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Mohamed Khairullah: US Anti-Syria Mayor Detained at JFK

Mohamed Khairullah is the Mayor of Prospect Park Borough, New Jersey, population just under 6,000 in the 2010 census. In early August, upon arriving to JFK airport in NYC, he reported having been detained by Customs Border Patrol (CBP) for more than 3 hours, and that his cell was confiscated and kept for two weeks. For unknown reasons, the media decided to pick up the story weeks later. 

In his many subsequent interviews, Khairullah reported having told CBP that his family vacationed in Turkey, visited relatives living there, went to the beach and visited historical sites and that he — like the politics of Turkey — met with various local politicians (likely those affiliated with Erdogan’s AKP Party). He described the interrogation as “insulting,” “frustrating,” and “terrifying,” and said he told the border agents he thought he should talk to his lawyer when asked, “Did you meet any terrorists in Turkey?”

In an interview with Turkish TRT World Now there was no mention that most of the 350k foreign terrorists entered Syria thru Turkey.

There was much shock in the media regarding their sudden discovery that the US government security could actually profile persons with Arabic surnames. One source described a congressman representing that area of NJ as being “disgusted” and stating, “Americans must stand up against this devolution as one community, one people, one nation.” This same congressman — Representative Bill Pascrell, Jr. — seems to not quite grasp the job of elected officials; in July 2017, he tweeted that “It is the people of this nation that will lead us from this dangerous time,” and ‘applauded’ the “crusade” begun by his designated “leaders,” in holding protests against the outcome of the 2016 presidential election.

Khairullah — astonished, perhaps because human beings have a defensive tendency to imagine ourselves immune to bad things — claimed that “This is not the America I know.” Lest persons of genuine goodwill become distressed that the reported affront is part of Trump’s America, we shall provide evidence that the mayor and the president are in full alignment against Syria (and both are in alignment with the anti-Syria policies of Obama). Since the early days of the crisis, Mohamed Khairullah has been a party to the conflict, acting as a consistent advocate for US further involvement in the War of Terror against Syria, the last secular country in the Arab world, and beyond.

Born in the Syrian Arab Republic in 1975, Khairullah’s family “fled” when he was 5 years old. Given that the flight was to that bastion of freedom and liberty, Saudi occupied Arabia, and given that time frame was during an intense CIA covert operation against Syria, it has been suggested his father had ties to the Muslim Brotherhood. If so, the alleged “persecution” would have been the possibility of prosecution for sedition. His previous claim that “hundreds or thousands of Syrians [were killed in Hama; disputed by DIA report] on a daily basis” adds credibility to this hypothesis, while also questioning these gargantuan figures.

Notably, many reports on the detention leave out the fact that Khairullah’s formative years were spent in the country of the Islam-hating Wahhabi Sauds, the dictatorship that has emptied jails of death row inmates into Syria, for the purpose of slaughtering Syrians, and destroying their homeland.

Foreign terrorists from Saudi death row freed to invade Syria
9 October 2011, Khairullah functioned as volunteer State Department press liaison, calling for NATO to destroy Syria.

When it comes to propaganda against a country targeted by the US for destruction, the very young ages of the ex-pats are of no concern to journalists, nor to politicians, when they are lauded as experts (that Chalabi was only 12 when his family left Iraq did not stop the US from paying him $120,000 per month for his manufactured intelligence) in horror stories against targeted countries.

Refer to the featured photograph. It is from a 21 March 2013 interview by PBS local affiliate NJ Today. There was no questioning of Mohamed Khairullah’s authority — despite having left when he was 5 — in his callous denigration of the martyrdom of Sheikh Mohamed Saeed Ramadan al Bouti — whom he did not even afford the courtesy of mentioning by name — who was blown up while in the mosque.


The interviewer did not challenge Khairullah’s authority when he said he had “no doubt” Syria had used chemical weapons in Khan al Asal 19 March 2013; this ‘managing news editor’ had the responsibility to have known that Syria’s Ambassador, H.E. Bashar al Jaafari, had already called upon the UN to investigate this murderous attack by terrorists, two days before the interview (the SAR later revealed that among the 25 massacred by terrorist launching of chemical weaponry, were 19 soldiers of the Syrian Arab Army).

Similarly, when NBC questioned him about the Trump regime bombing Syria for al Qaeda — based upon fake news CNN! interviews with the Brit illegal whose medical license was permanently revoked — no one questioned how Mohamed Khairullah could call the country he left at 5 years of age, “his homeland.”

It’s bitter sweet. No one would want his homeland to be bombed, but…I’m happy because this strike brings joy to the millions…

How very odd that the widow of murdered soldier Senior Lt. Firas Hammoud was not among the millions to whom joy was brought.

Ghanea Hammoud, the epitome of the noble Syrian soul. In her new grief, she describes what must be the unbearable pain of her husband’s mother.

Despite Mohamed Khairulla’s ongoing appropriation of the Syrian homeland, his authority and impunity are so very western colonialist. In the summer of 2013, he launched boycotts against small Syrian-American business owners who did not want politics brought into their restaurants and supermarkets. In the language of entitlement, he told The Guardian “The wishy-washiness in itself…forces us to take a stance,” which the tabloid reported as “sufficient ground for a boycott.”

Khairullah seems to be a strange sort of ‘Democrat,’ one who intensely mourns the death of one of the most vicious of neocon Republicans, John McCain, while viciously maligning a Democratic candidate for president.

On 20 September, Daily Beast (dubbed “666” by a wit, in 2014, after the journal ran an extensive hit piece on a Muslim immigrant, Syrian Girl Partisan) dragged in the ”Trump’s America” motif, reporting on Mohamed Khairullah’s updated thoughts that the detention of a person with an Arabic name, at JFK, was a specifically targeted harassment, some strange humiliation for his Twitter support of Congresswomen Tlaib and Omar.

As is the standard in western, colonial reporting, no mention was made that when it comes to Syria, Trump, Khairullah, Tlaib, and Omar are all on the same page in support of the foreign destruction of this country.

Congresswoman Tlaib tweeted her support for the NATO Spring against Syria.

The good mayor suggests that because he had previously made the same trip without fanfare, this time, it was not generic profiling, an indignity which has been ongoing since post 9/11, but rather a personal affront from a spiteful president. This author suggests that had CBP known Mohamed Khairullah was the mayor of Prospect Park (population less than 6,000) who had returned from visiting Turkish politicians, the harassment against the average person with Arabic surname, would not have been inflicted on him.

After all, Trump’s illicit, illegal troops are criminally ‘patrolling’ parts of Syria along with Erdogan’s illicit, illegal troops.

The ominous question, did you meet any terrorists in Turkey would likely not have been asked had incoming security known that the mayor is aligned with the president, against Syria.

The question, though, does beg the question of what is the meaning of “terrorists,” in the context of Syria.

The FBI’s Code of Federal Regulations defines terrorism as

The unlawful use of force and violence against persons or property to intimidate or coerce a governmentcivilian population, or any segment thereof, in furtherance of political or social objectives.

Similar definitions are found in all NATO countries, in all the NATO countries who have dumped their terrorists into the SAR, and have given them weapons to engage in what the US and the rest of the genocidal gang consider ”terrorism” within their own borders.

Let us be mindful that in May 2017, a gang of terrorists as defined by the FBI’s Code, uploaded a video to thank the Trump regime for having sent them “20 trucks fully equipped with anti-aircraft and other military weapons,” with which to murder Syrian Arab Army soldiers in Deir Ezzor, conscripted soldiers defending their country within its internationally recognized borders (some of which were later used in the martyrdom of General Issam Zahreddine, scant months later.).

US Mayor affiliated with Jihadist groups in Syria
Mayor Mohamed Khairullah: Affiliated with armed ‘groups’ at a rally in a terrorist occupied region of Syria.

Whose heroes are these armed gentlemen? Perhaps they are the heroes of the kidnapped Syrian women, put into cages and driven around the streets of terrorist occupied Ghouta?

Might they be the heroes of the kidnapped women of Lattakia? Of Yousef’s mom? Or, perhaps, the heroes of the Syrian women who were murdered, and butchered so that the corpses of their unborn babies could be used in emotional war porn? Maybe all the victims of femicide are cheering their murderers from beyond the grave, chanting, “Our heroes,” “Our heroes”?

Might the final words of these Syrian men have been, “our heroes”?

Daraa Garaz Prison Crime
Daraa Garaz Prison Crime

The good Mayor Mohamed Khairullah does not explain — but then, in addition to not explaining why he led a boycott against small Syrian-American business owners, why he claims Syria as his homeland simply because he was born there, why he supports the NATO destruction of Syria, there are many other things he also does not explain.

Though not a physician, Khairullah claims not only to be a member of the Syrian American Medical Society (SAMS) but that he also helped this gang build a ”hospital” in the SAR.

SAMS thugs are not licensed to function as anything in Syria, and therefore anyone claiming affiliation announces criminality and breach of International Law. SAMS — therefore — exclusively embeds with terrorists (“our heroes”?) in terrorist-occupied regions of Syria.

In July 2017, its own Twitter account — holding its annual conference in Turkey, which is not Syria — suggested it was either lying to raise funds or engaging in human vivisection.

SAMS has also been called “al Qaeda’s MASH unit.”

The Prospect Park — population, less than 6,000 — mayor has helped to raise funds for SAC, a 501 (c) (3) tax-exempt group which advocates for the State Department’s demonization of Syria.

In September 2013, SAC was part of the US-based Coalition for a Democratic Syria — of which nobody had previously heard — that cheerfully called upon the US to partake in the “rare occasion” to bomb Syria because of chemical weapons deployed by terrorists in al Ghouta.

Coalition for a Democratic Syria calls on US Congress to approve bombing Syria..!

The Prospect Park mayor has also called Raed al Saleh, “hero.”

al Saleh was a cell phone salesman who, one day, abruptly “fled” to Turkey and then abruptly and magically returned as the reputed head of the stethoscope-less, CPR-less, spinal precautions-less White Helmets ”emergency responders” created by British intelligence- and wetworker James Le Mesurier, and funded by British intelligence and the CIA.

To this day, these “organ traders, terrorists, looters” still have not been seen with a stethoscope. They have, however, been nominated for a Nobel Award, and have been given an Oscar by Hollywood’s 5th column (though, in truth, the award should have been given to their cameramen).

The “Syrian” faux responders have their headquarters in Turkey, which is not Syria, but which is the country from which most of the 350,000 thousand foreign “heroes” have illegally entered Syria, with no reported injuries from the almost 200,000 landmines still not cleared, despite Turkey joining the Mine Ban Treaty in 2003.

Mayor Mohamed Khairullah also has not explained the context behind the raising of the flag of French Mandate occupation, outside City Hall of Patterson, N.J., on 20 April 2019 (on 17 April, Syrians celebrate “Evacuation Day,” which marks the ejection of French occupiers from their country. This is Syria’s Independence Day). The occupation flag was used by the original al Qaeda gang in Syria, the FSA.

This & only this is the flag of the Syrian Arab Republic.

How can the seemingly rude question posed to Mayor Mohamed Khairullah — did you meet any terrorists in Turkey — possibly be answered in the context of the imperial double standard definition of the word?

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Miri Wood

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