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ISIS Begs USA to Keep Troops in Syria ISIS-Style: 5 US Soldiers Deleted

Manbij 5 US Troops Killed 30 Civilians 10 Kurds Separatists by ISIS Suicide Bomber

Had the Pentagon listened to the instructions by their boss to withdraw the illegally present invading US troops from Syria, within 30 days, 5 US soldiers would have been with their families now, instead, ISIS sent them in express train to hell.

Trump gave the instructions to withdraw his illegal troops positioned in Syria within 30 days, his warmongers went mad and rabid and even senators on the payroll of the Military Industrial Complex went full force to convince him to extend their illegal presence furthermore if not indefinitely.

They won, the war lobbyists earning big in Washington, and 5 US soldiers paid them with their lives, a win-win situation for the blood-thirsty politicians living their lavish life as parasites on the account of society.

ISIS suicide bomber blew himself up in Manbij, eastern countryside of Aleppo, north of Syria, people killed, damage in properties, that’s all a normal daily story the Syrian people live and got accustomed to, Western audience also got accustomed to, but this time the killed were 5 soldiers from the US forces, and it’s now a shocking report in the news.

By the way, 30 civilians, 10 Kurdish separatists and dozens injured in the news, but this part is normal for the US taxpayers who finance these wars as their priority from financing their own federal workers and government.

No single Syrian has any doubt that ISIS is the creation of the US and it’s a tool used to justify, or try, a US invasion of the country that never posed any threat to any US or European citizen, it even saved dozens of their lives sharing very valuable information, for free, with Western intelligence agencies.

Who else would convince the hesitant animal at the White House to stay in Syria better than ISIS, especially that the false warnings of and staged ‘imminent Syrian Arab Army chemical attack’ has become dull and lost its Sheeple believers?

Will Trump decide to keep the troops to ‘fight ISIS’ in the ‘War Of Terror’ the US is waging on the Syrian people with the help of and helping ISIS? Let’s hope he doesn’t.

This time it is ISIS blowing up US soldiers to convince Trump to keep the other soldiers in Syria terminated 5 invaders, next time could be more. The US troops are in a very hostile region, the sooner the Animal at the White House brings his troops home, the more of them return alive.

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  1. Miri Wood

    This bombing of the place where illegal US troops hang out is much more efficient that Bolton’s suggestion for a new chemical hoax. After all, the only time fake neutral, fake left, & fake conservative all cheered Trump was 7 April ’17, after he bombed Syrian soldiers for alQaeda. Similarly, 2/3 of this gang of thugs condemned Trump even suggesting withdrawal of illicit US troops. Most pathetic condemnation came from fake left, suddenly deifying ‘Mad Dog’ Mattis, previously known as “the Butcher of Fallujah.”

  2. K

    Coincidence is not something I think applies here, suddenly U.S.soldiers get killed in Syria when trumppy decides to leave!! Nah..! I don’t buy that….isis is America.


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