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SAA Soldiers Protecting Manbij from Turkey and its Terrorists

SAA Soldiers Protecting Manbij from NATO - Turkey and their Terrorists جنود الجيش العربي السوري يحمون مدينة منبج من الناتو تركيا وإرهابييهم

Upon the order of Trump to withdraw his uniformed mercenary invaders from Syria, the head of the Turkish regime saw an opportunity to commit more crimes against Syria and threatened to invade the city of Manbij, east of Aleppo.

The Syrian leadership instructed the Syrian Arab Army to protect the city from NATO’s other member Turkey and to seize the opportunity by restoring the city back from the enemies of the country.

The Syrian leadership’s decision was based on the proven track record of Turkish despot and his untrustworthiness in respecting any commitment or agreement he committed himself to, which applies as well to the Turkish army since Erdogan is an absolute dictator.

The city of Manbij and its 100,000 people were taken hostage by terrorist groups sponsored by Turkey then by Kurdish separatist militias protected by the US illegal invaders.

A unit of the Syrian Arab Army (SAA) was enough to be present in the northern outskirts of the city of Manbij to stop the dreams of the lunatic Caliph wannabe and his Janissaries invaders of entering another Syrian city with the help of the Kurdish commanders (or their foolishness if we to think of them in good faith) under the guise of threatening the Kurds the New Ottomans consider as terrorists.

NATO and especially Erdogan do not dare attack a Syrian Arab Army unit, especially after the gains the SAA achieved all over the country. Erdogan’s
Janissaries couldn’t engage the SAA in any battle when the SAA was much weaker fighting over 40 hot battles on daily bases all over the country, to be able to fight them now when only two fronts are still open and the SAA has gained tremendous firepower and personnel increase.

Many of Erdogan’s mouthpieces refuted the SAA was able to establish its presence there, SANA came with this report from the village of Hoshariyeh in Manbij countryside to expose the NATO-New Ottoman liars.

SAA Heroes in Manbij

Video also available on LiveLeak:, BitChute:, and on Dtube:

The Syrian Arab Army went to protect the Syrian towns and not the separtist Kurds as they initially sought. The Kurdish commanders made a fatal error before using SAA’s allied forces as a shield for their plots in Afrin, and they lost the city.

Kurdish separatists loyal to the USA have caused another slaughter among SAA allied forces on February 07 last year, when they pretended to handover the Conoco oilfield to the SAA allied forces in order to join their brethren in the defense of Afrin from Turkish invasion.

SAA allied forces believed the Kurdish commanders and marched to their new positions to protect the Conoco oilfield as agreed with the Kurds only to be attacked by US fighter jets falsely claiming the advanced forces are attacking the oilfield and their Kurdish mercenaries. The toll of this massacre among the SAA allied forces remains unconfirmed while some sources put the number of personnel killed at 150 to 200. This caused another vacuum in the area in favor of ISIS and other terrorist groups the US claims it’s fighting in Syria.

Kurdish commanders lost all trust in them by the Syrian people and especially among the Syrian armed forces and thier allies. The Russians were the most affected by this lost of trust in the Kurdish commanders. The recent move to protect Manbij was only done after the Kurdish militias accepted Russian military police patrols inside the city to make sure no separatist groups exist there.

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