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Israel Media Confirm Bombing Damascus International Airport Warehouse

Israel Media Confirm Damascus International Airport Warehouse They Struck

Definitely a WAR CRIME, but you need real international law to hold them accountable, and all other war criminals in the world, that’s the least what can describe Israel’s bombing of a warehouse at Damascus International Airport during last weekend.

A real international law needed, not the current world order where the US commits and contributes to crimes against humanity and protect the criminals selectively.

Israel Media Confirm it Was a Warehouse at Damascus International Airport
Israel Media Confirm They Bombed a Warehouse at Damascus International Airport

We did report it was a warehouse, they claimed it was an Iranian target, we did insist it belong to Damascus International Airport, they, and their Western puppets kept lying.

Now, the Israeli media itself confesses it was a warehouse at the Damascus International Airport, yet they still insist it is Probably and Supposedly an Iranian warehouse because trailers deliver stuff there! Using what else you deliver stuff to a warehouse? Salon cars?! From where they might have learned this new ‘Probably’, ‘Supposedly’ technique in providing evidence? Could be from their founders the British with their ‘Highly Likely’ accusations?

Israel Media Confirm Damascus International Airport Warehouse They Struck
Screenshot from the Israeli Haaretz, a prime mouthpiece of the Israeli IDF terrorist organization

Each US citizen is an accomplice in each crime committed by Israel, they pay from their hard-earned tax money to finance these crimes.

Not only the Israeli bombing of an operative commercial (Read: Civilian) internationally recognized airport, but also using the Lebanese air space, constantly, as a cover, breaching the sovereignty of another country as well, and in times hiding behind other civilian airplanes endangering the lives of hundreds of innocent people in the most heinous cover for crime the world can imagine.

Israel’s disregard to the international law is nothing new, they’ve been enjoying the full protection of the United States of America at international organizations, namely the United Nations vetoing over 60 UNSC condemning Israel for crimes against humanity, withdrawing from international organizations like the UNESCO for recognizing the right of the Palestinians culture, and undermining the funding of other international organizations like the UNRWA which cares for more than hundreds of thousands of Palestinians turned into refugees after Zionist foreign settlers stole their land.

We understand the US politicians cannot but serve the Zionism controlling the US from the bottom all the way up to the Supreme Court, but no one will ever forgive the US citizens willingly financing these crimes.

Bombing inside Syria is not only ignored by Western mainstream media, but it’s also celebrated by them, and trying to justify these crimes and condemning the victims.

Yes, in case you didn’t know or have forgotten, Syria is a sovereign nation and has all the rights to protect itself from attacks against it, and preserve the right for Pay Back as soon as the opportunity is right. No future treaties will forgive current Israeli crimes committed against Syria and its people. If Western pressure can somehow push a current or future Syrian government into ignoring these crimes in any future accord, be 100% certain the Syrian people will not ignore, forgive, or forget and will claim their compensations in full plus interest.

Russia, in giving favors to Israel, has halted the delivery of S300 air defense missiles Syria bought back in 2010, just for the Israelis to take advantage of the outdated Syrian air defense systems and carry out hundreds of attacks against the Syrian Arab Army when it was fighting terrorist groups including fighting ISIS.

US-sponsored terrorists aka ‘Moderate Rebels’ at the very early days of the Syrian crisis had SAA’s air defense units as their main targets. Air Defense units are usually positioned in the outskirts of towns and villages and are manned by very few technicians who also serve as guards. Thus, the targeting of SAA’s air defense units by the ‘Moderate Rebels’ was to give Israel a free hand in supporting al-Qaeda terrorists in Syria throughout the crisis.

The Russians delivered few S300 units only after the Israelis used a Russian reconnaissance IL20 aircraft as a cover to bomb from behind it the Syrian coastal city of Lattakia, which resulted in shooting down the Russian plane killing all its highly trained technicians’ crew.

While, by this time, the Syrians were expecting from Russia to deliver S400 instead of the already outdated S300, remember Syria was expecting S300 in 2010, not end of 2018. Russian officials instead, are running worldwide offering the S400 to everyone but Syria, and countries with not that strong friendship to Russia itself, including NATO-member state Turkey!

And if you didn’t sense the frustration of the writer of this article at the Russian behavior, yet, I’m explicitly stating it.

Syrian Arab Army should consider targeting any non-commercial airborne object over Lebanon, with or without the coordination with the Lebanese authorities, they don’t have a government yet anyways. Most Israeli attacks against Syria are carried out from within Lebanon’s air space with the blessing of Lebanese officials on Saudi payroll.

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  1. K

    Not easy, but all commercial flights over the area of Lebanese airspace that the Israelis use to attack Syria needs to be redirected to a safe flight path…then I think we’d see some Israeli jets kissing Lebanese dust.
    Otherwise, Russia has to step in and draw a serious red line with the illegal settler state…how likely is that?


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