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US Troops Invaders Start Withdrawal from Syria

US withdraws troops protecting ISIS from Syria

US troops started withdrawing from Syria as per the spokesperson of the illegal US-led coalition to support ISIS stated today Friday.

Colonel Sean Ryan didn’t elaborate much other than stating the troops “begun the process of our deliberate withdrawal from Syria,” and did not give information about specific timelines, or locations or the troops movement.

The troops that came to Syria illegally to support al-Qaeda terrorists, and in particular ISIS, executing the US original plot to conquer 7 countries in the region in 5 years in order to further the ‘Project for the American New Century‘, are now signaling a turning point in the ‘War Of Terror‘ the US and its stooges waged against the Syrian people 8 years ago.

Since the US involvement to topple the Syrian government ensued, only death, massacres, mayhem and massive financial losses inflicted on the oldest civilization in the world and karma hit back with tremendous losses for the US and its regional players.

The US officially claims there were only 2000 of its troop posted in the country, our estimates put the number roughly at 4 times of that, i.e. 8000 between uniformed and non-uniformed mercenaries.

The initial Trump desire was to conclude the withdrawal within 30 days, extended later after lobbying by Israel’s agents in the US political brass (aka Swamp or Deep State) to 4 months then further statements made the withdrawal seem to last forever, as in other places, hence this announcement might cause a shock to some followers.

The separatists Kurds are now seeking to mend their relations with the Syrian government, hoping the Syrians would forgive their betrayal.

US rabid warmonger security advisor Bolton warned of a false-flag chemical attack he will carry out to justify a further US involvement instead of withdrawal. Let’s hope he fails like how the Turkish head of intelligence earlier failed to carry out a similar false-flag back in 2014.

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  1. dontgetfooledagain

    Thank you for challenging the cover story for the criminal, illegal meddling by the United States ‘military forces in Syria – that they are supposedly there to fight ISIS. Given the commonality of purpose of both the U.S. and ISIS, past claims by the U.S. to have attacked ISIS are most likely fabricated. On at least one past occasion a U.S. spokesperson has let slip a claim to rationalise the U.S.’ real purpose in Syria – that the ‘Assad regime’ is even more brutal than the U.S.’ supposed enemy ISIS.


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