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Under Trump’s Protection, Israel Vows to Continue Being an Outlaw

Israel criminal actions led to the shooting down of Russian plan

Israel, Emboldened by Trump, and all rogue state and non-state elements in the world have gone from rogue and shy to rogue and blatant.

When did we ever hear a state official sponsoring a terrorist bombing in another country, even within countries not in good relations with it? When did we ever see ‘non-state actors’ (US-sponsored terrorist organizations) overtly and blatantly adopting terrorist attacks and vowing to carry out more while no condemnations from the UNSC or the ‘international community’?

When did ever any party after engaging in a horrific, call it an accident if you may, that caused severe damage and losses in life in a ‘friendly’ state vows to continue to carry out such acts despite the condemnation of that ‘friendly’ state?

Today we heard the Israeli officials vowing to continue to bomb in Syria, which is illegal by itself and Syria does maintain its right to respond at any given time on any date in the future against any Israeli target. The Israeli declaration came just hours after Russian Ministry of Defense confirmed the downing of its plane and the killing of its 15 troops on board was completely because of Israel actions.

Russia, in its justification to putting the blame on Israel, just to put the blame, listed a number of ‘favors’ it gave Israel more than what Israel dreamed of, including its rejection to handover the old S300 air-DEFENSE systems that would slightly limit the free bombing of Israel inside Syria.

  • Russia canceled the S300 deal with Syria returning the $400 million to the Syrian government already paid for that air DEFENSE system. Another loss for the Russian economy, back then, for the sake of pleasing Israel.
Syria Asks Russia for Advanced Weapons - Including S300 to Match what Terrorists Have
Syria Asks Russia for Advanced Weapons – Including S300 to Match what Terrorists Have

Worth to mention that Russia has offered the more advanced S400 air defense system to all Syria’s enemies, and Russia’s own foes as well, or at least those countries with Russia’s interest at their least concern like NATO member state Turkey – infamous for its dictator’s betrayals, Saudi Arabia and Qatar, the world’s most retard political systems, and a host of other countries that never fought a war alongside Russia against common enemies like India and China, but for Syria the 4 decades old S300 is not given, and Syrians are using a half a century old air defense system which even with that they managed to shoot down one of Israel’s and US’s advanced F16 fighter jets.

Israel Media- Russia Allowed Israel to Bomb Syria
Israel Media- Russia Allowed Israel to Bomb Syria


Putin tells buddy Netanyahu Syrian Army busy fighting terrorists so Israel is safe
Putin tells buddy Netanyahu Syrian Army busy fighting terrorists so Israel is safe


Russian Media Word Enhancement: Agreement between Russia and Israel to Exchange Data on Syria
Russian Media Word Enhancement: Agreement between Russia and Israel to Exchange Data on Syria
  • Another favor was the Russian Ministry of Defense’s spokesperson stating they responded to Israel’s security concerns and pressured parties allied with Iran and Syria to move heavy weapons to a very safe distance from Israel 140 km away! What about Syria’s security from Israel’s US and whole NATO-sponsored aggression?
  • Each time Russian airplanes flew near Israeli borders they notified their Israeli friends, 310 times in total. Russia even let the Israeli fighter jets bomb inside Syria near Russian troops posing a serious danger to those troops and did NOT confront any of those jets.
  • Russian military in the Golan Heights, instead of doing what’s expected from them by their Syrian hosts, they carried out a tacit mission of extracting remains of Israeli invading soldiers killed and buried in the area since decades. Usually, when exchanging such remains a price needs to be paid by Israel, like releasing children or women held in its captivity.
  • Russia also pressured the Syrian government to accept the return of the UNDOF forces, the United Nations forces assigned to monitor the 1974 truce between Syria and Israel post the October war, the truce which was tarnished by Israel in all means from assisting ISIS and al-Qaeda terrorists attacking Syrian towns and villages, to directly bombing inside Syria. Those same UNDOF themselves assisted ISIS and handed over their vehicles to them to be used later as a cover for the terrorist activities.
    • Syria stated earlier it would not accept the return of such accomplices to terror, yet Russia needed to serve the security of Israel, again on Syria’s account.
  • Syrian military officers captured an advanced Israeli tank that time in 1982 when Israel invaded Lebanon, no need to mention illegally, and gifted it to the Soviet Union, to be gifted back by Russia to Israel in 2016 for free…!
  • The only word to describe this coming favor is a betrayal to the role of Russia as a permanent member of the UNSC, and to the Palestinian cause saving Israel from Israel’s own savior, the US regime of Obama on its way out did just one thing half correct introducing a draft resolution at the UNSC against the illegal Israeli settlements in occupied Palestine, and Russia opposed and effectively stopped that draft from becoming a resolution, not that Israel cares about any UN resolution, they just didn’t want to bother with the paperwork.

The above ‘favors’ are detailed by Russian RT in this report:

Today’s Russian MoD statement left no doubt that whatever we mentioned earlier in regards with Russia’s support to Israel over Syria, including the Kremlin’s refusal to deliver S300 to Syria, which now is official. The Russian MoD whitewashes Israel’s war crimes that resulted in the martyrdom of 15 Russian soldiers as a “tragic incident.”

What comes next, the strengthening of Russia-Israel ties like with Turkey after Ambassador Karlov was assassinated?

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