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Russia to Deliver the 4 Decades Old S300 Air Defense Systems to Syria, Finally

S300 Air Defense Missiles System

Russian Minister of Defense Sergei Shoigu announced that Russia will boost Syrian air defense system in 3 measures including the delivery of very long awaited very old S300 air defense systems. This will take place within the coming 2 weeks.

Should we cheer? After yesterday’s revelations by the Russian Ministry of Defense on the number of favors Russia gave to Israel on Syria’s account, we’re not too much excited with this latest decision, to be honest, and I’m talking on behalf of myself and a large number of Syrian activists and reporters.

The Russian defense minister did mention the word ‘modern’ in describing the S300 system, we’re not sure which version they’ll deliver to Syria, but however modern it is will for sure not be as modern as the S400 Russia offered everybody else, especially Syria’s sworn enemies: NATO member state Turkey and the pariahs of Saudi Arabi and Qatar, the sponsors and financiers of al-Qaeda terrorist organization.

The other two measures Mr. Shoigu stated are:

  • Equipping Syrian air defense command and control centers with Russian automated control systems, these equipment are only available to the Russian armed forces so far.
  • The Russian forces positioned in Western Syria will now electronically jam all satellite navigations, airborne radars, and communication systems of combat aircrafts attacking targets in Syria.

“This should cool down some hot-heads keeping them from reckless behavior that poses threat to our servicemen, otherwise we will have to respond based on the current situation”. Mr. Shoigu concluded referring to the Israeli officials who vowed to continue illegally attacking Syria.

Watch part of Russian Minister of Defense statement aired on RT:

Let’s pray that no operating codes would ever be handed to the Israelis of these new systems, and hope that the Russian top political brass would elevate their perspective to that of their military commanders and be able to identify properly friends from foes, sometime in the soon future. Russian top officials have promised earlier to deliver S300  to Syria multiple times in the past couple of years, but again backed down on their promises, keep your fingers crossed.

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