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YouTube on a Targeted Onslaught Rip-Off


One main feature of monopoly is the ability to control the revenues and come up with ‘creative’ ideas to literally steal users. This is very much demonstrated by the new invention of YouTube under the guise ‘the content in your video(s) or video details may not be advertiser-friendly’.

The idea to share revenues from posting your contents on a social media site is what brought the world more wonderful and enlightenment contents that changed our generation’s interaction with the net, in addition of course to the need for fame by many.

When the plot known as the ‘Arab Spring’ engulfed the Arab World, the targeted countries in the Arab World, with the horrible ‘creative chaos’ shaped by the world’s filthiest filths the anti-Islamic Wahhabi Sex Jihadists, when the so-called ‘Arab Spring’ started, tens of western sponsored social media accounts by ‘activists’ promoting the plot and receiving further funds from companies paying for their ‘contents’, like YouTube.

Against these Western sponsored terrorists presented by a group of ‘civilian activists’ a number of real activists stood up to the plot and volunteered to defend their countries. It did take us a while until we learned most of the techniques used by the enemies of humanity to counter their attacks. The longevity of the plot and the insistence by the Western powers to destroy and kill as much as they can to the last possible extent, has pushed many of us to the verge of bankruptcy which then pushed us to ‘monetize our contents’, why not?

Tens of our videos stripped from revenues recently which are now collected by Google’s YouTube

At the beginning, YouTube, along with other US based social media hosts and namely Facebook and Twitter, were bringing down our contents with excuses like ‘supporting dictatorship’, ‘hate speech against (peaceful al-Qaeda operatives)’ and upped to the next level when we started adding English subtitles to the exact same videos uploaded by al-Qaeda operatives and uploading them again to educate the world on what is really happening in the parallel world beyond the ‘fake establishment news’.

The new then was the contents were against the community standards, which was a total surprise as we just repost the exact same videos only adding English subtitles then the contents showing ‘peaceful al-Qaeda operatives’ slaughter people with English subtitles. It’s very fine to show a group of ‘al-Qaeda peaceful activists’ behead someone if it’s displayed in Arabic, but when you add the English translation then it becomes ‘violent’..!

Retard official providers of contents like from some Syrian news channels adding useless drama music to documentary videos didn’t, doesn’t and will never help but despite our continuous request to them in all ways possible, they insist on including this music which helps YouTube rip us off again from revenues this time for – copyright claims for those small portions of the videos where that music is included (“A copyright owner using Content ID claimed some material in your video.”)

Finally, the ‘intelligent’ people at YouTube have come up with a new reason and it’s the most ridiculous but they’re the monopoly and challenging them on it is quite a challenge for us. It’s this time: advertisers may not find the contents friendly..!

In other words, some advertisers might not like the contents of the video and thus not support the contents. We’re very sure this same doesn’t apply on promoting ‘gay rights’, blasphemy, and any other divinely seen sins. We did see videos protesting these sins been taken off the host for being ‘against community standards’.

How does YouTube (Google) display ads: [The video content + location + tags and keywords] combined with the viewer’s [location + keywords and tags + location] filters the type of ads displayed for the viewers on their screens. The same video viewed by a user in Sweden for instance, shows ads totally different than those shown to a viewer seeing the same video by a US viewer. It’s more viewers personal interests related weighed over the publisher’s content.

Google collects its viewer’s information from all Google accessed mediums including contents of emails exchanged with a Gmail user, Blogger, comments on blogs or any comments on any social media account including user’s comments on Facebook, Twitter and other public reached comments, Google Translate, Drive, Play (Android apps), subscriptions to News and alerts, Maps, Calendar, Docs, Sheets, Slides, Forms, Google Plus, Photos, and just any information Google can collect from voice recorded or words written or sites visited with a code written by Google on it.

It’s not only 75 +7 affected videos as seen in previous screen-shot, some of the emails include dozens

So, the contents are very irrelevant to the ‘advertisers’ opinions. It’s commercially based. Leading us to believe beyond any doubt that this recent onslaught rip off is merely a punishment politically biased, and a way to steal those small shared revenues that just for your information vary between $0.01 and $1.50 for a click on the ads appearing on the video clips, not for a view, by a repeat viewer or by a new viewer.

Google previously tried to support further the ‘al-Qaeda peaceful activists’ cause by renaming sites in targeted countries like when they changed the name of Lake Assad in Syria to Syria Lake, and due to the absurdity of this step protested by activists like the complaints by the author of this post, they reverted to the correct name of this Lake, for instance.  Now, can there be any way to revert this rip-off by YouTube?

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