twisted to claim the SAA was targeting ‘peaceful civilians’ using ‘non-lethal’ and ‘moderate’ rocket launchers in: – The Last Hospital, – The main vegetables market, – Mosques, or whatever they deem useful to fuel their agenda of terror.

These new crimes come as the Syrians convene in Russian Sochi to discuss ways of moving forward with the reconciliations and settlements of issues called upon for change including drafting changes to the existing nation’s constitution to be presented to the Syrian state which in turn will offer it for a national referendum for voting.

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