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Russian Foreign Ministry: US CENTCOM Commander McKenzie is Lying

US war criminal CENTCOM Commander Kenneth McKenzie

Russian Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Maria Zakharova criticized statements by US CENTCOM commander Kenneth McKenzie and reiterated the basic: The US presence in Syria is illegal.

In her press briefing and with her diplomatic language (unlike our title above), Ms. Zakharova said that the US general is hiding the real reasons for the US presence in Syria, which is illegal as it is not based on permission from Damascus.

Ms. Zakharova added that the US Central Command Commander General MacKenzie “turns into a deceiver again,” when he raises the idea that the US military has played the only role in “fighting the terrorist organization ISIS and preventing the resumption of its activities in Syria.” She hinted that the real reasons for the US presence in Syria are totally the opposite and it includes those related to ‘Syria’s hydrocarbons deposits’, oil and gas. Ms. Zakharova effectively meant that this McKenzie is a liar, in laymen’s terms.

The Russian Ministry of Foreign Affairs spokeswoman reminded of the Russian efforts that were essential in expelling ISIS and other terrorist groups from main regions in Syria.

The US war criminal McKenzie heads CENTCOM, the terrorist formation that oversees the protection of the Israel’s colonization and the apartheid regime in Palestine by ways of destabilizing regional countries and carrying out assassinations of officials, and stealing Syrian wheat and oil. The so-called General McKenzie has earlier said in a statement carried by the Associated Press that ‘Russia and China will be watching very closely to see if there is a vacuum that they can fill,’ in reference to the US plans to withdraw from the Arab World (they call the Middle East).

Despite being a military officer whose role is to follow the orders of his country’s officials and make the arrangements to withdraw from the region without objection, the US General McKenzie is criticizing his commander in chief’s orders and trying to press the public opinion and the powerful lobbyists in his country to prevent the Biden junta from reducing the US presence as this will effectively reduce his ability to carry out war crimes in the Arab World.

In this post, there’s a video showing the former US commander in chief, another war criminal, Donald Trump explicitly stating why he’s keeping ‘some troops in Syria’:

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