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LiveLeak: Another Zionist Propaganda Platform On Social Media!

LiveLeak Zionist Propaganda Censorship

I’m not going to talk about the ‘electronic flies’, the beehives created by Zionists and their stooges to affect social media followers by flooding the net with posts, comments, replies and views systematically and in one narrative, mostly automatically, thus called bots.

I’ll just bring up the freshest simple example I’ve encountered when sharing yesterday’s post about the explosion in Manbij city that deleted 5 US troops and was allegedly adopted by USIS, sorry ISUS… Ok: ISIS.

First of all about yesterday’s attack, and as explained in the post itself, everybody had positive views of the Trump’s thought of withdrawing Trump troops from Syria, and half of his troops from Afghanistan, well, except those who usually benefit from blood-spilling and conflicts.

Those blood-spillers would resort to any measure in order to keep the US involved wherever they reach, be it false flags, hoaxes, in the shape of ‘chemical attacks‘ against civilians, massacres, even false-flags attacking own troops like yesterday’s case for instance, or by propaganda and mainstream media censorship, the point of this post.

Google owns YouTube, no secret, and YouTube is one of the leading social media platforms across the world, it was used very effectively to sow chaos in the Arab world in what is called the Arab Spring. When we made our own channel to challenge the false narrative and fake news pushed upon us by Pentagon bots and paid shills, we created a channel on YouTube, put huge efforts in it and YouTube terminated our channel when it started making a difference.

Who else can afford massive datacenters required to store huge amounts of data online like the high-quality videos hosted on YouTube? Other than the NSA? In our search for alternative platforms, we found a site called LiveLeak. Its name suggests leaks of information their owners tried to hide, or something scandalous, the site is loaded with cheap porn.

We couldn’t afford to buy an upgraded plan to host our site or buy a bundle to post videos on other paid platforms, even at times we borrowed money to retain the low-cost hosting plan we have our site on. Donations we’re receiving from a handful of readers are between $10 – $15 monthly when we’re very lucky and Nil on average, and revenue from Google Adsense program posting the ads you see on our site and you’re not clicking on barely brings us $20 a month, when we’re very lucky. It takes more than 5 months to pass the $100 threshold to receive that amount.

PayPal Monopoly Tool in the Hands of Zionism Block Syrian Activists

The funny, actually silly, part is when we did receive 2 donations of a total amount of $102 (One Hundred and Two Dollars Only) through PayPal for our latest fundraising campaign to pay for the renewal of the domain registration and hosting, PayPal closed my 10 years account with them, refunded the donors with a very harsh warning: ‘This is your first and last time you ever donate to such cause telling the truth, next time your account will be suspended’, or in similar wordings.

PS. We did borrow a friend’s account and omitted all reference to Syria in it in case you’d like to donate clicking on the button below :) – and you can always donate using cryptocurrency through our Donate page.


Well, I had my first channel on LiveLeak and because it was more convenient to log in using my Facebook account, I registered in that method. When Facebook, another -you know who owned- large social media platform decided my site was not providing enough details on myself and my family which could be ‘leaked’ unintentionally, and because I didn’t provide them with all the tiniest details about me they demanded, they blocked my access to Facebook and consequently my access to LiveLeak was lost.

LiveLeak refused to assist in getting back the access to my channel there, just like in the case of YouTube causing a huge loss in data I’ve contributed on their site, videos, thousands of comments and replies by contributors, it’s just like a God-send to them that I couldn’t access the channel and they dropped it eventually, the whole channel dropped…!

BitChute and Dtube were other alternatives, Vidme as well which didn’t last long, but none as reliable and easy to use and embed like the cases of YouTube, LiveLeak and Facebook videos. So I decided after some time to reopen a channel on LiveLeak, this time using email login and not social media login.

LiveLeak is easy to use, you can load huge videos with high quality and their servers are fast, even when playing the videos embedded in our posts it’s fast. The main question here is: How can they afford to offer a prime free service like that and run it for a long time? Who can afford these costs? Other than the NSA?

I started using the platform as intended, sharing videos, images, and articles with links to full articles on the site.

LiveLeak Censorship Propaganda

My 6th contribution was ‘deleted’ by LiveLeak, despite placing all the warnings required for ‘explicit content’ or call it ‘graphic contents’ they deleted the post: ULTRA GRAPHIC: The White Helmets with Al-Qaeda Terrorists in Syria – Syria News Archives

My 10th contribution was ‘rejected’ by LiveLeak: Iraq Air Force Bombs ISIS Meeting in Syria ( The ‘Free Speech’ promoters didn’t like this sentence in the post: ‘This couldn’t have been carried out while the US forces and the US-led coalition was protecting ISIS terrorists, but was carried out after Trump decided to pull out from the region, a wise decision by a dumb president.’

The shock is the 17th contribution, image below, yesterday’s which they ‘deleted’ after it got over a thousand views and 40 comments. It was titled: One ISIS Terrorist Deletes 5 US Troops in Manbij, Syria. The now dead link: It also received a balance of 19 upvotes after subtracting the minus downvotes.

LiveLeak Zionist Propaganda Censorship

The reason given by LiveLeak for ‘deleting’ this post is: “this thread has been deleted because of a possible violation of our terms of service“.

Posts and comments attacking Islam and Christianity, God, the prophets and the beliefs of 2/3rd of humanity is fine with them, it goes under ‘Free Speech’. But how to explain upsetting the Sheeple with the truth is not ‘Free Speech’ and has to be deleted by LiveLeak?

Sheeple Family
A typical western family following mainstream media

So the question still looking for an answer: Who can afford running sites like LiveLeak? YouTube? Facebook?… Other than NSA, of course? Maybe the people behind all of these ‘initiatives’ and ‘tools’ used to stir public opinion in the direction they want, using ‘bots’ and ‘electronic flies’ who accuse others of their malice acts?

‘Somewhere’ I read this: “the art of directing masses and individuals by means of cleverly manipulated theory and verbiage, by regulations of life in common and all sorts of other quirks, in all which the GOYIM understand nothing, belongs likewise to the specialists of our administrative brain. Reared on analysis, observation, on delicacies of fine calculation, in this species of skill we have no rivals, any more than we have either in the drawing up of plans of political actions and solidarity.

In case you wonder if the above could be achieved check this out: Who Owns the USA?

But that is ridiculed by the same propagandists to be a ‘conspiracy theory’ and those who think it’s been followed are ‘conspiracy theorists’…

I’ll leave this question to the open-minded thinkers who don’t get paid for their one-sided narratives. And please don’t think we’re too much upset now, we already won the war on the ground against the world’s largest and most powerful terrorist army, but you’re the main victims of this propaganda and you should worry about yourselves being used as the fuel for their adventures.

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