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Syrian Prime Minister Inaugurates New Children’s Hospital in Tartous

The General Authority of Children's Hospital in Tartous

Syrian Prime Minister Imad Khamis inaugurated yesterday a new public hospital in Tartous specialized with children health and care.

The General Authority of Children’s Hospital in Tartous is a 6-story building, 6000 square meters total area and it cost 1.2 Billion Syrian Liras.

The new hospital comprises of 100 beds, 40 incubators, an ambulatory division, and an intensive care unit ‘ICU’, it’s an important addition to the health sector in the coastal province of Tartous.

Despite the draconian sanctions imposed on Syria by the USA and its EU stooges, and mainly all countries under their hegemony, the Syrian state has continued to deliver essential services to the Syrian people including the health sector, which suffered much from the US-led War of Terror against the country and not only maintained its free services, it’s accelerating and advancing in all fields.

This new hospital will also serve as a medical educating and training facility to Syrian doctors, nurses, and medical students.

Syrian President Dr. Bashar Al-Assad ordered the building of this hospital last year. Dr. Assad in the Presidential Decree number 300 dated 30 September 2018 gave instructions to establish a general health authority catering for health, education, and training under the name of the General Authority of Children’s Hospital in Tartous.

Building the hospital, equipping it, staffing it, and inaugurating it within less than one year is an example about the determination of the Syrian people to rebuild their country whatever the efforts of the evil souls ruling the western world and their regional stooges would reach.

Essential health services are provided for free in Syria to citizens and residents ranging from treating headache to treating cancer, most medicines were produced in Syria before the US and its stooges combined their efforts to destroy the country, the pharmaceutical sector which also suffered a heavy blow like all other sectors in the country at the hands of NATO terrorists is seeing a slow but gradual return. Worth noting that the embargo against Syria prevent companies around the world from exporting even threads used in surgical operations, those who breach the embargo would face US sanctions themselves.

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