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Syria: Israel Bombs Damascus International Airport Warehouse

Israel Bomb Damascus International Airport Violates International Law

At 23:15 Damascus time 11 January, Israeli jets attempted to attack the Damascus International Airport with 9 missiles (bombs). Eight were intercepted by Syrian air defenses, and one got through, hitting a warehouse.

The extent of the damage has not been reported. Also not reported is whether the air defense systems used were the S300s or the S200s jerry-rigged with the help of the DPRK.

As always, Israel’s war criminal attack on Syria was an affront also to allies and foes. In February 2014, then President Obama gave one billion in loan guarantees to Jordan so that Israel could use its airspace to engage in war criminal bombings of Syria. Despite the bribe and geography, Israel prefers to illegally enter Lebanon’s airspace to bomb the SAR, and Lebanon continues not to complain about this continuing breach of its national integrity.

Israeli’s US-made and maintained and in most cases manned fighter jets use the geographical cover provided by the Lebanese Eastern Mountains with to hide from Syrian air defense systems, which is not available from Jordan’s airspace, and which was one of the main requests by Israeli agents in Lebanon in 2005 post-killing of former PM Hariri to withdraw Syrian air defense from Lebanon…

In geopolitics, timing is always of strategic importance. In this most recent criminal aggression against Syria, Israel chose the timing as a blatant insult to its “ally,’ the US. The bombings occurred within hours of the US’ announcement of the beginning of removing some of its illegal troops from the SAR. Later on, US media reported that only equipments, not troops are being removed from Syria.

Likely, Israel was throwing a double hissy fit against its American ally — the one that has provided it with 30 billion USD since 2007 — because of the failure of the Democratic members of the Senate to vote on S1 (2019).

Orwellianly named “Strengthening America’s Security in the Middle East Act of 2019,” the lengthy legislation is one long epistle against Syria and for Israel which was introduced by the gusano from Florida (who threw his own hissy fit over the Democrats refusing to vote on it until the partial shutdown of the Federal government is over).

S1 (2019) US legislation

For the record, the term “middle east” was the colonialist description of the British empire in its own mapping of countries it had occupied. This term has no business having been normalized.

Also for the record, here is a world map which clearly shows the location of the United States of America:

world map clearly shows the location of US

“Title IV — Combating the BDS Act of 2019,” a subsection of S1, has gotten all the press coverage. It essentially breaches the US Constitution by permitting states to pass legislation demanding what amounts to ‘loyalty oaths’ to Israel. This should give everyone a headache, as US lawmakers are sworn in by pledging to defend the Constitution “against all enemies, foreign and domestic.” The BDS campaign was actually launched by Israeli activists, several years ago.

afp photo of gusano from florida
Photo credit of Sen. Marco Rubio by AFP.

The senator neglecting his oath to defend the US Constitution not only engages in an affront to “free speech” via criminalizing BDS but maligns the First Amendment also by bringing religion into his political tweets.

Preying on the ignorance of American hyper-religious who play bible banquet, he too frequently cites specific biblical passages. Since he wishes to impose religion on the government, he were better to read the Book of Jeremiah, found in Nevi’im (a significant passage is found in Syria News’ report on Moti Kahana and Israel’s admission of stealing ancient artifacts from the world’s first synagogue, Eliyahu Hanav, in Jobar, Syria, near Damascus).

Any legislation which breaches the US Constitution must be considered that which it is: Treason.

He certainly should not use the bible out of context, to flaunt his ignorance of it: Torah and Tanakh clearly consider Israel calling itself “the Jewish State” an act of blasphemy.

Israel’s timing of its new round of war crimes against Syria is an appropriate example of the dog biting the hand that feeds it.

What has been ignored by virtually all, in reporting of the “US Taxpayer Doesn’t Give Israel Enough Money Act,” is that the S1 legislation is largely an imperialist attack on Syria. S1 demands the continuation of draconian, illicit, unilateral coercive economic measures against the SAR, wrongfully called “sanctions.”

The vile legislation shamelessly calls the Central Bank of Syria — which is its non-Federal Reserves linked national bank, committed to the promotion of the general welfare of Syrian citizenry — a money laundering apparatus. It requires that only [terrorist supporting, fake humanitarian] NGOs — generally located in Turkey — be allowed to receive monies. Many of these criminal NGOs have 501(c) US tax deduction status, which should be viewed by US taxpayers as a form of double-dipping for perpetual war.

A key portion of S1 is “Title III,” Capitol Hill’s third attempt to pass the “Caesar Syria Civilian Protection Act.” The “Caesar” psyops — called by some, “Curveball, Part II” — was launched 20 January 2014, two days before the beginning of Geneva peace talks. The fake photos were vetted by the terrorist Gulfies monarchy, the dirty little petro-toilet named Qatar, via a London-based law firm.

Qatar has admitted spending billions to destroy Syria for not permitting its pipeline to go through the country. Qatar has been involved in all forms of war criminal atrocities against the Syria population, from involvement in the bombings of the Homs refinery, to the kidnapping of Syrian women, to femicide, to mass slaughter in al Rashidin, 15 April 2017.

The anti-Syria “Caesar” portion of S1 should not be ignored; this criminal propaganda — a breach of Nuremberg Principle VI, for which journalists can be indicted for “war crimes” — has been pimped in the UN, throughout Capitol Hill, in the State Department, at the Clinton Library in Arkansas, via CNN’s Amanpour (same rich journalist who showed shaving cream videos as ”uncorroborated” corroboration of chemical weapons in the SAR), and, most shamelessly, in the Holocaust Museum in D.C. Details of the multi-million dollar scam are found in Syria News’ “Crimes Against Peace from DC, & the Incest of War Whores.”

Again, let us consider the timing of Israel’s most recent war crimes against Syria. Let us superimpose this timing over “Subtitle B — Enhanced United States-Israel Cooperation” of the criminal S1 bill.

Let us also marvel at the one-sidedness of cooperation, where one side provides 30 billion dollars in subsidies, and the other side thumbs its nose at its benefactor, in choosing its meticulous timing in another round of war crimes against Syria.

Miri Wood

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  1. K

    Syria needs to ask serious questions from it’s Russian (supposed) partner, why they blatantly allow and largely ignore these war crimes from this settler state??
    where are these S300’s ??? Are they not in full control and operated by Russian personal, obviously not securing Syria….I don’t believe the Russians will ever step to the mark in these matters.

    No difference to the U.S. full support/aid to this illegal state IMO.

  2. John D Welsh

    Time to bomb Israel to extinction. Their economic and political attitudes and methods of operandi will inevitably result in their demise.


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