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Shamima Begum: Western Supremacy Drama Turns Perps into Victims, Ignores Syria

Shamima Begum has again been made the centerpiece of western supremacy news. Courtesy of yet another manipulative ‘documentary,’ created by yet another arrogant, entitled, NATO-ite illegally in Syria, criminally embedded with terrorists, whose intentions — whether conscious or not — are to assist in the carving up of the Levantine Republic in an updated Sykes-Picot.

She has again been portrayed as victim, instead of the criminal perpetrator that she was, prior to being held in al Hol camp, the concentration camp reputedly claimed as being under terrorist SDF control, though the SDF is window dressing for US troops, when not being cannon fodder.

In its chirping about the ‘documentary’ in which Shamima Begum plays a huge role, British media has consistently referred to “Roj” camp. It is rather odd, as none of the UN klan hyenas seem to have mentioned this alleged IDP camp (in Hasaka, which is a governate of Syria) in any of their humanitarian bastards meetings, yet we find a claim of its existence in 2019, on the UN’s ”independent” offshoot, Reliefweb.

Perhaps it is another insidious attempt to quietly change Syria’s borders, while creating fake names (“Kobane,” for instance, does not exist; it is the name of the German company that built the station in Ain al Arab, Syria.). Is “Roj” a subliminal marketing strategy to reinforce western supremacist belief in the imaginary “Rojava,” that does not exist?

Lest self-entitled western supremacists get their arrogant noses out of joint over being declared as embedded with terrorists for their movie-making, UNSCR 1566 (2004) considers “criminal acts, including against civilians, committed with the intent to cause death or serious bodily injury, or taking of hostages, with the purpose to provoke a state of terror in the general public or in a group of persons or particular persons, intimidate a population or compel a government…to do or abstain from doing any act” as within the description of terrorism.

An international definition of terrorism is still wanting, but the Department of Emergency and Military Affairs has provided a substantial list of country and continent-specific definitions.

Before examining the colonialist whitewashing of terrorist Shamima Begum, this author is obliged to note at least a few instances in which the armed, separatist Kurds — who are not indigenous peoples of the SAR — have provided evidence that they are, indeed, terrorists per UNSCR 1566 and per various states’ definitions:

England-born and reared Shamima Begum has made international headlines since 2015, when she stole money and jewelry from her family and was found via spyware, headed for Turkey. Occasionally British media have run sad interviews with her parents. She gained massive transatlantic news coverage when her citizenship was revoked by her also Syria-hating country (UK has no problem terrorizing Syrians with bombs, and by arming its human garbage, but it does not want any coming home to roost). As is their wont, colonialist scum wailed for the poor waif, imprisoned by other terrorists, and without concern for what terror she and her associates perpetrated against Syrians, in their country.

We remind our readers that most of the 350,000 chunks of human garbage to invade Syria have entered through the border with Turkey, none ever stepping on any of the almost 200k landmines still not cleared, despite it having joined the Mine Ban Treaty back in 2003. This human detritus includes supremacist journalists, colonialist politicians, junkie-alcoholics, intelligence operatives masquerading as independent reporters, short order cooks, former stand up comics, and all forms of terrorist scum, such as Belgian Michel, and Shajul Islam, whose medical license was permanently revoked. Western imperialist men dress as they please (one took naked selfies in the Syrian home he occupies), but all the western colonialist women must don burka or niqab in order to spend time with al Qaeda (western male exceptionalists who criminally enter Syria through Turkey do have a higher risk of being kidnapped and/or murdered to enhance western war propaganda).

We also note that while there has been much blathering about Shamima Begum’s age, all of the following western supremacist criminals were all above the age of consent when they assisted in the destruction of Syria.

One final prelude before examining the latest round of western supremacy regarding Shamima Begum: Which of the NATO stenographer hyenas gnashing their teeth on her behalf, wrote about the more than 150 Syrian women and their children who were kidnapped from several villages of Lattakia, in August 2013, by ISIS/FSA/al Jazeera terrorists, villages in which all the men were slaughtered? Which uttered a single word of joy, when the Syrian government managed to get the release of fifty-eight of them — three and one-half years later?

Many of the abducted were soon slaughtered, and their corpses just happened to turn up for the cameras in al Ghouta; we offer a small sampling for the colonialists, in their latest round of the most smarmy of propaganda: That which attempts to make the perpetrators of the most heinous of international crimes, the victims.

Alison Stewart’s All of It is a program on public radio WNYC; “public” means taxpayer funded. She was thrilled to announce that [Syria hating 501(c) taxpayer funded NGO that 100 Laureates previously called on to cut its connections to the CIA, NATO, and US government officials] Human Rights Watch will be holding screenings of “The Return: Life after ISIS,” directed by Spanish illegal in Syria, Alba Sotorra Clua.

Could Stewart have been more obvious, that this movie was created to erase Syria from the horrors thrust upon it since the launch of the NATO Spring in 2011, when she introduced her western supremacist guest with the following words: “Today we’ll learn about the making of a new documentary that challenges viewers to consider the way we perceive others, specifically women, many girls who were married into ISIS, the Islamic State”? Was her claim that illegal US troops had left a thoughtless oversight, or part of the propaganda campaign?

In the sixteen minute interview that arrogantly erased Syria enduring ten years of foreign-directed terrorism, the fixation of both was on the trauma of the malignant sociopathic western supremacist, sex jihadist women (who pre-date ISIS), degenerates who thought themselves entitled to invade another people’s country, and help murder other women’s children, blow up apartment houses, make Syrian toddlers amputees, engage in sniper activity against school children.

"Sexual Jihad"
“Sexual Jihad”

Which of these two western women would exude such empathy had these psychopaths come into their neighborhoods and engaged in previously unimaginable atrocities of blood-lust, massacres, bombings, and even meticulously carving fetuses from the bodies of murdered Syrian mothers?

Would they then be whining that these degenerate women — almost all from NATO countries — were mere dupes, had been lied to, made mistakes, and only after they were kidnapped by the US-owned SDF and illegally imprisoned, did they fully grasp the ‘error of their ways’?

Were it not for the imperial arrogance of western propaganda, would either Stewart or Sotorra normalize the psychotic women, normalize arrogantly entering someone else’s country, normalize a non-legal gang of terrorists under the full protection of American military illegals, controlling camps once set up for internally displaced persons seeking refuge from terrorists?

Neither made mention that it took three years to extricate little Alvin from al Hol hell, despite the fact that al Hol is in Syria (Luigi Pelazza also entered al Hol, without Syria’s permission, and while there did a short interview of two foreign women who did not beg forgiveness from the Syrian people, but claimed they were also “victims.” Video found in “Update” section of the hyperlinked report.)

Stewart showed her biased, supremacist, cards, in her prelude made to try to get her listeners to feel pity for the killers. Ignoring the lives of Syrian women under al Qaeda / ISIS occupation in Idlib — and other pockets of terrorist control –, she bleated that these criminal women arrived — with impunity — to find themselves ‘forced into marriages,’ and basically under ‘house arrest,’ after willingly joining this “horrific organization [ISIS].”

She voiced her concern that many of these foreign vermin — from all over the world — have been made “stateless” by their native countries, but did not suggest the countries that dumped their human garbage into the SAR should be forced to take them back.

Sotorra discussed her Herculean endeavor in gaining the trust of the foreign sewage, her concern that criminal Shamima Begum appeared to be in a dissociative state (dramatically described as like “stone”), and the importance of the “healing” process among these inhuman creatures, who should all be repatriated, and put into homes for the criminally insane, until they are no longer deemed a danger to others (or they die of old age, whichever comes first).

Let us not, however, delude ourselves. Had Sotorra gained legal permission to enter Syria, and interview the families of the high school kids murdered and amputated from the ISIS/al Qaeda/Nusra terrorists who bombed Bab Touma, or to interview the Syrian women who survived the al Rashidin massacre (which killed upwards of 130 mostly women and children, and whose mayhem resulted in the mass kidnappings of children not blown to pieces), would Sky Documentaries have funded her work?

If Stewart ran daily demands that the UN honchos force NATO countries to repatriate their human monsters, how long would she survive, on Public Radio?

If the trailer is a good indication, Sotorra was successful in gaining the trust of the lunatics in whichever camp in Syria that is under terrorist Kurd guard, under protection of US military war criminals.

These malignant narcissists look quite happy in their little group therapy, pleased as punch to announce their names and their NATO countries of origin.

The author remains curious as to how long the personal trainer worked with Shamima Begum, to knock off those thirty pounds she accrued whilst her alleged children were dying of starvation, because her mammary glands produced “no milk” (poor thing. The percentage of women who can not produce enough milk, is a bit over 1%.), It would also be interesting to know how long it took the stylist to color her hair, and give her a fabulous cut, who the make up artist was, and how much those superb shades cost.

We will make no mention of the hordes of other western supremacists who criminally entered the SAR, into the camps, for the production of the most recent anti-Syria “documentary,” which will surely win awards, as have previous ones (or, minimally, be nominated for awards).

The glamorous and costly make-over was essential in marketing this perpetrator as a victim; the previous matron look of a bad 40-something just would not do it for getting large audiences to watch “Life After ISIS” and to be fully amnesiac that ISIS was unleashed against Syria, and its citizenry, not against western women imperialists.

Shamima Begum has once again been made the centerpiece of “the dirty war on Syria,” thus eliminating the dirty war on Syria from view.

Miri Wood

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  1. Muhammad Turkmani

    These are not less terrorists than their males and should be punished with the same punishment as their males, if this particular one was a minor when she traveled, surely she grew up afterward and remained an accessory in all the crimes committed by her male.

  2. Huda Hajjar

    why they came all the way to my country in the first place? just to have free sex with apes? this alone shows how dirty these creatures are and all the time they know what their men are doing and they didn’t bother with the cries of their victims of children and women, I wish my country can just take back all that land from the kurds and the americans and hang all these terrorists then send their bodies to their countries.

  3. Miri Wood

    We all go through emotional ‘growing pains’ as we attempt to seek independence from childhood via maturation into adulthood. This usually involves doing harmless, goofy things. It does not include invasion, occupation, and murder, unless by a malignant sociopath.

    Those who bark that she was a ‘child victim’ are liars, seeking new emotional cover stories for NATO war crimes.


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